oscar wilde
  • had three middle names
  • spoke five languages
  • was sentenced to prison for sodomy
  • was 16 when he had his first kiss
  • loved to travel
  • had an eidetic memory
  • lied about his age on his marriage certificate
  • held seances at his house
  • spoke with his hand in front of his mouth bc he was embarrassed by how supernaturally white his teeth were
  • kept a vase of flowers on his writing desk to neutralize the smell of his ashtray
  • had a passion for interior design and aesthetics—his drawing room was painted blue and covered in dragons, he even pressed feathers into the plaster to make it look cool
  • the kids at his school called him “grey crow”
  • one of the reasons he didn’t commit suicide was bc he was afraid he would go to hell for it
  • his favorite word was ivory
  • his last words were “i am in a duel to the death with this wallpaper, one of us has got to go”
  • his grave, in paris, has become the target of mass quantities of lipstick kisses. no lie. it’s literally covered in lipstick stains. and a sphinx. he also asked to be buried with his former lover’s ashes

A birthday present for my real-life super-buddy dnd-sister Kazma, she is a dear, and this picture has a really funny story. I could not think of any kind of present to give her, so i was like…damn it…she doesnt like jewelry, she would kick my ass for chocolate…and she would probably eat flowers that i give to her…so the only possibility was a drawing.

And so i did, and just asked her. “Hey, Kazma. I wanna make you a picture, what would you like ?”
“Raven, human body, necromancer, magic and shit.”

And so i went. I got a reference of a raven hybrid between human and raven, yet that didnt quite cut into her form of playing and so on. SO ! I decided to make a small change and came up with this beauty !

Finally a good piece of art after some time, hehehe !
And this just means i have now a boost in confidence to remake @neofox67 picture and add something extra ! Hor-hor-hooooooor ! *french evil laughter*

Stucky Sleeping Positions - 3. The “I’ve-got-your-back-position” (aka post mission cuddles)

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EXO not approving of your new BF

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Finding out you got in a fight

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Nsfw Texts 

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BF snaps



Finding out you got in a fight


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Jimins drunk confession

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Another mommy kink Tae

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Lazy sunday w Yoongi

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BTS taking their kid to the park

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NaruSasu Family: Happy Birthday babe!

Late birthday picture again! I really hate myself about that! I wanted make cute family moment for them this time. They are watching kids channel and meanwhile Naruto want to take a picture with them. So, I wanted to share this moment with you. I think Menma is one years old. ^^ He can not talk yet. XDDD But still he’s so cute <33

Happy borfday @therealjacksepticeye! I fucking love ya, mate. You’re my most favouritest Irish person! (not that I know many…)
Ah, your videos have made me happy for probably either over or near two years now (who’s keeping count?) and I just… yeah I’m awkward and bad with words so I’ll just say, I hope you have a fan-fucking-tastic birthday!

This picture was technically actually made for @smol-happy-bean-jse’s birthday video thing, but I figured I’d post it here anyway ‘cause it’s cute and why not :p

Another month has passed, and it’s time for another Birthday Picture! We’re reaching the final months of this year, and the final birthday pictures as well. I feel blessed! How can I not with this ray of holy devotion watching over me? She’s very important. Have you heard of her? The one who died eight years ago?

Happy Birthday, Molly Viano!

The next birthday picture is coming at the end of this month, at a relatively spooky time of year! It’s honestly fitting because if you look at this chosen character close enough you’ll get a real fright for sure. They seem so fine on the surface, but peer deeper, and you’ll realize the horrors they’ve committed. They don’t seem to bother them none, and they’ll drink away any possible regrets they have in red wine.