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1. Office Mayhem! Does Jumin Han is gay?

2. JuminZen - Stop Stop It

3. Married!Zen x MC vs Echo Girl


1. Flower Crowns + RFA

2. Random phrases

3. RFA moodboard


1. JuminZen 1

2. Seven + JuminZen 1

3. JuminZen 2

4. Zen 1

5. JuminZen 3 - Christmas


1. RFA’s songs to make love to MC

2. RFA’s songs to serenade MC

Gif Set:

1. RFA+V+Unknown x MC dancing

Headcannons + Reactions:

1. Han Jumin & Elizabeth 3rd wedding

2. RFA+V+Unknown Christmas present

3. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who can play violin

4. RFA+V+Unknown react to celebrity!MC leading a double life

5. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who cannot stand spicy food

6. RFA+V react to hidden talent singer!MC

7. RFA+V+Unknown react to partly deaf MC

8. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC with raspy voice

9. RFA+V+Unknown react to military!MC visiting them during the holidays

10. Jumin x Zen x V

11. RFA+V react to angry!MC who is fed up them comparing her with Rika

12. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who loses someone to cancer

13. RFA+V+Unknown react to diehard One Direction fan!MC

14. RFA+V+Unknown react to someone touching MC inappropriately

15. RFA+V react to MC’s protective sibling

16. RFA+V+Unknown react to fiercely independent!MC

17. RFA+V+Unknown deal with MC’s abusive partner

18. RFA+V react to MC who doesn’t like to have her photos taken

19. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who likes to kiss them in weird places

20. RFA+V react to MC who loves anime

21. RFA+V react to popular youtuber!MC

22. RFA+V getting jealous of MC’s dancing partner

23. RFA+V trying WoW

24. RFA+V react to MC who doesn’t believe they love MC

25. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC not wanting to have sex before marriage

26. RFA react to MC in a marching band

27. RFA react to gastroenterologist!MC

28. RFA+Unknown react to fairy tale character!MC

29. RFA+Unknown react to plus-sized!MC who doesn’t like to be touched

30. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who doesn’t like to wear jeans and short skirts

31. RFA+V+Unknown react to insecure!MC wearing big sweaters

32. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who panics upon knowing she’s pregnant

33. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who has cancer

34. RFA+V+Unknown building a blanket fort with MC

35. RFA+V+Unknown forgetting MC’s birthday

36. RFA react to native English speaker!MC

37. Newly married!Yoosung x MC

38. RFA+V+Unknown react to shy!MC who doesn’t log frequently into the chatrooms

39. Jumin and Zen react to MC who is two-timing them

40. RFA+V+Unknown react to Princess!MC who gave up her crown to be with them

41. RFA+V and MC arguing which leads to sex

42. RFA+V react to MC who has trust issues

43. Badass couple!Unknown x MC

44. RFA cheating on MC

45. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who is a major player in the past

46. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who hates waking up early in the morning

47. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who loves to play in the rain despite not being able to

48. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who hisses like a cat

49. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC wearing sexy lingerie

50. RFA+V+Unknown misunderstanding that MC has a cult

51. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who wants to break up with them over chocolate cake

52. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC getting into a physical fight with her sibling and thinks MC is going to hurt them

53. RFA+V+Unknown thinking MC is in college because of her tall height but she’s still in high school

54. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC getting sick one day then finding out she has chronic sickness which eventually leads to death

55. RFA+V+Unknown react to seeing MC married with kids years later after breaking up with them

56. RFA+V+Unknown react to seeing MC’s scars on her wrist

57. RFA trying to win MC back


1. MC encounters ex-crush

2. Zen x MC: No sex before marriage

3. Badass!MC taking Unknown down on her own

4. Sick!MC trying to hide her sickness in front of the RFA members


1. Mystic Messenger as Supernatural Quotes

2. Mystic Messenger as a K-Pop Group

3. Mystic Messenger as GOT7

Drabble Game

I decided that it would be fun if I had a drabble game because I literally love reading these, I think they’re so fun. I used dreamsaboutbts’ list as a base for it because I’m not really sure how to make one yet. 

Request as many as you’d like! Thanks! 

My Rules:

1. Pick a member of BTS (I only do BTS right now but I may add some more groups in the future.)

2. You can pick up to 3 in total, it doesn’t matter what category. (For example: [person’s name] 1A / 5B / 9D)

A - Dialogue

1.“I love you.”
2. “Did you eat the rest of my _____??”*
3. “Ugh…..”
4. “I’m tired.”
5. “Oh my god! I fucking love _____!!”*
6. “Put on a jacket!”
7. “I bet you liked that.”
8. “What song is that?”
9. “Friends?”
10. “Yes!”
11. “Wow, you are a really bad dancer…”
12. “Open your eyes.”
13. “Ah… Sorry, my phone’s dying..”
14. “Then why are you scared?”
15. “Gimme some!”
16. “I don’t know her…”
17. “Yeah… I locked myself out again… Mhm… How far are you?”
18. “No.”
19. “I don’t know what’s wrong.. He usually likes meeting new people..”
20. “Are you gonna say something?”
21. “It’s yours, it’s yours.”
22. “This is me being nice..”
23. “Where are your pants?”
24. “What’s your blood type?”
25. “Let’s wait for everyone…”
26. “What?? They’re dating???”
27. “Oh my god… Do you love her?”
28. “Excuse me? What are you doing…?”
29. “Oh, fuck off.”
30. “…….Go ahead and laugh…”
31. “I’ll protect you.”
32. “Wow… You are so beautiful.”
33. “Sorry… I guess…”
34. “Have you eaten?”
35. “I don’t believe you.”
36. “oOoOoOoOoOhhh!!!”
37. “Can you clean this up?”
38. “I miss you.”
39. “Who are you?”
40. “Can you help me?”
41. “Are you coming?”
42. “Wait… Slow down…”
43. “Have you seen him?”
44. “I’m never gonna be good enough for you.”
45. “I keep dreaming about you.”
46. “This is unfair.”
47. “I’m sorry, is this yours?”

B - Setting

1. Dressing Room
2. Fancy Hotel Room
3. Dorm
4. Cafe
5. On A Plane
6. Formal Party
7. Tattoo Parlor
8. Basement
9. Dance Studio
10. Sports Game
11. Aquarium
12. Tiny Apartment
13. University
14. In Bed
15. Broom Closet
16. The Mall
17. Recording Studio
18. Beach
19. Restaurant
20. Bar
21. Parent’s House
22. On A Bus
23. Botanical Garden
24. Salon
25. Museum
26. Shower
27. Road Trip
28. Bakery
29. Park
30. Wild Party
31. Open Field
32. Ikea
33. On The Floor
34. On The Subway
35. Club
36. Pool
37. Art Gallery
38. Cheap Motel Room
39. Backseat
40. Movie Theater
41. Closet
42. River
43. Karaoke
44. Grocery Store
45. Hospital
46. Rest Stop
47. Airport Terminal
48. School

C - Action

1. Kissing
2. Texting
3. Fighting
4. Eating
5. Whispering
6. Hugging
7. Teasing
8. Laughing
9. Waiting
10. Hand Holding
11. Falling Asleep
12. Talking
13. Touching
14. Cuddling
15. Tickling
16. Video Chatting
17. Blowing
18. Begging
19. Writing
20. Watching
21. Singing
22. Dancing

D - Random

1. Rain
2. Power Outage
3. Cardboard Boxes
4. Dirty Talk
5. Music
6. Rejection
7. Just Acquaintances
8. Cooking
9. Prank
10. Under The Influence
11. Roommates
12. Holiday
13. Sweater
14. Trust
15. Family
16. Anniversary
17. Glasses
18. Enemies
19. Death
20. Pets
21. Hiccups
22. Reunion
23. Insomnia
24. Camping
25. Thunderstorm
26. Daydream
27. It’s Complicated
28. Sunset
29. Games
30. Illegal
31. Vitamins
32. Secrets
33. Finals Week
34. Loser
35. Birthday
36. Rough Day
37. Truth or Dare
38. Ice Cream
39. Nightmare
40. Fans
41. Unicorn
42. Lipstick
43. Murder
*I get to fill in the blanks!