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“You all better tell A-chin of imagining-with-knb ‘Happy Birthday’ or I’ll crush you.” -Murakun

AU: Celebration / Beach House Party 
Pairing: Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader
Genre: HumorFluff
Words: 1480
Note: Inspired by this playlist here because my gosh I was stuck and I’ve included some other characters.

It was yet another sweltering day and all you’ve been doing for the past hour is driving around, completely lost. You had the windows down and the music blaring through the speakers, in hope it would settle your nerves. You turned over to the navy-colored hair passenger who was scrolling through various profiles on tinder. 

“Daiki! Seriously? I thought you were navigating for me,” you shouted as you whipped out your cell phone to GPS it yourself. But only to have it snatched by Aomine. 

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Hi hi hi~ Can you do a sexbot scenario with Kai, Sehun & Chanyeol?? Pretty pleaseeeeee with a cherry on top?? #foursome 😍😍

A/N: anon you have a death wish. Also dedicated to Heather bc we just talked how messy more than one partner is :3


It was your birthday and you were thinking it should be a day of self indulgence. So when you saw the ad for “more than one partner birthday special” you figured it was meant to be. You booked it and waited anxiously for the day. You couldn’t decide between three when you were looking at models one day so you say to hell with it and get them all. Chanyeol and Sehun were both of taller stature and endowed with the extension package, while Kai was pure seduction waiting to happen. You wanted it all.

The room was luxurious and you could almost feel like you could pretend to have a boyfriend who wanted to make this day a special occasion. You snorted at the thought of a boyfriend offering up a foursome as a birthday gift but a girl could dream.

“Hey, the birthday girl is here!” Chanyeol shouts over his shoulder when he sees you enter. You opted for the “know each other well” package, to help with your jitters.

The silver haired sexobot whisks off your jacket and you feel the backs of his fingers skim down your arms.

“Hey, we haven’t even started yet!” Sehun protests from the bathroom. Your mouth drops open when you see the two younger-looking bots peeking from the doorframe. Sehun is in only a towel, his vlines contrasting against the fluffy towel. Kai has only in boxers, towel fluffing his hair.

Chanyeol brings his lower lip over his upper to hide his satisfaction. “Sorry,” he backs away, hands up in surrender.

“You’re both not exactly in the state to be talking about not starting yet,” You barely choke out.

The two exchange knowing smiles. “You’re early. Like usual,” Kai calls out, moving back into the bathroom.

“I’m nervous as fuck,” You curse, rubbing your sweaty palms down your thighs.

“Come on!” Sehun frowns adorably. “There’s no need to get foul-mouthed.”

“I like it,” Chanyeol says, handing you a flute and tipping his to cheers.

“We know you like dirty talk. I’ve heard your port from your bedroom before,” Kai laughs, white dress shirt framing his upper body now.

Sehun rolls his eyes and decides he should get dressed too. “Wait!” You shout and cannot believe your own bravery. “Isn’t it kind of…anti progressive of you to dress?”

“She’s got a point,” Kai agrees.

“I think what she’s trying to say is,” Chanyeol brushes your hair away from your neck and places an open-mouthed kiss on your bare shoulder, “She is sorely overdressed for the occasion.” He slowly undoes the zipper at your back and the strapless dress falls to the floor.

Kai whistles at the fact that you have no bra on and Sehun’s mouth would most likely hit the floor if he was in a manga. “Maybe i’ll take back my previous statement about being overdressed,” Chanyeol jokes.

Kai goes after your breasts first. Hot palms cover your pebbled nipples and you toss your head back to moan. Chanyeol admires your ass, long fingers kneading the flesh. Sehun decides you should start him off. He brings your hand to his cock, rubbing your hand against the chubby there.

“Chanyeol?” You chuckle nervously when his hands move around to stroke your hip bones. Sehun groans when you press firmer down on his growing boner. “Yeah Chanyeol, what are you doing?” Kai echoes you, twirling both nipples between his nimble fingers.

“Chanyeol is about to make the female in the room very, very happy,” Chanyeol speaks in third person, hands inching towards one spot that was begging for attention.

Your hand sneaks under Sehun’s towel right before Chanyeol can stroke your wet folds. You and Sehun cry out together, making the deeper voiced boys chuckling at the dual reaction. “This is going to be fun,” Sehun mutters, strained because of your touch.

“You don’t need me to touch you,” Chanyeol announces, “You’re drenching already. Did you know Kai was first or is stroking Sehun turning you on that much?”

You watch under heavy eyelids as Sehun bites down on his lower lip. It is turning you on to turn Sehun on. But your breasts are your weakness. You know Kai is playing you like a well strung violin. On top of Chanyeol’s fingers teasing your hole and avoiding your clit, you felt like you were going to burst with need.

First round was you on your back. Chanyeol knelt to the side as you took his cock in your mouth. He made sure to thrust gently into your mouth. You jerked Sehun off until he came on your chest, warm and salty. Kai fucked you first, dark eyes drilling into your soul. You came quickly, overstimulated really.

The second round is Chanyeol fucking you doggie style while you take Sehun in your mouth. The height is perfect between the twin giants. Kai is, of course, happy to touch your breast while he gets himself off. Chanyeol slaps your ass enthusiastically as he fucks you, enjoying your muffled gasps. You look up into Sehun’s eyes and watched his slightly parted as he cums in your mouth. Kai cums on your back,whispering your name squeezing your breast one last time.

Third round, which is basically you so tired you can’t manage the fucking on your own. You have to take Sehun astride, his hands cupping your ass so he can urge on your hips. You have to lean down so Chanyeol can take you from behind. It’s a bit tasking on your body but the dual pleasure from both the cock in your ass and the cock in your pussy is worth the patience it took to bring them both inside you. Kai is in your mouth this time, finger chucking your chin so you will meet his eyes. You don’t know who comes first. You only feel all your orifices fill with their climax, your own out doing any orgasm you had ever had.

The last part of the package is the boys help you clean up. You’re so tired, the bathroom scene feels like a dream. Kai cleans Chanyeol’s cock, making the pale god flush and grab the counter top harshly. Sehun suds up your body, wishing out loud that he had cum on your breasts.

The four of you tiredly collapse into bed. Chanyeol cups your back, you throw an arm and leg over Kai’s body and Sehun does the same from the other side of Kai’s body. You’re all touching and the last thing you think is how you’re going to pick only one as your future personal sexobot.


The Disney Dream Makers do an excellent job. Mickey and Minnie come into your room and  leave behind plenty of birthday goodies.  The package has a personalized note from Mickey! also an autograph book signed by Mickey and Minnie with a special birthday message.  The birthday guest will also get Mickey ears with name embroidered on the back too!

Of course you won’t want to leave it behind, Great news – everything can come home with you!  The balloons have a special closure that easily removes so they can deflate and be reused later.  The pretty box with all the presents can be folded easily to fit right into a small carry on.

Even though it fits really well with whole mistakes motif, I still remove the celebi ending from my RS headcanon, so that this one scene can happen: after the war, people are grieving and sitting vigil for the fallen, because in Hoenn, people believe that what determines whether one gets to heaven or not is by if there are people alive who will grieve. They believe that the emotion of grief is what carries the loved one to the afterlife, and so they have a ritual of staying up for one night of quiet to remember the fallen person, without tears, and by doing that, they’ll see them again. So people are staying up through the night in quiet with a chorus of people singing softly, and Ruby is watching the survivors holding hands and swaying back and forth slowly around a campfire singing songs like “oo-oo I’d like to linger oo a little longer oo a little longer here with you. and oo it doesn’t seem quite right oo you’re no longer by my side oo this is my last night here with you. oo this is so long, but not goodbye.” And Ruby’s just… lost inside not only because he’s so far away from Johto but because he lost his dad for the mistakes he made both intentional and unknowing and he just doesn’t know what to feel. It’s so foreign to him to see these people who never knew Norman or Steven mourning them with the tradition of singing, and Ruby is standing there watching them, just lost and dead inside and unable to feel anything if he knew what to feel, when Sapphire walks up behind him and slips her hand into his, and she stands beside him through the night and grieves for Norman too.

Character Dining is always cause for celebration. It’s the best way to get personalized attention from the Characters, plus the food is delicious! When you celebrate a birthday at any of the Character Dining locations, be sure to let the folks over at Disney Dining know when you set up your reservation. Dessert is already included of course, but they’ll arrange a special birthday cupcake with a candle as the Characters sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy or girl!