It’s my BIRTHDAY! Blessed to see 22! Thank you to @khyleeahx3 for showing up to my house with my favorite cake (even though I had one in my fridge) hey two cakes are awesome!! In other news, the last year of my life has been filled with copious amounts of learning and growing. 21 taught me a lot about life and myself. I lost my grandma but in turn I found myself. I learned who I am and what makes me happy. I curated my first art exhibition! I started at a new school! So many life changing things have happened to me in the last year and I’m so excited to see what 22 has in store! It’s never to late to be happy and it’s never impossible to become who you want to be! #22 #BirthdayGal #HappyGal #PositiveLiving (at Cloud 9)