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Hey there, my sis and I are turning fifteen on Friday, and for some reason (don't know if it's stress from school starting soon or the fact that we're spending it with our dad instead of our mom) I just am not excited about it. I usually get really excited around my birthday, but this year's different and it makes me sad. Thoughts?

This may be really cynical of me, but to be honest, my first thought was, “welcome to adulthood”. It’s not always the case, but unfortunately, growing up means that birthdays become less special and exciting a lot of the time. Sometimes you have to do really mundane things on your birthday, like go to school or work or run errands (or the time I had to spend my 16th on a bus), and the stresses of life become too big for presents and cake to make all better.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time, but you also have to accept that some birthdays are going to suck, sometimes they’re just going to be sort of ordinary days. It’s okay to be sad about that, but feeling that way doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong or there’s something wrong with you. 

My best suggestion is that you try not to put so much pressure on yourself to have fun on that single day, and try to take advantage of every fun opportunity that you can. It can be just as special and memorable to do something on a random day as on your birthday.

All that said, I hope you do end up having a good day. Happy birthday, sweetie. <3

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@ parents and families. I don’t give a shit if it’s your kids birthday or some other special day. Stop coming to chuck e cheese 30 min before we close and ordering a bunch of food and then staying until an hour after we close. Have some fucking respect like even the tiniest bit for the employees especially considering I alone have to wipe down about 60 games top to bottom and can’t start until we empty out and lock the doors because yalls kids are just gonna continue leaving fingerprints on all the glass and spilling soda everywhere
Stop fucking going to places like chuck e cheese less than an hour before they close. Stop staying at any fucking business after they close. Like we make fucking intercom announcements every 10 min and everything for our last 45 min and yet we still have people who are here an hour after we close. Stop being garbage


Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! | August 13th, 1982 ♡


Since it’s Jai’s birthday, I decided to do a special birthday imagine for the bae, Eric! 

Imagine: Planning a special surprise for Eric’s birthday.

“Bye Eric, have a good day at work sweetheart!” You call before Eric leaves the apartment. He had a meeting with Erudite, so this is the one time that you actually got to see him dressed formally with a black dress-shirt and tie.

Eric had no idea that you had taken the day off today, ever since he had woken up that morning you were acting as if it was a completely normal day, you had even forced Eric to believe that you had forgotten that today was his birthday. Not that he had expected you to remember, Eric had never been one to make a big deal out of his birthday, to him it was just a normal day, but you knew he deserved more than that. It was the birthday of the love of your life, and you’re going to make this be an amazing birthday.

Evening fell, and you had the entire apartment decorated to Eric’s tastes. Finally, the guests start coming in, Eric wouldn’t want a huge crowd at a party for himself, he’s not really a people-person, so you only invited a few close friends.  

Eventually, you all hear the doorknob rattle, and you whisper, “Shh, he’s here!”

You quickly make your way to the door, the apartment is pitch-black. Eric comes in and you quickly block his path, “Woah, why’s it so dark in here Y/N?”

You quickly wrap your arms around him and someone flips the switch the light on, Eric’s eyes widen as he looks around.

“Surprise! Happy birthday Eric!” Everyone, except you, shout in unison.

“What the hell,” He whispers in shock, he turns to you, “You did this?”

“Yeah,” You gleam, “Happy birthday Eric!”

He gives you a half grin, before joining his friends, for a few drinks.

A few hours later, once everyone leaves, Eric turns to you, “Thank you baby, honestly, I thought you had forgotten. I’ve never liked celebrating my birthday, but I’m actually really glad you arranged this for me, I had a lot of fun.”

You lean up and give him a small peck on the lips, “I knew you’d like it!”

“It was one of the best gifts ever,” He says smiling brightly.

“But the party wasn’t actually your gift,” You whisper, trying to conceal your smile.

“It wasn’t?” He asks, confused, you shake your head, “Then what is it?”

You simply take his hand, and drag him towards your bedroom, which he had not yet seen. You lead him inside, and his eyes instantly darken lustfully, you’ve scattered rose petals all over the ground, and the room is lit by candles.

You grab his tie and pull him towards you seductively, “This is your present.”

He kicks the door behind him, and begins placing kisses down your jaw to your neck. He pushes you down on to the bed.

“Best birthday ever,” He growls before attaching his lips back to your neck.

Aaand I’ll leave the rest to your imagination! ;)

A/N: Happy birthday Jai! I hope you guys liked it!