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Our absolutely amazing pal and fellow smutketeer @peetabreadgirl has a birthday on February 23rd. @xerxia31 and I were wondering if you'd be willing to accept a submission from us in her honoUr?

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Happy Birthday @peetabreadgirl! By special request, Here’s a birthday drabble crafted just for you!

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AN – Happy Birthday PBG! This is part 1 of 2 because your birthday is too special to cram all into one day!

Mesdames et messieurs, votre attention s’il vous plaît. Les passagers de la vol Air Canada 8637 arrivent à la gare vingt-quatre.

Peeta Mellark bobs up on the balls of his feet, eager to see around the crowd of tired commuters coming in on the flight from Montreal to Quebec city. Just a few more minutes and he’ll finally lay eyes on the infamous KatsEye, the best beta in the Avengers fandom.

And his best friend. Possibly the love of his life, but hey, he figures he probably should lay eyes on her in real life before he declares his undying devotion.

The crowd is thinning a bit now as the business crowd moves toward the airport doors, a sea of suits and muttered French. He checks his phone. Her text had said she was near the back of the plane. Surely she’ll be out soon.

Kat<3: I’m wearing an orange sweater.

When he looks up again, he sees her coming through the gate. Her aviator glasses are perched on her head and her hair is tied up in a side braid that spills over her shoulder onto the gorgeous coral sweater she’s wearing. It causes her olive skin to glow even though he can tell she’s not wearing a stitch of makeup.

His artistic sensibilities practically giggle at the idea that she’d consider the shade to be orange. It’s softer, more muted; kind of like a sunset at the end of a sultry summer’s day.

Regardless, it’s his new favourite colour.

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Introducing: Birthdaycore / Partycore!

Birthdaycore / Partycore (or Birthdaywave / Partywave) is a brand new tag I’ve attempted to make come to life! The tag is for age regressors and kidcore blogs of any kind! Though your blog must be safe for everyone to view!

Who can’t use the tag? Anyone who sexualizes age regression! Meaning: l*ltots, k*dhearts, c*l(re), d*lg, l*ttlehearts, a*dl, and any possible relating communities! I parole the tags and I will make a block list of those who disobey the rules. You also can’t use the tag if you’re a terf/twerf/swerf, lgbt+phobe, trump/pence supporter, or anything else like that.

What will be included in the tag? Birthday stuff! Cakes, cupcakes, party themes, confetti, gifts, artwork, anything you can think of that embodies the word “birthday party”!

A special mention to @toyvillage (whom tumblr won’t let me tag) for inspiration for this tag!

A blog will be popping up soon. Check @birthdaycores for any questions you may have.


Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun

Yuuri birthday headcanons

((Because I have no time to write out a full scenario (really sorry about that)))

-He isn’t used to big parties and generally dislikes them

-In fact, he’s forgotten about his birthday several times

-He will be very thankful if his s/o makes him something handmade instead of buying him a gift

-His favourite cake flavour is vanilla

-Actually likes extravagant cakes

-Will cry if s/o organises a surprise birthday party 

-His ideal party would be something small, with only his family and close friends 

-Makes extra precautions to keep Makkachin away from the steamed buns

-Really dislikes confetti

-It gets everywhere and is hard to clean up

-The ideal way to end his birthday is by cuddling with his s/o


happy birthday my foul-mouthed knight, izumi sena~! (02/11)


Happy 21st birthday to this amazing human being. / Michael Gordon Clifford - November 20, 1995 💫 @5sos