You know, I used to think birthdays weren’t that special. Every morning I’d wake up for one, there would be some happy birthday wishes on my phone, mostly from family members, and that would be that. However, today proved me otherwise. To all of the pals who for some reason follow my strange blog and are also actively talking to me in my server/on discord, y’all have made me so special and welcomed it’s brought me to tears on several occasions today and the night prior. I’ve never felt so comfortable around so many people, and I never thought I’d ever talk to some of you to begin with. You all of characters I looked up to, or to the artists who pour their heart into their craft just to satisfy that need to see a design and colors and everything flow for satisfaction of others. 
From the bottom of my heart, to each and everyone of you. Thank you. And I love and cherish our friendship until I can’t cherish it anymore… 
The pictures above are gifts I was oh so generously given either today or over the week. I’ve never received this kind of love before, and neither has Cinnamon. Y’all make her feel special. You really do. And you make me feel just as much. 
Picture credit:

First pic
Never expected a gift from you, I’m gonna be honest. But it was wonderful. I’m super happy we’ve talked more.

Second pic
@archeya and @lupin-quill
Wouldn’t have gotten to know Lupin if it weren’t for getting in touch with Arch. That and, Arch has the best OC ever and she’s given Cinnamon to someone to love, so there’s a bit of bias but regardless. You’re both still extra special.

Third pic
Someone I met on Discord called Ataru who oh so graciously drew Cinnamon just because he thought she was cute. He’s working hard to become an artist, and if he ever comes to Tumblr show him some support. Seriously, he’s got massive potential.

And to everyone else:
Flame, Sea, Frost, 3rs, the lot of you who know who you are. Thank you for ever wish and every smile you’ve given me. You’re a part of my family now, and I’m never gonna let any of you go. 
Long post is long, but it needed to be made. Love y’all. Peace out my cub scouts.

Candy gore - Dr Schneeplestein

Well since it’s a very special doctors birthday today, I thought I would continue on this. I almost forgot about his 1 year anniversary on the channel XD. Can’t believe it’s been THAT long.

This is another candy gore piece of art that is based around the septic egos. I’ll probably do Anti next since people really want to see me do that ^^.


Happy Birthday To ME! 

Humom started my birthday celebration right on time with a super awesome tortie birthday cake! Layers of chicory, cactus fruit and DANDELIONS!!  I made sure to pick all the dandelions out of the cake first because I have PRIORITIES. yep.

I didn’t nom my whole cake cause I knew what was coming. Presents AND my yearly apple slice!!! I loooooove my yearly apple slice the most. Humom says I can’t have too much sugar so it is only a special birthday treat.

I tried to be a well-mannered tort and sniff all my gifts before climbing onto the apple in joy. I got a new UVB/A bulb so I can keep growing healthy and strong, some heat pad thingies in case of power outages (this is like getting underwear for Christmas ma.. wheres the fun stuff!), a new orange friend (doesn’t smell nomable), A PUMPKIN! for fun carving times later this month, AND  AN APPLE that will become my apple slice!

As soon as humom cut it up I gave her my biggest NOOOMS!! smile before shoving my face on it.  I was so excited I even shared a little with humom (not a lot.. just a little). It was glorious! All that excitement really wore me out so when humom went to change my bulb I crawled under my pillow and took a quality birthday nap!


happy (late) birthday zen 

Happy Third Birthday, PWS!!

A couple of months ago, I was given the honor of an invitation to join the PWS team! At first I was extremely hesitant. After all, as my blog name implies… I am very much a novice! But Pete, being the Godfather that he is, had his convincing ways, so I decided to join. ;) Giving reviews is a bit intimidating, but I try to think about what I would want someone to say about my own work… what do they like about it and how does it make them feel? The technical jargon may come later, with more knowledge, but for now I think that those two points are what most of us want to know from our viewers.

Thank you to Pete, Stephi, Tiernan, Nikos, Gerardo and Jasmin, for taking me under your wing and thank you to the Photographers on Tumblr for your inspiration and support of PWS! Cheers to another wonderful year!

PWS - Angie