birthday: yongguk

  • Q: Until now has there been someone you thought of as 1004 (an angel)? You can't answer "BABY".
  • Himchan: I can't answer "BABY"? That's too much~! If that's how it is, I'll choose Yongguk. Because, thanks to him, the members have taken interest in volunteering and donating, and more than anyone, he has the heart of an angel.
  • (KBoy Paradise vol. 12)
Yongguk- Mine

Some jealous Yongguk for Eliiana on AFF as well as an anon. Enjoy. 

P.S is my boyfriend around here? Is he seeing this?

Nevermind, just read the jealousy smut

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Yongguk giggle cut + more because he’s too cute

Yongguk 29th Birthday Project

Before I start this, I have to say this is just an idea and I want your feedback on it, since it would be useless to do if no-one participates in it.


What the project is about:

As you probably all know our leader has birthday today in 5 month. (I know long timeframe but this needs time) It’s simply there for showing our love and support towards him and if everyone agrees I would post it on my twitter, since this is more known than this blog here. (BAP_TFLN)

What am I planning to do:

I don’t know if you get what I mean, but I hope you get it somehow 😅

1 part: Short concert snippets (to somehow give that worldwide feeling yknow)

2 part: Pick a line of his songs and lip-sync it, do animation, dance, whatever you want really. 

3 part: Fanart! Literally any type of it. Be creative.

4 part: Just a simple where you wish him happy birthday 

For all the 4 above: stay in the legal frame! I think it’s basic human knowledge that you won’t do it, but still I’m saying it again. I don’t want anything like people jumping around on buildings, run through police stations, nude videos or sexualizing him in any way.

What I need you for currently:

As I said in the beginning, it would be nice to know if you guys would participate in it. You can either like/reblog or write me. If you don’t want to help out and just want to spread it, that’s also appreciated! 

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