birthdays 4th september

winteryethereal says: Written ship, please? I have selcas on my About Me to help you with the description, but I can post them again and tag the blog without a problem. This is really long, and I’ve revised it at least 5 times. XD

Hello there! My name is Faith, my birthday is September 4th, 1999, I live in Vanderhoof, the geographical heart of BC, Canada (sHOUTOUT TO MARK OF NCT! *cough*). I was adopted at 5 with my biological brother who is 3 years younger than me; our parents were both mentally ill, our births were accidents. My adopted dad is a ball of sunshine, my mom is exceptionally supportive; they give lectures out of love and are strong-willed. I’m an ESFP, I love blue with white and pale pink or…


First of all, you’RE SO CUTE OMFG HOW ARE YOU SO CUTE WOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. MY LITTLE SISTER AND I WERE LOOKING AT YOUR SELCA AND GUSHING. YOU’RE TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD. Both appearance wise and descriptive wise, I ship you hardcore with Jimin. You’ve been through some rough times, I’ve seen. Somethings are a little difficult for you, but you seem to have the drive and energy to power through and challenge your limits nonetheless (that’s a trait I wish I had!). So whether it be medical issues, or emotional tolls, Jimin would want to help and be by your side through it all. You’re aegyo would be the death of him – you’re gonna deal with a fluffy ChimChim for the rest of your life, my guy. While you can’t physically do a lot, he’ll have you up on your feet (with accommodations of course), his energy mixed with yours will keep everyone around you on your toes.

- Admin Dayna

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Happy birthday Miyu, 4th of September! Thanks for being the go-to character when I need to make someone suffer! Plese enjoy your happy day and birthday-cake!

This is as much as another coffee break allows me. I haven’t drawn a group picture in a while – it was actually pretty fun. Birthday cake with the family, what’s better than this? Let’s play a game of “spot all the custom units“!