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Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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Seems like someone has found Luna’s birthday 😊😊 It’s 4th September! Awww, she’s Virgo 😆😆😆😆 (but also Leo in some places)

It’s in Japanese guide book, i guess



Character Profile

Name ; Thaddeus “Tad” Strange

unofficial Nicknames ; “Taddy” by Mabel Gleeful

Likes ; Mabel Gleeful, Walks along the busy street, prank-ing Will, Eating Sweets with Mabel, smoking.

Dislikes ; The Pines family tree (excluding Pacifica). 

Age ; ??? (he’s a demon)

Species ; Emotion Demon

Hobbies ; Cooking (not baking there’s a difference), Being Mabel’s entourage, Hunting with Will, Fishing (mostly accompanying Stan and Ford).

Birthday ; September 4th

(Tad is bahunka hunk)

The house was seemingly empty once more, house elves shuffled off to their beds leaving Chryson all alone in the silence once more. He’d had a long day at work and had barely managed to drag himself back out of his bed once he had arrived home. It wasn’t until he walked past the calendar by his door that he even realized what day it was. “Happy birthday to me.” It wasn’t until he reached the kitchen that he saw it, the cake with the unlit candles and the card laying next to it. There was no name signed on the card, decorated with balloons and looking far more festive than Chryson felt, but he recognized his mother’s writing. Wish I was there.

He had just pulled out his wand to light the candles when the sound of the door knocker filled the house. Card still in hand, Chryson turned away from the food, heading instead to the door. He wasn’t expecting to see anyone at this late hour, let alone the face he saw when the door swung open. “Hello.”


I’m using this time to talk about my OC rather than replying back to messages lmao

Anyways, on twitter sassafrascats posted a really cute BNHA OC, and her friends were talking about OCs, so I got to thinking of an OC for myself!

I didn’t want to take up my twitter feed about her, and @septimalmoons​ wanted to know more about her so here’s a post all about my OC!!

Sorry there is no picture because idk how to art


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Happy birthday Miyu, 4th of September! Thanks for being the go-to character when I need to make someone suffer! Plese enjoy your happy day and birthday-cake!

This is as much as another coffee break allows me. I haven’t drawn a group picture in a while – it was actually pretty fun. Birthday cake with the family, what’s better than this? Let’s play a game of “spot all the custom units“!

Character Profiles

Height: 150cm
Weight: 38kg
Birthplace: Fairy Realm
Magic: Miracle Wind
Special ability: Sending intruders flying
Hobbies: Skinship with Ban
Weak Point: Ban
Dream/Hope: Always being together with Ban
Regrets: That she sent Ban flying countless times
The most embarrassing thing in her life: Bathing together with Ban
What she wants the most right now: Ban
Favorite animal: Little birds and Black Hounds
Favorite scent: Ban
Power level: 2830
Magic: 2010 Strength: 20 Spirit: 800


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So, I figured out my tattoo for my 18th birthday and I’m dead set on it. Paramore lyrics, “you are not useless, we are just misguided ghosts”

I would really appreciate it if you guys could reblog this in hopes of Hayley seeing it so she can write out those words for me. I don’t have a huge story or anything, Paramore is just a really big part of my life and it would mean so much to me as they have helped me through my toughest times.

My birthday is September 4th, I’ll be getting the tattoo soon after that. Please, please reblog this for me to spread the word. I don’t get to meet her on MONUMENTOUR so this is really my only hope. Tweet it to her, if she follows you possibly dm her for me with the link to this post if it’s not too much trouble. Anything you can, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

[STARCAST] Should we introduce ourselves? …'GOT7', ‘I’ in our own handwriting

External image

♬ No need to try hard, don’t know why

Everyone gets shocked whenever they see me, my look, my style, my swagger

JYP new idol ‘GOT7’. Just like the name itself, it means ‘7 boys who have grabbed luck’. Including JB and JR, who were ‘JJ Project’, the team is made up of Mark, Jackson, Youngjae, Yugyeom and BamBam. They made a debut on January 16th and it is 3 weeks since they started their activities.

‘GOT7’ has ‘fun’ charms that is not too ‘obvious’ in an era flooding with boy groups. They are different even from the start. Just like the lyrics in their debut song ‘Girls Girls Girls’, they have the look, the style and swagger. They have made their existence known with Martial Arts Tricking that no one else showed before.

We have prepared for the girl fans who are just getting to know ‘GOT7’. It is the cover letter that ‘GOT7’ wrote themselves. There are total of 7 questions and they gave answers. The untidy and cute font that contains the individuality of each member is a bonus. Let’s fall into ‘GOT7’s charms~  

External image

☞ He is in charge of the looks in the team. Contrasting from his young looks, he is the oldest. He is also the center of ‘GOT7’ performance. According to him, he is in charge of ‘Flying’ in the team. It is called slow flip in professional vocabulary. His personality is close to charisma. He is in charge of “Just by looking’ in ‘Girls Girls Girls’.

① Who am I? 
Birthday: September 4th, 1993 
Height &Weight: 175cm, 62kg
Blood type: A
School: Arcadia High School. I quit school to do music and came to Korea. 
Nationality: America 
② Why do I have to become a singer? Because I like rapping and dancing on the stage. 
③ Why do I have to get loved?  Because I try hard.
④ What special technique do I have? Martial Arts Tricking
⑤ What kind of charm do I have?  I am quiet but at times, I have a lively personality. 
⑥ What kind of efforts did I make? When I first came to Korea, I did not know how to do anything but I practiced hard and improved my rap and Martial Arts Tricking skill. 
⑦ What kind of singer do I want to be? I want to try much harder and be a singer who makes my own music. 

External image

 ◆Just like the oldest member, the cool~ personality of Mark can be felt just by looking at the cover letter. For instance, to the reason why he has to be loved, he answers ‘I try hard’ kind of a thing. He is a smart member who knows how to appeal the twist in his charm. 

External image

 ☞ He is somewhat JYP used (?) rookie. In 2012, he has a case of holding promoting activities together with Jr. as ‘JJ Project’. He also appeared on KBS-2TV ‘Dream High’. He is in charge of being chic in ‘GOT7’. He is perfectly pulling off the self-arrogant part “No need to try hard, don’t know why, everyone gets shocked whenever they see me’.

① Who am I? 
Name: Lim Jae Bum(JB)
Birthday: January 6th, 1994 
Height& Weight: 179cm, 63kg
Blood type: A
School: Konkuk University Department of Theatre and Film 
Nationality: Korea
② Why do I have to become a singer? I want to be a musician only because I am so into the song.
③ Why do I have to get loved? Even I do not know why I have to get loved, or whether I have the right for it. Instead, rather than me getting loved, I hope my voice and my music gets loved.

④ What special technique do I have? I did B-boy so my dance technique is good. 
⑤ What kind of charm do I have?  I have sexy charisma. I have cold and chic charm.
⑥ What kind of efforts did I make?  I did not. I just liked it and was crazy about it.

⑦ What kind of singer do I want to be? I want to be a singer who has clear goal and who goes crazy for that goal. I want to be a singer in which my song comes to minds of the public first when mentioning my name.  

External image
◆ JB is not like an idol member. His answer that is serious proves it. Especially, his goal about his dream is clear. The final dream is ‘national singer’. He is chic just like his personality. Did not try hard, but is ‘crazy’. His font is also cool~. Charisma can be felt from messy font. 
External image
☞ He is in charge of swagger in ‘GOT7’. Doggy dance and Martial Arts that can even make Taeyang cry is his special movement. He can even shout to himself “Why is my body like this”. He showed his overflowing talents even since the debut stage and proved that he is ‘stage-type’. In contrast from his look that is full of charisma, his personality itself is adorable.

① Who am I? 
Name: Jackson 
Birthday: March 28th, 1994

Height& Weight: 174cm, 61kg

Blood type: O
School: American International School 
Nationality: Hong Kong
② Why do I have to become a singer?  I liked music since I was little and I wanted to be a hip hop rapper. I really liked old school hip hop.
③ Why do I have to get loved? That is because even I have a weak side. That is because I get energy looking at people loving me when I am sad.

④ What special technique do I have? Martial Arts and power.

⑤ What kind of charm do I have? Wild&sexy, I am sometimes a little cute.
⑥ What kind of efforts did I make? I tried hard on dancing and singing. I did it while enjoying since I liked it too much.
⑦ What kind of singer do I want to be?  I want to be the best artist and a producer. I want to get acknowledged by everyone. 

External image
◆ 'Swagger’ Jackson is a member who arouses protecting instincts. Especially to the question ‘Why do I have to get loved’, he answered ‘even I have a weak side’. It is good enough to move the minds of older girl fans. He also admits that he is cute sometimes so it looks like he will be admired by older girls pretty soon. 
External image

☞Just like JB, he is a rookie who is not a rookie. He has a case of holding promotion activities together as ‘JJ Project’. His real name is ‘Jin Young Park’ so he goes by the name ‘Jr.’in JYP. He is known as the muggle (general person) member in ‘GOT7’. His smile that he shows while singing “Even I don’t do anything, I just like myself, I go closer” is the bomb. 

External image

① Who am I? 

Name: Park Jin Young(JR)
Birthday: September 22nd, 1994
Height&Weight: 175cm, 62kg
Blood type: O
School: Graduated Kyunggi High School, expected to enter Howon University 
Nationality: Korea
② Why do I have to become a singer?  Because I love music and it is a thing that I have been dreaming for a long time.

③ Why do I have to get loved?  I have a cute side and also a kind (?) side.
④ What special technique do I have?  Naïve smile (?) ^^
⑤ What kind of charm do I have?  People around me told me 'There are happiness and positive virus in you’. 
⑥ What kind of efforts did I make?  Not only the time when I was living alone in Seoul after leaving home, but I practice whenever I have time even now. I even practice while others are taking a break. 
⑦ What kind of singer do I want to be? I want to be a singer who sings my own songs. Sing-a-song writer!!

External image
◆ He is reserved to be 'Muggle king’~. Leave General people operation up to Jr.. Every one of his answer is cute. The word ‘kind’ came out from the mouth of a boy group so it is good enough to make the general public fall into Jr.’s charms. It is certain that he will target the minds of women with his special technique ‘naïve smile’! 
External image
☞ He is the lead vocal in 'GOT7’. He made a speedy debut only in 7 months since he entered the company and is literally ‘Youngjae (smart person)’. He is called using the nickname ‘devilish Youngjae’ among the fans of ‘GOT7’. It means that he is a type that makes people to fall into him more and more they see him. He is in charge of the chorus along with high-tone ad lib such as “Even by just showing up”, “Even by just looking” and “Even by just breathing” and so on. 

① Who am I? 
Name: The name that literally means showing talent in various fields, Choi Youngjae
Birthday: September 17th, 1996
Height& Weight: 177cm, 61kg
Blood type: B
School: Korea Art School
Nationality: Korea 
② Why do I have to become a singer?  Because it is the dream that I have thought about and tried hard on since I was little. 
③ Why do I have to get loved? My songs will be loved only when I get loved. 
④ What special technique do I have? Powerful singing ability

⑤ What kind of charm do I have?  I have an exemplary image but in terms of singing, it is the chicness
⑥ What kind of efforts did I make?  I come to the company and practiced for about 12 hours company while putting thoughts into the song, dance and practicing facial expressions and so on. 
⑦ What kind of singer do I want to be? Just like people who appear on ‘Hidden Singer’ these days, I want to get very famous and want to be a singer whom there are people who imitates my voice and whom the song that I wrote is much more famous. 

External image
◆ Just like what he said, there is a smart charm. His answers are most exemplary. Youngjae describes in detail that he practiced for 12 hours in terms of the effort. He even has a nice personality as he said ‘My songs will be loved only when I get loved’. 
External image

 ☞ He is in charge of adorableness in 'GOT7’. He is lifting older girl fans up~ and down with his stormy cute behaviors. He is also the member who can pull off ‘Oh my’ part most well. His cute facial expression that can make even Sohee cry is the bomb. He is Thai but he is also good at Korean rap. He has the most rap parts in ‘Girls Girls Girls’. 

① Who am I? 
Birthday: May 2nd, 1997 
Height& Weight: 171cm, 51kg
Blood type: B
School: Currently attending Pramoch Wittaya Ramindra School 
Nationality: Thailand
② Why do I have to become a singer?  My dream was to become a singer since I was little and I like going up on the stage. 
③ Why do I have to get loved?  Because I love you guys also.
④ What special technique do I have?  I think I can stop the hearts of everyone with my talent whenever I go up on the stage. 
⑤ What kind of charm do I have?  I usually look cute and young but I am a different person whenever going up on the stage. I think that is my charm. 
⑥ What kind of efforts did I make? I tried hard to get good at Korean. I especially put lots of efforts into fixing my pronunciation whenever I rap. 
⑦ What kind of singer do I want to be? I want to become a producer later on. I want to be a singer who can be a producer even while working as a singer.


External image

 ◆ BamBam was even better than Korean members in writing. When looking at his neat font, it made it possible to feel how hard he has been studying Korean. Especially, to the question why he has to get loved, he has good enough sense as he answered ‘Because I love you guys also’. He has the charm of automatically making people to have motherly smiles. 


External image
☞ He is the youngest that is not like the youngest in ‘GOT7’. It is all due to the tallest height in the team and rather old-looking face(?). The fans have fallen for a sexy look but he himself claims that he is ‘pure’. Just like the youngest member, he has a little bit of cute behavior and clumsiness. He is showing his charm with “Forever and ever since I was little” part.

① Who am I? 
Name: Kim Yugyeom
Birthday:  November 17th, 1997 
Height& Weight: 181cm, 66kg
Blood type: A
School: Hanlim Multi Art School 
Nationality: Korea
② Why do I have to become a singer? It is not my life when there is no dance and sing.

③ Why do I have to get loved? Because I practice and put efforts in to show my skill. 
④ What special technique do I have? Street dance, freestyle dance
⑤ What kind of charm do I have? Pure, diligence, modesty
⑥ What kind of efforts did I make?  Sing, rap, dance and martial arts, I am greedy about everything. I have practiced endlessly to be good at everything. 
⑦ What kind of singer do I want to be? I want to do everything from sing, rap, dance, martial arts, write the lyrics and compose the song. I want to be a singer who has feel and a color. I want to happily work as a singer until I die by not being lazy on practicing and by always putting efforts in even when I get old.   

External image
◆ The 'pure idol’ have emerged. About his charm, Yugyeom said it is pure, diligence and modesty. In contrast with his sexy look, let’s say his personality is pure~. His font is also like that of the youngest member. It is nessy. There is a sign that he wrote it with lots of energy in his hand. He is a member who the look and the personality has a twist.

☞ Are you guys saying it is too sad to end it here? We have prepared for the readers of 'STARCAST’. We will hugely reveal 'GOT7’ cutie pictures. Watch out for a heart attack~.  

External image

“Hello~ We are GOT7”

External image

“I am a real man~” (Mark)

External image

“Get my stormy cute behaviors~” (JB)

External image

“I should at least show double V~” (Youngjae)

External image

“Lips are sticking out, Ultimate cutie” (Jackson)

External image

“If I wink one time~ oh, oh my” (Jr.)

External image

“I am 1st place in cute behavior in GOT7” (BamBam)

External image

“Then, should I try winking also” (Yugyeom)

Written by= GOT7 Edited by=Kim Su Ji (Dispatch)
Pictures=Song Hyo Jin (Dispatch) 



Okay guys I need to give you an update on my situation because things have been getting quite serious. Let’s start with the mental side of this first. I have been feeling really bad about school. I live in Canada and school started on September 1st for me. However I was optimistic about going back. My meds make my mental state more manageable and I can keep the crazy under control. However for once I’ve actually gotten physically ill, and it’s not some flu virus. This has to do with drarrytexts because as you all probably know if you’ve tried writing; being sick (mentally or physically) can really affect your writing. This is not an excuse but me seriously worried. Now to clarify something, I am a biological female who is gender fluid but is more comfortable with the male pronouns. If you want to refer to me as a female I won’t freak out. I understand that some people are uncomfortable with the whole idea and I’m not bothered by genders very much. Other than family and close friends I’m not actually ‘out’ on my gender situation so offline I’m very used to being referred to as a female. Now this is relevant because today my good friends, we’re discussing periods and this would be very unusual sounding if you were under the impression I am a biological male.

Let me start by saying that I have always had fucked up periods. (Please bear with me it gets more serious later but you need background) They were the kind where period cramps were completely insane. I’d never go a period without puking from the pain at least once. My mom understood and gave me 1 day off a month for periods because frankly when your body feels like it’s been dumped in acid you can’t really concentrate on anything. After a while my periods started getting weirder. I’ve never had a set day when my period would start so I could never be prepared. They would start randomly and viciously. After a while my periods would either last way too long or not happen at all. Recently they just started happening all of the time. I was bleeding lightly none stop and the cramps were manageable. However bleeding non stop isn’t exactly normal so I went to the doctor and surprise surprise I ended up on birth control. 

Well the birth control worked pretty well at first. My 3 month period finally stopped and I was prepared to dance. After a while though I started getting period cramps even though I wasn’t bleeding. It lasted the entire first packet. Now I was literally 2 days away from school’s start when I was due to take the white pills (They’re blanks and allow me to bleed) so I was of course extremely against the idea. Why take the whites? There was no way I wanted to be on my period the first week back. So my mom got me another pack and we started the pinks like usual. (Pinks stop the bleeding) Unfortunately I started bleeding again. It was a medium flow, no big deal. I could bring 2 pads to school and I’d be fine. I was annoyed of course because nobody wants their period the first week of school. However one day before school things got a bit crazy. My bleeding went through the roof. I could sit down for 20 minutes and when I stood up I’d have to run to the washroom because you better bet that blood was gonna overflow. Basically that was the start of my hell.

I have been bleeding extremely heavily for 7 days now with no sign of stopping. The cramps keep me up at night, I can’t go anywhere away from a washroom, I go through 6-10 pads a day (the hella absorbent overnight kind) and that’s if I don’t stand up a lot. I’ve been pale, my ability to sense temperature is screwed up, god those cramps, I can’t lift anything even remotely not light, and I feel so nauseous all of the time. I went to see the doctor yesterday and I’m now on iron pills because I am losing WAY too much blood. I’ll be going to see him again on Monday if it doesn’t let up because you better believe it’s showing no signs of stopping. To put the blood loss into perspective, after one hour of lying in bed I have to run to the toilet when sitting up and ninja fast get my underwear off and sitting down as Niagra Falls is released. No matter how fast I am I always get it on the fucking toilet seat and you better believe that after 7 days of cleaning blood off everything I am so damn sick of this. I have literally seen enough blood this week to compete with a serial killer. I sneezed this morning and ruined my underwear and got blood all over my bed. Basically I am losing an extreme amount of blood every day. I looked up the definition of a heavy flow and hell do I meet and soar over the definitions. I missed the entire first week of school because I was literally physically incapable of attending school. I would have to leave class every 30 minutes to prevent overflow and staining. Not to mention I’d probably pass out climbing two flights of stairs. Like I’m not the weight I should be but I am NOT that damn fat. I can climb stairs thank you very much. But this blood loss has been ruining my attendance record and is rendering me pretty much immobile. My birthday was September 4th and I couldn’t even have a party because I was too embarrassed to have people see me in that state. Also 24/7 pain kinda makes you grumpy.

I went for a blood test and I should be getting my results back soon. Hopefully the iron pills will make me less weak and sleepy and overall sick. I’ll be seeing my doctor on Monday again if my flow hasn’t lessened significantly. I just figured you should all know because I am in quite a bad way. I don’t mean to be dramatic, hell I could be way off the handle, but if I do end up in a bad condition I’ll try to let you guys know somehow. On the bright side once this fiasco is finally over I’ll be back to drarrytexts and boy do I have a lot of work to do. If anything bad comes up in my blood test I’ll keep you all posted because if I find out have some kind of cancer or something (that seems dramatic and unlikely but you never know) and I end up becoming less alive and more dead you guys will need to find another mod. I’m probably being silly but this has me worried and I figured you guys should know.

To recap for anyone who hasn’t read: I am losing a lot of blood. I’ve been to the hospital and they put me on iron pills so I can replenish my blood. If I don’t stop losing huge amounts of blood I’ll be seeing my doctor again on Monday. I’ve had a blood test and if anything serious comes up I’ll be keeping you all posted. Once this is all over I’ll be back to drarrytexts.

Now if anyone has had an experience similar to this please reblog this with your story or PM me or something because I’m pretty freaked out. I don’t know what this could be and if I should be freaked out. Thank you for your time and I hope you understand. I apologize if I have any typos or missed/misused words because I just feel like crap and I’ve already read it three times and I hope it all checks out but I’ve been up all night writhing in my bed and I’m really tired.

I hope you’re all enjoying going back to school or something else you’re doing.

Also as a side note: All of those kind messages have really lifted my spirits. I’d reply to them all but I doubt people want that clogging up their dash. Just know I really love you all and your words really mean a lot to me. Thank you.



TG:re Volume 1 omake is killing me. (If no one translates it, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’m too busy right now ;~;)

This is the important bits I got from it:

- Sasaki’s birthday is April 2nd. I wonder if this is when he “died” as Kaneki, or if this is when he actually woke up after his fought Arima.

- Sasaki has another award other than the White Wing Award, and it’s called 金木犀… aka Kinmokusei…aka another way of pronouncing Kaneki’s name in kanji. So yeah, Sasaki has KANEKI AWARD. *falls off chair.

- The current timeline in TG:re is around September if we are basing it on Saiko’s birthday, September 4th.

- Mutsuki is confirmed a Bikaku.

- Urie, Shirazu and Saiko graduated from the same academy.

- Mutsuki is also AB blood type. More similarities to Kaneki. o.o;

- Saiko is skilled at… typing. (Is this because she is so skilled at button smashing? XD;;;)

- Arima is a dork. Yes, that GRIM REAPER ARIMA IS A DORK. *choke*