birthday's over you can go home now

“Jack, you’re not going to make it. It’s okay,” Bitty stresses, trying to remain the calm one even though he’s not feeling that calm about it.

“No. I’ll get there, I—Shit! Ah, shit. Sorry, Bits, half ran a red there.”

“Jack!” Bitty groans, heart flipping over at the thought of Jack speeding home. He wouldn’t have called Jack in the first place if he’d known that was what was going on. This phone conversation can only be a distraction. “I’m serious. It’s fine.”

“It’s your birthday. I’m going to get there in time.”

“You’re crazy, and I’m honestly scared for your life right now.”

“Don’t be. There’s barely anyone on the roads, I’m fine,” Jack says dismissively.

“I am rolling my eyes at you,” Bitty tells Jack after having done so. “With love, but also because you’re an idiot.”

“And idiot who loves you.” How Jack manages to be sappy and romantic whilst seemingly in a one-man car chase is beyond Bitty. He’s appreciative anyway.

“Get here in one piece or this will be the worst birthday ever.”

“What about–”

“Yes, I am including the time we had to take Tater to hospital and I got blood all over my new shoes,” Bitty says somewhat hysterically.

“What’s the time?” Jack demands.

Bitty tips his head back from where he’s got it resting on the arm of the couch to look at the clock. “Eleven fifty-three.”

“Fuck yeah,” Jack yells, making it come out buzzed through Bitty’s phone. “Okay. Bits, Bud, I got this. Open the front door for me, I’m almost home.”

Bitty rolls his eyes again. This boy is way too eager for near midnight. “Okay, okay. I’m doing it.”

He opens the front door and steps out into the hallway. It’s quiet out there, and he can’t hear anything coming through on the phone either. Jack probably isn’t going to make it, and that’s fine with Bitty. It’ll be the first time in six years, but Bitty thinks that’s a pretty good track record.

The sound of footsteps pounding up the emergency exit gets clearer and clearer, and Bitty turns toward them. Jack bursts through, clearly flushed, but smiling happily, victorious, running toward Bitty holding a wrapped present.

Bitty hangs up his phone. “The elevator would’ve been–

Jack crashes into him and kisses him eagerly and messily, stopping Bitty mid word.

“Happy Birthday.” Jack pulls back, delight in his eyes, and hands over the present.

“You were right,” Bitty admits with relief. “You did make it, one piece and all.”

“Told you,” Jack says happily. “And it’s…” he checks his watch. “Eleven fifty-eight. Quick.”

“Jack!” Bitty shouts as Jack bends down to lift Bitty over his shoulder and carry him inside.

“No time to waste. You’ve gotta open that.”

“We could’ve done that in the hallway. You’re ridiculous.” Bitty repeats the sentiment from earlier.

“Okay, go go go.” Jack plops Bitty down on the couch and sits pressed up beside him. “One minute.”

Bitty holds his hand up in front of Jack. Jack grabs it and kisses it, then puts it on top of the present. By this stage, Bitty’s caught up in the manic energy Jack is radiating. He rips open the packaging, struggling some with the amount of sticky tape on the present. He throws it behind him once it’s off and stares down at the plain cardboard box.

“Open it,” Jack encourages.

Bitty does, pulling it out in wonder.

“Wow, Jack. It’s…” He gives it a shake. “Is that us?”

“Yeah.” Jack nods. “I had it custom made by one of Lardo’s friends. They said–”

This time, Bitty cuts Jack off with a kiss. “I love it.”

He looks at the snow globe, with the miniature glass work Jack and Bitty inside, kissing on an icy pond, surrounded by falling snow.

Jack throws an arm around Bitty’s shoulders and pulls him in. He kisses the top of Bitty’s head, and whispers, “Happy Birthday.”

It’s after midnight now, but Bitty’s not going to point that out.

Master List
  • Key
    • Angst = a
    • Fluff= f

Text Series

  • BTS
    • Rap Monster
    • Jin
        • Coming soon
    • Suga
    • Jhope
    • Jimin
    • V
    • Jungkook

  • Jay Park

  • Aaron Yan

  • Bii

  • Mike D’Angelo

Scenario Based Texts

    • G Dragon
    • T.O.P
    • Taeyang
    • Daesung
      • CAKE FANBOY : f
        • Daesung has developed a crush on a popular baker.
    • Seungri

  • VIXX
    • N
        • N has trouble announcing his feelings to the reader, until the others start teasing him.
      • OUT OF MY LEAGUE : f
        • Both N and his girlfriend don’t think they are good enough for the other.
      • HOW COULD YOU : f
        • N can’t help but feel betrayed when Ken starts swerving into his girlfriend’s bias. 
    • Leo
    • Ken
    • Ravi
      • BABY RAPPER : f
        • Ravi goes through your phone and makes some interesting discoveries.
    • Hongbin
        • Hongbin meets (Y/N) at a convention and would really like to take her on a date.
        • Hongbin becomes jealous when you show off your Overwatch skills to Hyuk.
    • Hyuk
      • GAMING TEXTS : f
        • (Y/N) is so excited about the new Switch that she’s ready to set it up without Hyuk.
        • After a horrible day all you want is to sit and exist and Hyuk’s down for that.  
    • Poly!
      • Kenshik
        • WILD TALE : f
          • (Y/N) is hurt and Ken and Ravi aren’t pleased with how she handled it.
        • DOUBLE IDEAL TYPE : f
          • Ken and Ravi accidentally reveal that (Y/N) is their ideal type.
        • FIRST TIME : f
          • Ken and Ravi tease (Y/N) about their first time.
        • SAVE POINT : f
          • (Y/N) becomes obsessive over a game so Ken and Ravi step in.
      • Rabin
        • CHEATING TROUBLE : a
          • Ravi and Hongbin accuse you of cheating after Hakyeon sees you with another man.
    • All Members

  • BTS
    • Rap Monster
      • ABOUT LAST NIGHT : f
        • After a one night stand, Namjoon becomes unresponsive to your attempts to get a hold of him. 
    • Jin
    • Suga
    • JHope
    • Jimin
    • V
      • RED STRINGS : f
        • Tae gets soul searchy about fate and soul mates.
    • Jungkook

  • GOT7
    • JB
    • Mark
    • Jackson
    • Jinyoung
    • Youngjae
    • BamBam
      • DAB SENSES : f
        • BamBam senses that you had a bad day.
        • After a fight, BamBam takes the first plane he can get home, just to give you a personal apology. 
    • Yugyeom

  • K.A.R.D
    • J.Seph
    • BM
    • Somin
    • Jiwoo
      • FIRST : f
        • Jiwoo is delighted to find out that she is your first girlfriend.

  • SHINee
    • Onew
    • Jonghyun
    • Key
    • Minho
        • Minho is hesitant to let you go on a business trip to work with youth criminals.
    • Taemin

  • Bii

  • Mike D’Angelo

Reaction Based Texts

    • None Yet

  • SHINee
Pity Party (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader) *Epilogue*

Originally posted by clinatasha

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Requested?: BY A LOT OF YOU

Prompt: The aftermath of “Pity Party

Words: 1500+

Warnings: Fluff!

Masterlist // Part One



“H-Hey, (Y/N)! It’s Alexander… Er, Hamilton, if you had forgotten. It’s been a couple of days since you left and I know I’ve said it before but I’m so sorry for forgetting your birthday. I know the guys and I have been calling you non-stop but it’s because we care about you! I’ve been working on my novel like I told you I would. It’s been a slow process but I’ve managed to finish the first ten chapters! Only twelve more to go and I’ll be done! …. (Y/N), my darling, we still love you so much. Please call me back soon and please come home! I’ll call you as soon as I can. Have a good day, my love. Bye.




"Mon Amour! It is I, your favorite Frenchman! The boys and I are very worried about you, especially Alexander. Poor thing, always worrying if you’re dead or found someone else. Well, you kinda did get married to the most clingy one out of all of us. He hasn’t been eating that much as of late because he’s always worrying about you and his novel. Herc has been working on a dress for you too, Mon Amour. It’s pale blue and white, your favorite colors! John has been painting a lot lately too, mainly portraits of you. I’ve been writing more songs. But they really aren’t as good as the ones you write… (Y/N), please come home. We miss you so much and we are all so sorry for forgetting your birthday. Work has been hell, as you could tell. Please call me when you can, okay? Je t’aime, mon angel. Adieu.




"Hey, baby girl! It’s Laurens. Hehe, how have you been, beautiful? It’s been a few days since I saw your pretty face. You’re not still mad about your birthday, right? I’ve already sent at least twenty voicemails apologizing. Alex sent about forty. You know how he gets. So, I had been painting more. Remember that art gallery who wanted a piece of mine to display? They loved this one portrait I did last Wednesday and accepted it! It was a portrait of you back when you used to be a ballerina in high school. I painted it by memory. … Um, you know we love you, right? We are really sorry for forgetting your birthday. I had a present planned out and I might be able to finish it soon! I’ll call you when I’m done, okay? I gotta go. I’m expecting a phone call from the gallery so they can display another piece. Love you, baby girl! Bye!”




“Hey, (Y/N). If you can’t tell from my voice, it’s Hercules. You’re probably at work right now and don’t want to hear from us but please call me when you can. We miss you, and Alex is falling apart because he’s worried about you. I’ve been working on a birthday present for you for the past few weeks and I finally finished it! It’s that blue and white dress you told me you would wear. I need to wrap it up for you when you get home. … You are coming home, right? Please come home, (Y/N). Call me when you get this! I have to go now. Love you!”



You stared into your cup of coffee with such concentration. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, four days after your birthday. You’ve been staying at Eliza’s apartment (that was three floors up from your apartment) since you left the apartment you shared with your husband and three boyfriends (blame John for your drunken marriage to Alexander four years ago in Vegas). You stopped being mad the morning after you left and now you didn’t want to face them. You felt so stupid about being upset over something you couldn’t change. Alexander was a best-selling author, Lafayette was a really popular singer, John was a popular artist, Hercules was a fashion designer who worked with popular New York brands, and you were a full-time nurse who worked ten to fifteen hours a day, five days a week. Of course, you were going to be busy all week. The only days you got to see your boys were weekends and they were usually working while you slept. But at least you got to see them. You were stressed most of the time that you did forget a birthday or an anniversary a couple of times. You were being a hypocrite.


You looked up to see Eliza strolling over to you, a worried look on her soft features. She has been worried about you since you got here as a crying mess. You’ve been working more hours these past few days and you constantly ignored your lovers and spent most mornings in bed. You haven’t been that motivated lately. Eliza and her sisters had to force you to get out of bed for work lately. There was probably something wrong with you. 

“You haven’t been yourself lately,” Eliza said as she sat down next to you. “(Y/N), you need to talk to them.”

You shook your head. “They probably don’t want to talk to me.”

“Bullshit, (Y/N)!” Eliza cried, causing you to look at her with wide eyes. “Those boys have been calling you non-stop since you left! Those voicemails, they are pleading you to go back home and they’re apologizing over and over. Alexander is crying in most of them too! You must be deaf to not hear how much they love you and want to back home.”

The moment Eliza stopped talking, your phone began to ring and vibrate. It was Alexander. You stared at the phone as it rang, Alexander’s ringtone (which was a recording of him singing “You Are My Sunshine” by Johnny Cash) filling the air. Eliza picked up your phone and put it in your hand. 

“Answer it, dear,” Eliza said as she smiled at you. “You need to talk to him.”

You nodded and accepted the call, pulling the phone to your ear. “Hey, Alex.” 

You heard him gasp and let out a sound of surprise. “(Y/N)! My love, you answered!” 

You nodded, a smile subconsciously forming on your face. “Hey, can you come pick me up?”

“Why? Did something happen? Don’t you have work today?”

You shrugged. “I took today off. I’m ready to come home.”

Alexander chuckled. “Y-Yeah! I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

You nodded before hanging up. You went into the guest room you were staying in and collected your nurse scrubs, bag, and coat. You ran a hand through your messy hair and almost jumped out of your skin when the doorbell rang and feverish knocking came from the door. Eliza saw you holding your stuff and smiled at you.

“You can keep those.” She said, motioning to the tank top and sweatpants you wore. She walked over and opened the door, standing out of the way so Alexander could have a clear view of you. 

He was a mess. Alexander’s hair was more messy and unkempt than usual. His clothes were wrinkled and the dark circles under his eyes were turning black. His goatee was growing into a beard. His eyes were bloodshot. 

“You look like shit, Alex.” You said, breaking the silence. 

Alexander strolled over to you and pulled you into a bear hug. He held you as whimpers left his lips. You hugged back as you buried your face in his shoulder. You heard footsteps and looked up, seeing the rest of the Hamilsquad come rushing into the room and joining the group hug. You stood still and held onto the boys for what felt like forever. You didn’t want to let go. You missed their touches and scents so much. You regret leaving over something so stupid like a day of the year. There’ll be more birthdays to remember. There’ll be more important things to get angry about. This isn’t one of them. This shouldn’t have gotten to you. You felt so stupid. 

But, everything was okay now. You had your boys. You had them, and they had you. You could go home and open their late presents and eat ice cream until your sick. You can have a Disney marathon and play Mario Kart until your fingers were numb. You can fall asleep in the arms of the men you loved. That’s all you wanted. That’s all you need.

And that’s what you’re getting.

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The Blue Stick Part 10

Pairing: Steve x reader  

Warning: Swearing. Pregnancy.

(Remember to always have protected sex people!!)    

A/N: It’s been great writing this story, and I’m sad to see it come to an end. Now to move on to the next one.

(Y/N) your name
(Y/H/C) your hair color  
(Y/F/F) your favorite flowers

**Russian Terms:
Nemnogo lyubvi (Little Love)
Rebenok (The baby)
devushka (Girl)

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Steve’s standing in the kitchen talking softly, grinning at the blonde, curly haired, girl in his arms. She is wearing her typical pink dress talking back to him, though he doesn’t understand what she is saying he agrees with her, nodding along, smiling at her, asks her to tell him more. She grins in delight and continues her story waving her hands around her head tilting from one side to the other. 

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‘she’s mine’

a/n: so I’m not 100% about this, especially the ending but I hope you guys like this. Trying to get better at updating. Much love.
also thinking about possibly starting a fanfic once I get all these imagines caught up…yes? no?


I had just finished my hair and makeup and was checking it all over in the mirror when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“damn Ma, you sure we gotta go out tonight?” Sammy asked, his voice husky in my ear. I smiled and turned around to face him.

“yes Samuel. It’s my brother, and also your best friends, birthday.” I replied.

“can’t we just celebrate with him tomorrow baby?” Sammy whined, his lips on my neck now.

“Sammy, we can have sex tomorrow, tonight’s Nate’s birthday.” I replied, managing to control my little whimpers from him sucking on my neck.

“tomorrow!?” he asked, eyes wide.

“When we get home Sammy. But we really need to go.”

“but babe, you just look so good, I just don’t want every guy all over you.” He sighed.

“well that’s gonna be hard when I’m gonna be all over you.” I smiled, only to be returned with Sammy’s lips on mine briefly.

“I love you Ma, let’s go.”

Sammy always got worried when we went out that some guy would come in and sweep me off my feet and steal me from Sammy. Sammy doesn’t realize, even after 3 years in a relationship, that I didn’t want any other guy. I was just all about Sammy.

Yeah it was cute that he got all worried about losing me and it was also hot as hell when he got jealous. Sammy and I trusted each other, which is why when we would go out, we wouldn’t be attached on the hip the whole entire time. He’d let me go out and dance and go get drinks. But there were times he would come find me at the bar and some guy would be a little too close or be a little to friendly. He would get mad that they were flirting, and I just let Sammy do his thing, cause I really couldn’t say anything.

It took Sammy two years of relentless flirting for me to finally ask him one day ‘did you just flirt with me’ only to get him to reply with a small chuckle and ‘I have been for the past two years, but thanks for noticing’ for us to really start our relationship. And here we are 3 years later, happy as ever. I’ve also gotten better at this whole flirting thing, and telling when Sammy was being flirty, but everyone else I was just so clueless.

We pulled up to the club, getting out of the car and immediately being mobbed with paps. Pros of having such a well-known brother, and boyfriend. We smiled and posed for a few pictures before finally entering the club. Instantly hit with the smell of weed and alcohol, and the lovely smell of sex.

Sammy grabbed my hand and we made our way through the crowd to the vip section specifically for Nate, Swazz, Sammy, Johnson, G, Madison, Emily and I. Only arriving to find G, Madison and Johnson.

“what’s up guys.” Sammy smiled, releasing my hand as he went and bro hugged Johnson and G while I said hi to Madison, immediately getting into a conversation.

“oh my god, (y/n) you look hot as fuck tonight.” Madison smiled.

“me? Look at you? You literally look like a goddess.” I complimented back.

Madison and I were pretty close, and she came to me a lot whenever her and G had problems, or fans started causing problems. She was like my little sister.

“Yeah, but you’re definitely getting laid tonight.” Madison said, causing both of us to burst out into laughter. Sammy and I didn’t hide our sex life at all. At this point pretty much everyone knew when we had sex, when we were going to have sex, everything.

“but I mean, G can’t keep his eyes off you, so I won’t be the only one getting lucky tonight.” I winked, causing Madison to flush a little.

“anyway.” Madison giggled out, sipping her drink, “you need to catch up, and I need another drink.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“let’s go get you caught up then.”

Madison and I stood up, telling the boys we were going to get some drinks, and eventually come back, but only to get the guys out to dance.

We were at the bar and I just had 5 shots of tequila in a row, trying desperately to catch up to Madison, and at this point, my head feeling dizzy, I think I was there. I ordered a mixed drink, along with Madison and we headed back to the vip area to find Sammy and G gone, but Nate was there with Swazz and everyone.

“Happy Birthday lil bro.” I giggled, stumbling over to him and giving him a hug.

“god, you’ve always been a lightweight, but thanks.” Nate laughed, hugging me.

Madison and I stayed and talked a bit longer, catching up with everyone, but I was hoping Sammy would come back. When I got drunk, I got horny too. Well, Sammy always made me feel horny, but when I was drunk I was the ‘bend me over the table and fuck me until I can’t walk’ horny, not the normal ‘hey you’re hot and you’re good at sex and I like you a lot, let’s have sex’ horny if that makes sense.

“OHMIGOD” Madison screamed, over the thumping music, “this is my favorite song, can we go dance?”

“hell yeah, let’s go.” I cheered, waving to everyone and heading down by the dj, the man himself Dillon Rupp. Madison and I started dancing, pulling our best moves. We started facing each other, just having the best time swaying to the music, and then, it being one of Dillon’s mixes, it switched, which made me start grinding on Madison.

Of course though, we just couldn’t enjoy ourselves. And it’s not because our boyfriends weren’t there, it was because every time we went out, there were drunk guys who just didn’t get what the word ‘no’ meant.

“hey baby.” The tall lanky blonde breathed in my ear, wrapping his hands around my waist, since his friend had taken away Madison, who looked a little uncomfortable.

“I have a boyfriend.” I muttered, trying not to move, but the guys grip was just so strong, he basically was moving me.

“it’s just one dance baby.” He smiled a toothy grin at me.

“yeah b-“

“I don’t see him anywhere? It’s fine.”

I rolled my eyes, allowing him one dance. I knew Sammy would be pissed, but he knew I would never do anything. And I knew when he heard everything I said, and the guys actions, he wouldn’t be pissed at me, just at this asshole, and himself, for not being with me the whole night.

When the song finished, I pried out of his grip and grabbed Mads hand and started to walk away. Making it to vip section to find no one Madison and I just sat and ranted about those guys. Guys are always so sleazy, and I hated going out like this. And I just wanted Sammy, not seeing my boyfriend in like 2 hours since we’ve got here.

“hey, I’m gonna go get some drinks and I’ll be back.” I smiled and Madison nodded, pulling out her phone, no doubt texting G.

When I got to the bar it took a while before I could make it up to the counter to actually order. I asked for just a bottle of sour apple vodka, and then another thing of tequila. I was waiting for the drinks when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“hey baby.” Said the same voice from earlier, and I rolled my eyes, turning around to face him.

“please leave me alone.” I sighed.

“baby, why don’t you and I get outta here.” He slurred, leaning in and he started kissing my neck. I was appalled by his actions, and also the fact that no one around wanted to step in and help a girl. I pushed him back a bit.

“I told you, I have a boyfriend.” I said, more stern, any buzz I had, fading away as my anger and disgust started to sober me up.

“well I don-“ he started but was cut off when he was pushed out of the way, and I was wrapped up in someone else’s arms, their lips immediately meeting mine. I smiled as I felt their hand go down to my ass, giving it a little squeeze.

“she’s mine.” Sammy said, wrapping his hand around my waist and pulling me into him. “and I’d appreciate if you left my girl alone.” He finished.

We started to walk away, but Sammy was yanked back.

“hey” the same guy now yelled as Sammy faced him. The guy went and threw a punch, striking Sammy in the left eye, causing him to stumble back. Quick to compose himself, Sammy was up and threw a punch, hitting the lanky guy square in the eye, and then another punch, hitting him in the mouth.

Soon it was an all out fist fight in the middle of the club, people forming a circle, recording it as I tried to break it up. Terrible idea (y/n) really. Because I managed to pull Sammy back off the guy, and I turned to tell him to leave and he ended up punching me on the side of my face, causing me to be thrown to the floor. And unlike the guys, I’d never been in a fight, or punched by a guy, so it fucking hurt like a bitch.

I was surrounded by Johnson, G and Madison who helped me up and I saw Sammy, who was destroying the drunk. He was on the floor punching the guy over and over in the face while Nate, Derek and Swazz tried to pull him off.

Finally managing to get him off the guy, Nate helped the other guy up and helped him find the exit. Once the excitement died down, everyone went back to partying except us. Johnson was running his thumb over my cheek, checking it, and I kept flinching, cause like I said, it hurt like a bitch.

Sammy ran over and, as politely as he could, shoved everyone out of the way, and gently held my chin, turning my head to look at my swelling cheek.

“babygirl” he sighed “I’m so sorry, we gotta get you home and get this taken care of.”

“me? Sammy it’s just a little bruise, ice will fix it, we gotta get you all cleaned up.” I said, noticing the several cuts he had on his face.

“oh, does this mean we’re going home and you’re gonna be my doctor” he smirked, his hands finding my hips, as he got closer to my face.

“Sammy” I warned, as our friends were all around.

“you promised me sex when we got home.” Sammy whined, causing me to laugh as I gently met his lips, pulling back and smiling at him.

“yeah okay, let’s get you cleaned up first though lover boy.” I said, and with that we said our goodbyes and headed home, for what would hopefully be, a great night.

Life lessons, chapter 7 (the end!)

Fluffy fluffy fluff. I can’t write smut, I admire anyone who can. You’ll just have to use your imaginations. ;) Or feel free to write the smut yourselves!

I’m not happy with this :( (I never am). The fact I could write a complete miserable fic two days ago in an afternoon but I’ve agonised over this for ages says a lot about the state of my life… So, sorry it’s rubbish. I’m going to stick to writing angst after this I think. Sorry.

Life Lessons masterlist

Imagine finding this, drunk, on your doorstep <3

So that was it of course, you got your happy ending and sailed off into the sun on a sea of sex and happiness. The end.

Or, not.

Sebastian stayed for dinner, and you didn’t even try to pretend that fish fingers and beans was a culinary masterpiece, but that was what Isabel wanted. He sat and read the paper downstairs while you put Isabel to bed and it all felt enticingly, terrifyingly, domestic.

When you came back down, you poured two glasses of wine and sat down together on the sofa.  You both started talking at once, then both stopped, laughing.  You sipped your wine, feeling self-conscious now you were alone and not separated by a text message.

Sebastian leaned closer and kissed you, gently, on the lips.

“So there’s a problem, I think.” Oh god. He was married. Had kids? Two months to live? Was gay? Or just didn’t like you? You gulped down another mouthful of wine then coughed as it went down the wrong way.

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Quiet as a Mouse - Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,586

Summary: Jensen and his girlfriend are on a break so he’s in a bad mood. His sister drags him out shopping where he meets the reader. She ends up being someone Jensen doesn’t expect.

“Is this really necessary?” Jensen whines as he puts his sunglasses on.

“Yes!” Mackenzie says already tired of his shitty attitude.

“You’re one of my favorite people…but for the love of all things holy…shut up!”

Jensen rolls his eyes and mutters under his breath. He is not a happy camper right now. The last thing he wants to do is go shopping with his sister.

“I didn’t come home to go shopping for girly shit, ya know.”

“It’s mom’s birthday, dude! Stop being selfish.” She says shaking her head.

Jensen knows she’s right but lately he’s had a dark cloud over his head and it seems like it’s not going away anytime soon.

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mine (jimin) pt.1

halloween series

warnings: werewolf!bts, maybe some language along the way

in which you find your mate~ but things aren’t always as easy as they sound. 

includes lots of possessive jimin and werewolf bts  

as you all know by now i suck at titles lmao but yeah

=“mine” (jimin)

18th birthday. Such a joy, right? You’d finally find your mate, and you’d live happy ever after, without any worries. Not so much when that person turning eighteen was you. You were the black sheep of your pack, and no one would really want to be your mate anyways. The mating progress was a dream, a fairytale to you and you only hoped that when you’d find your mate, they’d be nice to you. There was also this small voice hoping that your mate wasn’t one of the wolves from your pack. Not that there was anything wrong with your pack, they just weren’t… The nicest pack around.

“You’ll love having a mate. I swear, they’re the best.” your one and only friend Emmy tried to comfort you, but it only made you feel a little sadder, because you somehow knew your mate wouldn’t be very accepted. Emmy and you were the two weird one’s out in the pack, yet Emmy had this kind of feeling… She gave off a very relaxing feeling. It made everyone at ease, including you. Emmy was lucky enough to have a mate from a different pack- you’d met him once, his name was Seokjin. A sweet, sweet guy. He was a little older than Emmy, who just turned nineteen, but you knew he cared for her like she was his world~ and Emmy was right. That was something you wanted to have too.

“Jin invited you over to come to dinner with us, again. You know you’ll have to come one day, right?” Emmy asked you, and you nodded, trying to change the topic immediately. Jin was from one of the strongest packs around, and you weren’t going to lie, the idea of being at dinner with the two of them and possibly some of his pack members too, it scared you a little. Seokjin was the alpha’s best friend, among five other guys from which one was the beta. You’d heard stories about the alpha~ he was only twenty, but already feared by many. He became the alpha at such a young age since his parents disappeared, you could only imagine what that’d do to you as a young kid. You felt for the guy, really. But the thought of him still had your legs shaking.

“Earth to Y/N?” Emmy waved her hand in front of your face, and you were taken aback a little. “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking…” you trailed off, trying to pay attention to whatever Emmy was talking about now. “So is that a yes?” she questioned, and you raised an eyebrow at her, “yes?” you didn’t know what she was talking about, but Emmy let out a grin, “finally! So dinner is on saturday. Yes, saturday as in tomorrow. Wear something nice. It won’t be just the three of us. Jin invited his other friends too, including the alpha, so if you’re lucky you’ll get to meet the talk of the town…” Emmy started to talk about the alpha and your thoughts drifted off. What if your mate was in a different pack than your own? Would your parents let you go that easily? They didn’t really like you that much, so maybe they would.. If you were lucky, just like Emmy, you’d get to leave.

“But Emmy, I don’t want to go to that dinner, I’m sorry, but-“ you tried getting out of it but it was too late. Emmy shot you that, “if you finish your sentence, ill kill you” look. You decided to shut up and prepare yourself for the worst. You’d have to dress nicely, Emmy said, because you were maybe going to meet the goddamn alpha. “Emmy, don’t you think my rank is a little too low to be meeting the alpha like that? And I’m not even of his pack…” you unconsciously started tapping the table with your fingers, something you always did when you were nervous. “Well, I am part of his pack now and Jin told me he wanted to come himself to take some time off. You act like the guy’s a freaking vampire, Y/N. He’s really sweet, actually. But he’s also just really tough.” Emmy tried to reassure you and you were going to trust her on this one. “Alright. But I’ll leave the second I don’t like it anymore, okay?” you at least deserved that, right? “Like you’ll have the balls to do that. You’re too shy for that, Y/N, we both know that.” Emmy giggled and you rolled your eyes at her, “anyways, I have to go now. It’s getting late. Besides, I promised my parents I’d be home before twelve. It’s literally almost twelve.” you suddenly realized the time and you were already on your feet to grab your backpack.

Emmy frowned at you as she followed behind you, “you have to get home? Are you sure you can’t stay over? I mean, it’s indeed almost midnight, and you know the creepy wolves come out by midnight. It’s your birthday, I’m sure you can…-“ this time, you cut Emmy off by waving your hand in front of her face, “no, no. It’s alright. I can handle myself. I’m eighteen now, remember? Thanks for making this birthday a little more bearable.” you thanked Emmy with a smile and she nodded at you, “alright then. Well, get home safe. Remember to avoid any creepy looking things.” You opened the front door and stepped out into the chilly wind, “bye Emmy, see you tomorrow then, I guess.” you blew her a kiss and you turned around, walking a little fast. You heard Emmy faintly yell goodbye back at you, but you were too busy focusing on the sounds you heard to really notice.

Since Emmy was now part of Jin’s pack, she also lived in their territory. You being part of another pack, you were basically not allowed to cross unless you had permission. In this case, you did, but if you did walk into someone from their pack, how would they know Emmy allowed you to stay? You tried to be optimistic, but these were always thoughts that’d cross your mind at midnight. The heels of your boots made clicking sounds on the street, and you stopped in your tracks when you heard two voices coming closer to you. “It does smell a little weird here, we should check it out.” the person sounded like they were half asleep, but you still knew it’d be handier for you to just go through the woods.

You went straight off the pad, and you let out a relieved breath, happy that Emmy literally lived on the edge of her pack’s territory, so it shouldn’t be long before you were surely safe again. You pulled your hoodie over your head, covering up your hair and forehead. It was a little bit colder in the woods, and a lot wetter too. Sure, it just had to rain the day before. Your wolf huffed at you, she told you it wasn’t smart that you came through the woods. You wanted to agree with her, mainly because A. it was a little dark to be really certain of where you were going and B. you could definitely hear leaves crunching behind you. Maybe it was just your imagination, or maybe it was just an animal, hell, it could’ve just been the wind but you were pretty sure that you weren’t alone in here.

You brought up your pace and started humming one of your favorite songs in your head, trying to calm yourself. You were doing a great job at it, and soon you forgot you ever worried as you were happily dancing to yourself. You knew you were close to your pack’s territory, you could feel it. Sadly, luck wasn’t always at your side, and that showed when you heard a low growl coming from behind you. You stopped, your heart suddenly beating a lot faster and it took all of you to keep yourself from finishing the sentence you were singing. You hated not finishing something, and your insides were tingling.

“Yah, eh, you out there… Would you kindly not kill me?” you muttered, looking around you, the flashlight of your phone not being much of a help. You knew that whatever was here with you, it wasn’t human neither was it in it’s human form. Your wolf was ready to burst out if there was something here, and try to protect you. You weren’t the strongest wolf out there, but hopefully you were strong enough to save your ass and train more. You heard another growl, this time way too close and you felt the hairs on your neck standing straight as you finally found the culprit behind the sounds.

On the ground, not too far away from you, was a bright red coloured wolf. You weren’t sure if it was a rogue, or if it was a pack member. You let out a breathy laugh as you held your hands in front of you, taking a small step back. “N-no worries, I won’t hurt you. I’m- I was just about to go, actually, I didn’t… I didn’t mean to trespass. I have permission.” you mixed up your words and you just knew you were dead. You took another step back, and ended up against something that felt like a tree. The wolf suddenly seemed to coward away, and with a low snarl, it turned around to run.

“Thank you, dear lord-“ you started off, thinking you were safe until you realized that the tree behind you, definitely wasn’t a tree- something very human. Something very alive. You froze against the person, knowing they were the reason the other wolf scurried off. “What shall be your reason for trespassing? Who gave you permission to come onto our territory?” the person spoke up, obviously a boy now. You turned around, looking straight into a pair of eyes. “Eh, yah, my friend gave me permission, she- she lives right around the corner.” you tried to smile but you were sure that you looked terrified. Another voice confirmed that for you. “Taehyung, leave her alone. She looks like she’s about to crap her pants.” a voice that sounded like pure heaven spoke from behind the boy that you thought were a tree, and you squinted your eyes, trying to find the body that fit this angelic sound.

“Jimin-ah, we had problems with rogues before. Even though the other wolf was just a pack member, the girl might as well be lying. We don’t know.” the tree-person, now known to be Taehyung spoke with an annoyed voice when the angelic voice spoke again, “Taehyung! Don’t disrespect me like that, I’m your hyung. Go back to the pack house, I’ll deal with her.” his voice sent shivers down your spine, and you bit your lip, trying to calm yourself. “Alright, hyung. Only this once.” Taehyung huffed before looking back at you, “why are you so special? You should’ve been dead by now.” and his words confused you till the end, but before you could ask why, he was long gone.

The person with the angelic voice stepped forward, and you tried your best not to let your jaw drop, because even with the slightest bit of light, you knew this person was a drop dead, gorgeous creature. Your eyes fell into his, and his look seemed to soften and you felt your wolf squeal, ‘mate’. Your eyes widened, and you were 100% sure the guy, Jimin, was whispered the exact same thing by his wolf because within a second, he was right next to you. “You, what’s your name?” he lowly spoke, his hand on your wrist, keeping you from running away. “Uhm, excuse me sir, but would you kindly let go of my wrist? That’s none of your business.” you tried to make your voice sound strong as you ripped your hand away from him, making him raise his eyebrows at you. “Really? You want to speak informal to me?” Jimin seemed amused, and you shot him a glare, “I’m pretty sure ‘sir’ is formal. In english vocabulary it is. Why should I speak formal to you, anyways?” you curiously questioned him, but you reminded yourself to leave as soon as you had your answers.

You had to force yourself from looking anywhere but his perfect face as he took another step closer to you, only making you step backwards again. “Well, you aren’t in your own territory. I might as well kill you just now. Actually, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t.” he playfully replied, and you knew he wanted you to say that you were his mate. Males seemed to enjoy to hear that their mate is theirs, but you weren’t going to give this guy the satisfactory. You didn’t know why, you knew you wanted a mate more than anything, but something seemed not right about this person. “There is none. You’re totally right. Why haven’t you killed me yet? I’m still waiting.” you bit your lip as you saw his eyes darken, all playfulness gone. “Why haven’t I…-“ “too late. Goodbye, Jimin.” you cut him off, your heart beating loudly as you ran, ran over the border back into your own pack’s territory. You were lucky that you were so close to it, you knew Jimin wouldn’t follow you now.

As soon as you knew you were safe, you rested against a tree, a real tree this time. Taking time to catch your breath, you thought back about what just happened. This Jimin person, no, your mate, you’d just left him behind. This might’ve just been the worst decision of your life, but something told you that this wasn’t going to be the last time you’d see him. “Jimin… Where have I heard that name before?” you whispered to yourself, shaking your head. You stood up straight, continuing to walk back to your house as if nothing even happened. Truth was, your life changed a lot in those small moments just now. You knew it too, you just weren’t willing to accept it just yet.

// end of pt.1 //

not really sure how to feel about this, but well, i said there was gonna be a special halloween series… so here it is. please tell me if you like it. i might not continue if no ones excited aha but well, just wanted to give it a try. 


This week will be better. This is how it started and I promise myself this feeling will stay. I won’t complain when someone rubs in my face that they have more money than me. I won’t try to rush through this time of my life waiting for the future to bring me whatever I think I need. I will scrapbook my boyfriend’s birthday present, sleep in his car and get up for sunrise for our weekend date, love him love him love him, shower him with kisses and give him everything I can without having any money. Cause today on the car ride home when we were fighting over when he was going to finish college he reminded me that his sweet heart wasn’t built to last as long as mine. And I was holding his hand and wanting him to be alive forever, but when your boyfriend has heart failure you simply cannot focus on the future. He’s here with me now, he’s here with me now.

anonymous asked: 'bout a INTJ, INFP, INFJ, INTP and ENFP squad?

Hmmm… Lots of Ns. This one’s quite a journey so buckle down and grab some popcorn!

It’s INTP’s birthday and ENFP is hosting it at her and INFJs house. They’ve invited all of INTPs friends. INFP is bringing their mom’s homemade cheesecake while ENFP has been slaving in the kitchen making INTP’s favorite meal: shrimp stir-fry.

INFJ: ENFP can I come in the kitchen yet??
ENFP: No because I want you to be wowed when I bring it out and you see how amazing it looks.
INFJ: Well aren’t we confident today. So when is everyone getting here?
ENFP: Around 7:00.
INFJ: Just make sure to be considerate of what INTP wants tonight, okay? I know you’re excited but it’s their special day.
ENFP: Yeah I know. I just can’t believe she’s never had a proper birthday party before. It makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it.
INFJ: Well I’m worried that I wasn’t involved enough in the planning of this, it may be a disaster.
ENFP: What do you mean??
INFJ: Its nothing.
*doorbell rings*
ENFP: OMG THEY’RE HERE *skips to the door*
INTJ: Hey ENFP, I found a cat in your yard.
ENFP: A cat??? That’s awesome. I’m a little busy right now to be worrying about a cat though so I think we should probably keep it outside in case it pees on stuff.
INTJ: It’s a female. It won’t mark territory. Let me bring it inside. I’m going to keep it.
ENFP: *disregards INTJs abruptness* …Okay… Just watch it please.
INTJ: K. Is INTP here yet?
ENFP: No I made it so everyone else would be here first. INFP texted me saying they’ll be here any minute.
INTJ: That may not have been the best idea.
ENFP: What?
INTJ: We’ll just have to see.
ENFP: You and INFJ are both so annoying with your secrets and your mumbling. I’m onto you.
INTJ: Mhm sure. *goes back outside and brings in a cute but underfed calico cat*
INFJ: Is that a *squeals*
INFJ: *steals cat* *cat immediately starts purring*
INTJ: What the hell is wrong with this cat? They’re supposed to like a more aloof approach, certainly not squealing. Stop hijacking everything I love.
INFJ: I can’t help it. I think I emit some kind of pheromone that just attracts cats. It’s always like this.
INTJ: *sits down on the couch sulking*
*doorbell rings again*
ENFP: There’s INFP!
*INFP lets themselves in*
INFP: Hey everybody. I brought the cake.
ENFP: I’m so pumped to see the look on INTPs face once I set everything up. I wish it could’ve been a surprise party but INFJ wouldn’t let me.
INFJ: *being cuddled/strangled by the cat*
Look, INTP isn’t much for surprises. She doesn’t like being overwhelmed. I’m worried about how she’ll react being the center of attention tonight.
ENFP: You’re always worried. It’ll be great. INTP loves stir fry and has said on more than one occasion that she wanted to try some of INFPs moms famous cheesecake. She cares about everyone in this room. I have a surprise after we eat. It’s going to be amazing. I’ve thought it all through so zip it with the negativity.
INFJ: *sighs* Okay. I’m sorry. I just feel like I understand INTP a little better, that’s all.
ENFP: *trying to calm down* All I’m saying is she’s my friend too. Anyway, help me set the table.
INTJ: INFJ should help you and give me the cat to watch.
INFJ: *rolls eyes and hands cat over* *the cat is asleep and doesn’t wake when put on INTJs lap*
INFP: It’ll be good, ENFP. As long as we don’t put too much pressure on her everything will be fine.
ENFP: INFP I love you so much thank you!! *hugs*
*a few minutes pass and the doorbell rings*
INFJ: I’ll get it. *walks up and opens the door for INTP.
ENFP: *comes barreling in from the kitchen*
Happy birthday INTP!!!!!!!
*Everyone enters the room*
INTJ: Happy birthday buddy. *pats her on the back.* Can I go home now?
ENFP: No you cannot go home.
INTJ: It was a joke… for the most part.
INFP: INTP are you okay?
*INTP is sweaty and her eyes are red*
INTP: This is really weird. I feel groggy. I think it may be an allergic reaction.
ENFP: OH MY GOSH ARE YOU SERIOUS!?? What are you allergic to?
INTP: Cats. Maybe there’s one outside.
ENFP: *slowly turns to INTJ*
INTJ: Oh. Yeah. Um… I’ll put the cat in your room, INFJ.
INFJ: Whatever.
ENFP: INTP I’m so sorry. *hugs*
INTP: ENFP please get off me I’m feeling dizzy.
INFP: Really, all from that cat?
INTP: I suppose.
*they eat dinner and INTP seems a little flustered but becomes more at ease over time.*
INFJ: The cake was amazing, INFP.
INFP: It was worth getting back in touch with my mom just for the cake, huh?
ENFP: Absolutely. I have one more thing before tonight is over. Everybody come outside for a minute.
INTJ: *already guesses what’s about to happen*
ENFP: So I don’t know if you guys knew this or not, but tonight’s a lunar eclipse.
INFJ: Wow, really? I had no idea.
ENFP: Here INTP, you can sit in the lawn chair.
*the lunar eclipse occurs. It’s fascinating to watch. INTP seems especially enthralled.*
INTP: This is great. Really great. *looks over at all of her friends watching the sky. ENFP notices and smiles at INTP.*
INTP: ENFP, thank you so much for this. You did a fine job.
ENFP: *blushes* I’m glad you enjoyed it.
INFJ: *Grabs ENFP’s shoulder* I’m sorry I doubted you. I assumed you would go full on self-centered attention seeker, but this turned out nice. I wasn’t sure when the whole cat thing happened, but it was good.
ENFP: Well it’s INTPs birthday. That’s why it was special. I just made sure all of her friends were here and that we showed our love for her from a distance, like all of you were hinting at.
INTJ: *glances at ENFP*
ENFP: Thaaaats right. I’m not stupid. I know INTP was getting overwhelmed when she first got here. I live with INFJ, I know what an introvert is like. I just hope you both learned to have a little faith. :)

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Can you do a SCM where it's mcs birthday and he proposes! Sorry if I'm a bother 😁 Btw it's my birthday so I finally got the nerve to make a request ! Love your blog btw!!

I am sorry for the lateness i bet you are like 10 years older now. But anyway happy belated birthday and here goes!!!!!

Leon: He was sweating, this wasn’t like him, you looked at him with a worried look in your eye. You stopped in front of him and put your hand on his forehead.  “What are you doing?2 He asks. “Checking to see if you have a fever, your all clammy.” You say worriedly. “If you don’t feel up to it we can just go home.” You say. “NO!” He shouts unintentionally. “It’s your birthday and you wanna see the light show at the planetarium” He says grabbing your hand and leading you in. You get into the star gazing room and its empty, you and Leon are the only ones inside. “There’s no one else here.” You say astonished.  Seeing the smile on your face was made it all worthwhile for Leon, now he just had to get over his nerves, as if he was nervous, he laughed at his own stupidity. He lead you over to a blanket set up with a small picnic and sat you down. “Leon did you do all this?” You say smiling as he passes you a drink. “Yes, who else?” He says smugly. You drink the champagne and the lights dim, The show was about to begin, Leon’s heart sank. He laid you both down placing your head on his arm as a cushion. “Wow.” He hears you whisper. He looks your way and waits for the moment. Then it happens, the stars begin to swirl and spell out the words. ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ In the sky above you. YOU GASP AND TURN TO Leon who has produced a beautiful ring. “Seriously?” You say sitting up with tears in your eyes. Leon nods. You begin to cry. “Is that a yes?” Leon asks and you nod. He takes your hands in his and places a light kiss onto your lips then slips the ring on and wipes away your tears. “You are my goddess now and forever.” He says before passionately kissing you.

Scorpio: You were walking hand in hand along the beach, Scorpio swung your arms as you slowly paddled in the cascading waves at the sea shore.  “This is nice.” You say. “The waves, the sunset, it feels like were the only people on the planet.” You smile up at Scorpio and he blushes. “Your smile always makes me blush.” He says. “It’s annoying.” You giggle and carry on walking. In the distance you see a small hut on the beach with candles lit all around it. “What’s going on over there, should we turn back i don’t want to disturb someone’s date.” You say stopping. “No lets go check it out.” Scorpio says lightly dragging you along the beach towards the hut. You reach the hut and Scorpio sweeps back the silk curtain covering the entrance and reveals a beautiful candle lit dinner set up with roses surrounding the dinner table. Your face lights up and Scorpio smiles. “Is this for us?” You say looking up at him excitedly. He nods. You hug him and head over to the table. “Oh it smells so divine!” You say smelling the fresh roses. “Sit down.” Scorpio says pulling your chair out for you. “Dinner will be here shortly.” “Dinner?” You ask, Just then Icthys comes through the curtain holding a bottle of wine acting like a waiter he shows you the bottle. “Very good ma’am.” He says pouring you a glass, he slyly winks at Scorpio. Then he leaves and returns with dinner. “Enjoy.” He says a little giddily making Scorpio scowl at him, he hurries and leaves after that. “Scorpio are you ok you are not eating?” You ask him. “Hmm? Oh yes I am fine.” He says taking your hand. “In fact I am more than fine I have never been so happy. The only thing that would make my life perfect is if you became my wife.” He says out of the blue, your eyes widen. “Are you proposing?” “Yes, ___ will you marry me?” He asks outright and you immediately stand and hug him repeating yes over and over again.  He embraces you and sighs deeply. “Did she say yes?” You hear Icthys say from outside. You laugh at the mischievous god.

Teorus: You and Teorus are walking through the park together taking in all the autumn scenery. The golden leaves falling  from the trees, the slight breeze making your hair wild, the smell of hot chocolate wafting from the vendors by the fountain.  “It’s so perfect here, I love Autumn in the park.” You say and Teorus smiles down at you. You arrive by the duck pond and see a small market has been set up with traditional crafts and toys, seasonal food stalls and a caricature artist. This gives Teorus a brilliant idea for what he had planned on doing today. He drags you over to the artist and asks how much it would be for a portrait of the two of you. “Come on Teorus, I don’t want to be drawn, it’s embarrassing.” You say whining a little.  “Come on ___ it will be fun I promise.” He says and you can’t so no to him and his puppy dog eyes, damn those eyes. You reluctantly sit down and Teorus heads over to pay the guy, you thought you saw him whisper something to him but he came running straight back over. “You ready?” He asks and you sigh as you nod. “I guess so. But if its awful were throwing it away.” “Have some faith in the guy ____” He says putting his arm round you as he looks at the artist. “Smile.” He says to you. You turn and smile. After around 20 minutes the man says he is finished and Teorus heads over quickly and shakes the man’s hand. “Well..” Teorus says turning the painting towards you. You clap your hands over your mouth when you see the picture, The picture is of the both of you with speech bubbles yours is empty but Teorus’s says WILL YOU MARRY ME?” In it, you look at him and the artist who is beaming to have been a part of such a romantic thing. You gesture for the artist to hand you a pen and lean and write in your speech bubble. YES. Teorus is so happy he hands the artist the picture and swoops you up in his arms kissing you passionately.

Dui: He had taken you to the airport that day, you were shocked that this was his surprise, he didn’t even tell you where you were going until you were getting on the plane and saw the screen. “AMERICA!!” You yell in surprise.  He nods and smiles at you as he hands over the boarding passes. “And you are going on a plane, not just magicing us there?” You ask. “Yes sometimes its ice to do human things.” He says. You settle down in your seats and get comfy for the long flight. Eventually you both fall asleep and when you finally awake you are close to landing. “So what part of America are we going too?” You ask. “Florida.” Dui replies and he sees you beam at him. “Disney  world?” You say and he nods at your excitement.  “Oh my god I have always wanted to go to Disney land.” “I know” He says, the captain puts on the seatbelt sign and you prepare for landing. After a few days resting around the pool the day arrives for you to finally go to Disney world. You are practically skipping down main street when you arrive and Dui just smiles at you. “Don’t go getting lost!” He shouts chasing after you. You have the best day of your life, you buy Minnie mouse ears, eat tonnes of ice cream, love all the rides, meet all your fave characters and finally you get to go through the castle.  “Oh my god! It’s happening!” You say stood at the entrance of the castle. Dui takes your hand and subtly nods at the man at the Entrance. You walk in and your favourite Disney song begins to play. “This song is my favourite!” You say and begin to sing along, then Dui stops you and looks in to your eyes. Then all of a sudden he gets down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” He comes straight out with it and you smile at him and cup his face kissing him. “Of course I will.” You say with a smile on your face. Then streamers fall from the ceiling and your favourite Disney princesses come out holding cupcakes and champagne for you and Dui. “CONGRATULATIONS!!” They all say in unison applauding you both. This was the best day of your life.

Hue: He was a man of few words so this was the perfect plan but His hands felt clammy, he couldn’t control his breathing, what was wrong with him? Why was this making him so nervous? He was currently hiding in the cupboard under the stairs waiting for you to return home. When you walk in he had set up a small scavenger hunt for you to follow, leading you to him. He heard the key in the door and swallowed hard thinking to himself, here goes nothing. “Hue!” You shout as you enter the house kicking off your shoes. No answer, then you notice the red ribbon tied to the stair banister leading to the living room, tied to the door handle with a small not attached. You read it aloud. “Where we first kissed is a surprise for you.” You smile and head for the kitchen following the red ribbon again, when you reach the kitchen there is another note. “Our favourite place to cuddle?” You think about it and head towards the bedroom, more red ribbon. “Where we like to unwind?” You head to the bathroom. “Where it all began” You head to the garden and find a huge bunch of roses. “You’re going to need a vase for these.” You say smirking and head to the storage under the stairs, Hue hears your footsteps and begins to panic a little. You open the door slowly and turn on the light, you gasp as Hue is stood in the cupboard in a tux holding a small bow open with another note. “Will you be mine, forever?” You begin to cry. “This is the most romantic thing i have ever seen, even in movies.” You say kissing him. “And of course I will be yours forever, forever and beyond.” He wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your neck as he spins you around. “Thank you.” He whispers kissing you again.

Icthys: This was perfect for him, playful, cheeky, cute. He couldn’t wait to give it to you. He got home and there you were on the sofa reading your new book. “Hey ___!” He shouts out making you turn to look at him. “How about we go on a walk?” He says grinning. “OK, where do you want to go?” You ask. “Anywhere.” He replies, You mark your page and get up putting your shoes on you head out hand in hand with Icthys. “Isn’t this nice?” just us walking along. Not a care in the world.” He says swinging your arms back and forth. You could tell he was up to something, he had that grin on his face. You eyed him suspiciously as you carried on walking. He sat you down on a nearby bench and pulled out a chocolate egg for you both. “Here i got us a surprise egg, we can build the toys together.” He says happily. “I haven’t had one of these in years!!” You says taking the egg and unwrapping it excitedly. you break the egg in half and Icthys does the same and you both begin to eat them. You get to the surprise shell in the middle and excitedly open it, I got a race car!” You say. “What did you get!” you turn to him and his face is pale. “What’s wrong?” You say and he grabs the car from you. “My bad I gave you the boy toy, this one is yours.” He says flustered, thrusting the other surprise case into your hands. “Oh ok.” You say and prise open the shell, you tip it over and drop the ‘toy’ into your hand. You smile brightly and turn to him. “This is..” You say. “An engagement ring.” He says happily. “I want you to be my wife for now and always.” He says getting on one knee in front of you. “____, will you marry me?” He says taking the ring from you, you look down at him and nod and he slides the finger on your finger. “You have made me so happy!” He says embracing you as you cry onto his shoulder.

Forgotten Birthdays (You x EXO Sehun)
Hello! Ah I hope my request makes it haha. I was wondering if I could get a scenario where Sehun forgets your birthday and your not really that upset but he still feels really bad and he does something to make up for it. (Like a surprise party or something haha) Thank you! >u<**************************************************

“Babe, are you sure there’s nothing I can do? You don’t want to go out to dinner or anything?”

“I told you already, Sehun-ah, I'm fine. You were busy. I understand.”



You laugh as your boyfriend Sehun gives you a dejected look, and give him a kiss on the cheek. He’d been begging all morning to do something for you, but you’d been turning him down. 

“Sehun, my birthday was last week.” You remind him. “I’m an adult. I don’t need a birthday party.”

“Are you sure?” Sehun whines. “I could get all the guys together and we could at least do something!”

You shake your head as Sehun persists. Your birthday had been four days ago, while Sehun had been away promoting a drama appearance last minute in Japan. He hadn’t even realized he missed it until some stray birthday cards from your friends had come in the mail this morning and he happened to spot them. He felt terrible now, but there was no changing your mind.

“I promised my mom I’d go over to her house and help her out today. She’s making some side dishes.” You get up from the kitchen table, sitting your cereal bowl in the sink. “I won’t be back until later tonight, okay?”

“Okay.” Sehun sighs. “I think I can keep myself entertained until then." 

You laugh. "I’ll see you later, okay?”


“So how did your birthday go, sweetheart? Did you do anything fun?”

You brush away a few drops of sweat as you sit on your mom’s kitchen floor, slicing potatoes into a big plastic bin. Could it be any hotter in here? “It was fine.” You shrug. “I didn’t really do anything special.” Your mom looks at you in surprise. “Nothing?” She tilts her head. “Didn’t Sehun take out to eat or something?”

“Actually, he kind of…forgot it was my birthday.” You cringe to even admit that out loud. It sounded way worse when you actually said it.

“Really?” Your mom stops cutting radishes and plants a hand on her hip. “He forgot?”

“He didn’t mean to!” You say quickly, coming to your boyfriend’s defense. “He had to go to Japan unexpectedly. I’m not mad at him or anything.”

With that answer, your mom goes back to her work, but you sit there, thinking. You didn’t blame Sehun for missing your birthday, but still, it was a little disappointing. All of your friends had been celebrating birthdays recently, and all of them had gotten to do something special. Some of them had gone to cafes, or out to fancy restaurants or amusement parks. One of your close friends had even gotten totally spoiled by her boyfriend, getting a brand new handbag and a trip abroad!

You never considered yourself the kind of person who needed those kinds of things to be happy about your birthday. But now that it was over, you felt like you had missed out on something fun. Maybe you should have let Sehun plan something. However you had already given him a firm rejection of any plans, so you were just going to have to accept that.


It’s nearly dark when your mom finally slides the final plastic container into the refrigerator, giving you more than you can possibly to eat to take back to your apartment with you. Maybe Sehun is at home? He’d probably like some of this, since I can’t eat it all by myself, You contemplate hopping off the bus a little early, and find yourself getting off just a few minutes from Sehun’s place.

When you stop in front of Sehun’s apartment, your mouth drops open. Police cars and vans are crowded in the parking lot, and groups of people are standing around talking. What happened here?

Sehun’s floor is bustling, and you spot his neighbor, Kim Jongin, standing out in the hall in his slippers, talking to the police. 

“Hey, um, Jongin?” You shyly break into the conversation, and the police officer excuses himself. “Are you okay? What happened around here?”

“Oh, it’s not me.” He shakes his head. “It’s Sehun. His kitchen caught on fire.”

You drop your bags in shock. “He what?!”

“Yeah, that was the fire department I was talking to. The landlord already yelled at him about the damaged! They evacuated the whole building, but it seems like it wasn’t that bad, so-”

You don’t even let him finish. Sehun’s door is already propped open, and you push your way inside without hesitation. The air is cloudy with smoke, making your heart race. “Oh Sehun! Sehun, where are you?!” You call for him, but it doesn’t seem like he’s here. “Jagiya! Where are you?”

Sehun finally emerges from the bathroom, looking relieved and a little alarmed to see you. You slam into him, wrapping your arms around him. “What happened?!” You demand. “I was so worried! I saw the all the police cars and everything, and then Jongin said-”

“I’m fine.” Sehun sighs, breathing into your hair. “I just, um, had a little accident.”

You give him a dubious look. “The police are here and you’re calling it a little accident?”

“Well, okay, fine. A medium-sized accident.”

He shows you the kitchen, and you gasp. Much of the place is still smoking, and nearly everything is covered on what looks like a dusty white foam. Apparently Sehun had been trying to cook when he fell asleep on the couch waiting for the food to finish. The cake that he was making completely burned up in the oven, resulting in a small fire and a ton of smoke. Every alarm in the building had gone off, and considering it was late in the evening, his neighbors were none too pleased.

“I don’t understand, Sehun. What were you trying to do?” You shake your head. “You never cook anything. Is this what you call entertaining yourself?”

“It was nothing.” Sehun says flatly. “Look at that! It’s pathetic!”

You look at the charred hockey-puck of a cake sitting on the table. It was completely burnt and totally inedible. In fact, it kind of looked like a brick.

“Well, maybe you just need to stop looking at it!” You say brightly. Using a towel, you pick it up and head for the garbage, your heart sinking when you raise the lid. Sitting right on top were a package of candles and a little bag of cake decorations, with Happy Birthday written in chocolate and sprinkles. It finally dawns on you:

Oh Sehun had nearly burnt his apartment down trying to make you a birthday cake.

“Was this for me?” You ask quietly. “The cake?”

He nods. “I tried.”

“Sehun, I already told you that I didn’t want anything for my birthday. Why did you do this?”

He looks up with a hurt expression. “Because I didn’t want you to go without getting a single thing from me on your birthday. I’m sorry that it’s not good enough. I wanted it to be special. I didn’t know what else I could do.”

You sigh, tipping the cake in the bin and going over to hug him. “I didn’t say it wasn’t good enough.” You put him hand your palm, rubbing your thumbs over the band-aids. He had touched the hot pan in and attempt to rescue the cake. Sehun knew better than to make a cake, but he did it anyway, and and he had put in a lot of effort with little return. You had to make this better.

“Come on, let’s go out.” You say, pulling him towards the door. “We can clean all this up later.”

“But the smell-”

“Open the window.” You shrug. “Worry about it later.”

Sehun barely has time to slide open the window before you tug him out the door.


“Do we need air freshener? Place mats? They have strawberry-scented detergent, too!”

“We don’t really need any of those things, but put them in the basket anyway!”

Sehun tosses his finds into the hand basket, stepping around you to grab lemon-shaped sponges. While most people would have opted for a nice restaurant or a romantic walk in the park, you and Sehun were not those people. The two of you had spent the past hour in a 1000-won-or-less store, goofing around and buying things you definitely didn’t need. 

So far you’d collected a basket full of junk that you fully intended on purchasing. So what if you didn’t need slippers with panda bears on them? You were going to get them anyway! Pens with feathers on the end? You’d find someway to use them. Toilet paper that smelled like lavender? Well, okay, the lavender part was a little weird, but you totally needed toilet paper.

“Happy birthday!” Sehun grins as he places a plastic tiara on your head. “It’s a little late, but this thing was made for you.”

“I know.” You sniff, picking up the matching wand. You grab the front of his shirt. “Come along, Sehun. You’re my peasant.”

“Whatever you say, princess.” He grins.


Once you finally make it back to Sehun’s apartment, the two of you sit on the floor in the midst of all your goodies. While you rip open a pack of erasers shaped like frogs, Sehun makes a quick trip around the apartment, opening all the windows to air the place out.



“Can you grab those side dishes out of the fridge?” You call. “I’m hungry!”

“I’m coming!”

When he finally comes back out, you burst out laughing. Sehun had stuck a birthday candle right in the middle of your mom’s special-made kimchi, carefully protecting the flame with his hand and singing Happy Birthday. “You have to make a wish!” He says eagerly. “I don’t really know if wishing on kimchi instead of cake is the same thing, but you have to try!”

“Okay, okay!” You laugh, blowing out the candle. 

He smiles with satisfaction and plops beside you, eating with his fingers. “I’m sorry that I forgot your birthday, and that I burned up your birthday cake.” He says honestly. “I couldn’t even cook you a decent dinner! But if this is what we get to do every time I burn up the kitchen, I wish I would have done it sooner!”

You crack up. “I love it, Sehun-ah. It was perfect.”


Scenario done! Ack! *covers eyes with hands* How do you like it? I thought it was kind of cute^_^ I don’t know haha! ~Jjangpanda

Roll Up the Partition, Please (A Smutty Harry One Shot)

anonymous said: can you do a smutty imagine with harry based on partition? ;)

Contains mature content. (NC-17)

Word count: 1472

Link to song here

A/N: I loved having an excuse to listen to Partition on repeat for an hour. thanks for the request!

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itzmorenamolina  asked:

Can you pleaseeee do an scenario of reader surprising Mark on his birthday by going to Korea without him knowing (ofc Jackson helping) and planning a surprise party for him? Thanks~


Sorry I took a bit, but school. anyway, here you go!

6 am and you were at the airport dressed in simple black jeans and a red t-shirt Gripping your passport which held your plane ticket to Korea, You waited to go through security when you got a Kakao message.

Jackson: Yo! When are you landing?

Y/n: At about 7pm, I am about to go through security.

Jackson: ok we have practice until 6 so I will get some of the boys to keep Mark busy while the rest of us set up the dorm room. Also, your boyfriend will not stop saying things like “Wow, I wish Y/N was here today, I miss her” and after he blew out the candles on his cake this morning he said “ Ah, Y/N being here is my birthday wish” You got that boy wrapped around your finger.

You couldn’t help but blush that Mark was missing you so much. You couldn’t wait to be with him.

Y/N: Lol. See you later!

You went through security without a problem. You were seated waiting for your plane to start loading when your phone went off again.

Mark<3: Hey! It’s a wonderful day right?

You decided to pretend you forgot so he will be more surprised when he sees you.

Y/n: Yeah, The weather is nice here.

Mark<3: Is it? But today is special!

Y/n: Why? Did you get a day off?

Mark<3: No…

Y/n: oh, well tell me later, I have to go! I have school until late today! Love you~

Mark<3: Ok.

You felt bad about lying to him, but it was for the sake of the plan. You heard your plane announce they were starting to board so you went to the line to board.

~~~after landing~~~

Stepping into the big lobby of the Seoul airport, you turned on your phone and a Kakao message came in.

Jackson: Hey. I am out front in the van when you get here.

Y/n: Ok

You stepped outside and found the van easily. Getting in, Jackson started talking.

“Oh my lord, Mark would not stop talking about how you forgot his birthday, he is so upset! I almost told him it was a joke!” He complained.

“Awe, poor Mark, I hope he isn’t mad.” You say

“Oh don’t worry, the lump will be all smiles when he sees you.” Jackson said teasingly. You blushed at the light teasing. The rest of the short drive was spent pre planning decorations.

Once you got to the dorm, Jr, Yugyeom and BamBam helped bring in decorations and set them in the living room. You direct them on where to put things while you started baking a cake. You could here them argue once in a while about what should go where, how something would be better over there and so on. You laughed a bit at their little banter as you watched the cake finish up in the oven.

“The cake smells amazing Y/N!” Bambam walked in, complimenting as you were taking it out of the oven.

“I bet it will taste even better!” Yougyeom nudged Bambam with a smile.

“Ok, guys, let her decorate the cake, we can text Jb and tell him we are just about ready and to start heading home.” Jr spoke from the living room.

“Thanks guys! I hope we will all enjoy it!” you said excitedly as you put on frosting

~Little time skip because I don’t want to fill in all about the waiting~

You can hear JB and Youngjae telling Mark to cheer up as someone was putting their keys in the door. You were hiding in the kitchen with the cake. You hear the door open and the rest of the boys pield on Mark as he walked in and you tried not to laugh loudly at the struggled sounds of your boyfriend. The candles were all lit as you hear mark speak.

“I think I am just going to go to bed, it’s been a long day.” He sounded defeated and that when you decided to go out of the kitchen and into the living room where everyone now was. Marks back was too you and all the other boys were facing you. They all noticed you and Youngjae was the first to start singing and the others all joined in quickly. Mark just sighed, obviously one with the birthday show and turned around. He stopped in his tracks as he saw you.

You were just as stunning as he remembered, the way your hair fell and your eyes twinkled as they looking deep into his. He felt the world slow around him and the sound of the boys off tune singing was faded in his main as you were the only thing he was concentrating on. How could you be here? You were at your home weren’t you? This had to be a dream.

You joined the boys for the last line of the over sang birthday song, smiling at the shocked face Mark had. He just stood there astonished for a few more seconds before you spoke up.

“Are you going to blow out the candles or will they just melt on to your cake?” you joked lightly.

“Is this real?” He asked breathlessly

“Of course it is,” you stepped closer “now blow out the candles so I can put down this cake and kiss you.”

He quickly walked towards you and blew out the candles. He then cupped your cheeks and kissed you passionately. You felt so in your own world whenever he kissed you. The world around faded out forgetting about the 6 other boys in the room.

“Ew, when I picked her up at the airport, I knew you would be happy, but can you stop making out over the cake?” Jackson said in disgust, causing Mark to pull away and bringing you both back to reality. You both were blushing and mark was looking you in the eye.

“Happy birthday Mark.” You whispered.

“Happy birthday indeed.” He smiled and kissed you again, earning more groans and complaints from the boys.

~ sorry for all errors! I am not the best at writing.~


Fairytale of Beacon Hills - Stiles Stilinski Christmas Fluff

Originally posted by freemusic979

[you’ll get why it’s not a tw gif as you read, but it IS a stiles imagine]

Request; @little-miss-mandy said: ® Hi can you possibly do a Christmas fluff imagine about Stiles where the reader is out getting a Christmas present on Christmas Eve for her crush Stiles to give to him anonymously but then there is a snow storm. She can’t get into her car to get to her house so she knocks on a random persons door and it happens to be Stiles’ house. His dad got snowed in at work and she gets snowed in alone with Stiles. They spend Christmas together and at the end they become a couple. Thank you💜


Note; this was probably one of my favourite requests! ily mandy :) i hope you’re well and merry christmas :) Quite long tbh, almost 2k words I think

I listened to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol while writing this, just a suggestion for the end [other song to pop up is Fairytale of New York by The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl]


“Big fan?” the cashier asked you as he scanned the Star Wars merchandise and some other little things.

“It’s a present for a friend,” you told him as he chuckled.

“I’m not judging, but he’s a lucky guy if you’re willing to spend this much on him,” he said as he managed to scan the last bit in.

“Is it too much?” you asked, finally thinking it over. “It is, isn’t it?”

“Depends. Is he a boyfriend or a friend?” he asked.

“Friend,” you replied too fast, making his eyebrows slide up. “It looks desperate, doesn’t it?” you sighed.

“A little. Here,” he took a few things from the bag you packed it in and cancelled them from the list. “Save some money for your other friends, and he’ll love those anyway. And you can come back for these for his birthday,” he smiled at you.

“Thanks,” you tried to return the smile, while in reality, you were a total mess.

After getting all you stuff together, you thanked the cashier one more time before leaving to your car, but you realised that it was snowing too bad. Not wanting to risk dying - the roads were crazy slippery already, thanks to the rain earlier in the morning, and now snow, which had probably meant some roads were frozen over - you sighed and started walking home. It was going to be a long way, but worth it.

You thought about calling for someone, but then you recognised the street. Oh God, it’s Stiles’ street…

Now that the snowfall was heavier and you were almost up to your ankles in it, you saw no choice. You found his house and knocked on the front door, then rang the bell for extra measure, freezing your backside off as you had the presents in your hand as well as a christmas themed bag.

“Y/n? Hey,” Stiles said, surprised to find you on the other side of the door.

“I was at the store and I didn’t want to risk driving. But now I’m freezing and I’m still a long way away from home,” you explained to him as he just nodded, opening the door wider and you sent him a thankful smile, taking a step in and letting him close the door. “Thanks, Stiles,” you told him, slipping your shoes off before he helped with your coat.

“Why were you at the store?” damn, the question you didn’t want to answer…

“Last minute shopping,” you tried to cover up.

“For gifts?” he asked, not able to sense your embarrassment.

“Yes?” you managed to squeak out, making him smile a little at the weird sound.

“I’ll grab you a jumper and make some hot chocolate, do you want to just sit in the living room? We can put on a movie or something. My dad is stuck at work because of the snow,” he explained as he left you to go to the kitchen. Well here goes nothing…

You made your way into the living room and put his presents into the nice bag before grabbing a pen from the coffee table and write his name on the tag before you put it under the tree. You played the pen back where you found it, the bag finding a place in your pocket. You took a spot on the couch and saw that he was watching one of the old Batman movies, Michelle Pfeiffer’s face on the screen, staring at you as you sat down. Was she judging you? No way, she was totally crazy… Well, in the film, a little, anyway.

“Okay, I wasn’t sure if you wanted cream and marshmallows, but I put them on anyway because who doesn’t?” Stiles asked as he placed the two mugs of hot chocolate onto the coffee table. “And I’ll grab  jumper for you, but just use the blanket for now,” he sent you a smile.

“Hey, Stiles?!” you asked before he’d leave and he stopped in the doorway, turning back to you quesitoningly.


“Thanks, sorry to just barge in and stuff,” you told him.

“Don’t worry about it,” he shrugged with a grin before disappearing and you pulled the covers up to your chin, taking in the smell of it. Detergent and something you could only describe as Stiles himself. It was great, and especially warm, making you want to melt in your place already.

“Here, I could only find this,” he offered his red hoodie and you hesitated at the offer.

“But it’s your favourite red hoodie-“

“Okay, then freeze to death,” he gave you an incredulous look before you rolled your eyes and accepted the hoodie, pushing your arms through and pulling the zip up to the top, snuggling into it, pulling the sleeves over your hands, sharing the blanket with him once he sat beside you.

“Thanks Stiles,” you told him.

“No problem, wouldn’t want you to freeze to death,” he chuckled lightly as he picked up his hot chocolate and took a sip. You did the same, and then saw him place his down, making you glance over to him, stifling a laugh.

“You have-“ you brushed your finger over your top lip and he furrowed his eyebrows before you just reached your thumb out and wiped the cream from under his nose, feeling light stubble over the skin. “Are you growing a beard or a moustache?” you asked with a light laugh.

“It’d make me manly, don’t laugh,” he let out a delighted chuckle as well, ruining his pout while you just shook your head lightly and took a sip as well. “Or you could grow a moustache,” he told you and you flicked your tongue out, feeling the cream on your own top lip. Before you could even lift a finger, his thumb had wiped the white froth, making you lick his finger by accident, the two of you laughing lightly at it. You willed your cheeks not to get red, but they did anyway.

You spent the majority of the night up, finishing the movie, talking a bit more, before he asked where the bag you bought was, since he hadn’t seen it.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it,” you said a little hesitantly, not wanting to talk about it. He’d totally e your secret out of you if he did.

“Was it a present?”

“Maybe,” you said, pulling his hoodie over your nose as a shield.

“Was it for me?” he asked with a wide grin, knowing he had you.

“Maybe,” you answered quietly, making him grin wider - if that was possible - before he shuffled around a little into a more comfortable position.

“Can I open it?”

“Maybe later,” you told him, leaning your head onto the back of the couch, eyes drifting closed a little.

“Good night,” you heard him whisper before you let sleep take over you.

The next morning, Stiles managed to make some toast and also some eggs for the two of you to eat. When you finished, you both washed up after realising that you couldn’t go anywhere, thanks to the knee high snow everywhere, and once listening to the radio you realised this was all over town. His dad even called to tell him to try and hang in there, he’d make his way back somehow, but everyone was stranded somewhere and that he would have to be working to make sure everyone is safe.

That left the house for you and Stiles, with plenty of Christmas music and Christmas movies on the tv and radio.

“And the bells are ringing out for Christmas day!” you and Stiles sung along with the radio, laughing as you were now only wearing his hoodie and some basketball shorts while he was in sweats, both of you warm enough with fuzzy socks on your feet, making sliding across the wooden floor easy as pie.

Speaking of pie, you’d made a banoffee pie which was now chilling in the fridge while you enjoyed yourself.

“I could have been someone!” Stiles told you, both of your singing a little off now.

“Well so could anyone!” you replied, singing with the radio still, to the best of your ability. “You took my dreams from me, when I first found you.”

“I kept them with me babe,” he sung back. “I put ‘em with my own! Can’t make it all alone, I built my dreams around you,” he finished before you sung the chorus together, bumping into each other at the next line and he took your hands, making you dance with him.

“You have a lovely voice,” he smiled, making you laugh.

“Oh shut up, you,” you chuckled.

“And you’re incredibly beautiful too,” he added making you stop and look him in the eyes. He meant it all, you could see it in the way his cheeks turned red and the way his irises were the same size, eyes shining with hesitation.

“Thank you,” you whispered. “You’re pretty good yourself,” you told him with a soft smile, your heart beating incredibly fast.

“I’m sorry, but come with me,” he said as he took your hand and you sighed at the moment he just broke. He came to a stop under the living room’s doorway, looking up, making you follow his eyes, letting out a light laugh.

“Is that meant to be a hint?” you asked, still looking at the mistletoe.

“Just a little,” he smiled, looking down at you, and you locked eyes before he dipped his head down and hesitantly placed his lips on yours which you encouraged by winding your arms around his neck, pushing the two of you together. “I wanted to do for so long,” he whispered against your lips, opening his eyes and looking at yours as you opened yours too.

“You have no idea.”

“Merry christmas,” and with that, you pushed your lips against his once more.

Let’s just say your little crush was multiplied by the new year, since your crush was then your boyfriend.


Preference #46 Your Birthday


“Y/N make a wish!!" you closed your eyes and blew out the few candles that were arranged on the cake that Niall had bought for you. "What’d ya wish for!?" "Well if I told you then it wouldn’t come true now would it?” you gave Niall a small peck on the lips and smiled. “Thank you for giving me the best birthday ever Niall..I love you so much" "Hold on, there’s still one last thing! You have to open your present!" "Ni, you didn’t have to get me anything, I already have everything I could ever want right here.”, that didn’t stop him from handing you the neatly wrapped gift with a bow on top. You opened up the box and were instantly met with the most beautiful necklace you’d ever seen. “Ni this is beautiful! Thank you so much…I love it!”, he blushed a light shade of red and gave you a kiss. “You deserve only the best..Happy Birthday babe!”



It was your birthday and Liam wasn’t home. He was in the middle of his world tour, which meant you wouldn’t get to see him. You hadn’t heard from him all day; no texts, no phone calls, nothing. You were beginning to lose hope in Liam, figuring that he had probably forgotten that today was your birthday. You were sitting on the couch having a bowl of ice-cream when you heard your phone ringing. It was Liam. “Hello?" "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! I know I’m late, and I’m sorry. You probably think I’m the worst boyfriend. We have been rehearsing all day and we just finished our show, I haven’t had any chance to look at my phone until just now. I dedicated Girl Almighty to you tonight, I wish you would’ve been there to see it! How’s the birthday been?" "Well it’s been pretty calm, I haven’t really done much today. I’ve gotten a few birthday messages from the fans and all the boys texted me a happy birthday, which was nice of them. I wish you were here to celebrate with me, but I guess it’ll just be me and Loki." "Aw I’m sorry babe, I really wish I could be there with you. Have you gotten the mail yet?" "What? Um, no, I haven’t gone out for the mail yet." "Babe go get the mail! There’s a surprise for you!" you put your bowl on the table and walked over to the door. As soon as you opened the door you were met with a large box along with some bills and other birthday cards. You took the box back over to the couch and opened it up, it was full of different things from all over the world where Liam had been on tour. "Li, this is amazing!" "Do you like it!?" "I love it! It’s all so amazing. Thank you so much! Ooh look at these tea mugs, they’re magnificent!” you could hear Liam laughing on the other end at your excitement over the gifts. “Well I’m glad you like it all. I love you so much and it’s just a few more weeks till I’m back home again!" "I can’t wait! I love you Li, thank you so much for the amazing gift, I know you wanted to be here, but we’ll see each other soon! Tell the boys thank you for the sweet messages! I love you!" "I love you too babe, I will. Now get some sleep, birthday girl”


“I’m sorry babe, maybe we can go somewhere else. I didn’t realize all the fans and paparazzi would follow us.." you could feel tears brimming your eyes before a single tear fell, "I just, I wanted…this day to be about me; not Louis Tomlinson and then me just in the background of it all” you had to admit that you sounded pretty selfish but it was your birthday, just one day of the year where you wanted a little more attention on you rather than Louis who receives it the other 364 days. “I know babe, I’m so sorry. I wanted today to be perfect for you and it’s all been ruined. How about I take you to another restaurant that’s even better than this one?" "That sounds perfect. Thank you for trying so hard to make this the best birthday Louis, I love you so much" "I love you too, you deserve every bit of it for putting up with me every day.." you both laughed before the driver pulled away from the restaurant and sped down the street to find somewhere new to eat before everyone followed.


Harry led you from the car to the restaurant and opened the door for you. You were led to a private room in the back by the hostess and as soon as she slid the door open your mouth dropped. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” friends, family, and more were all gathered around the table as they cheered. “Harry, you did this all for me?” Hey, you’re only 24 once you know..why not celebrate a little?" he laughed at his own comment before he brought you further into the room to greet everyone. You couldn’t believe that Harry had done all this, you were surrounded by all your family and friends, it was one of the greatest nights you’d ever had. "Thank you Harry for doing all this for me, I had such a wonderful night." "I’m glad babe, I wanted to give you the best birthday ever" "I think you succeeded at that, I love you so much, thank you for everything." "I love you too now I say we go home and do a round two of celebration!" 


"We have 4 hours before I have to be at the arena. What would you like to do, it’s your day." "Well maybe we can go to lunch somewhere and then just relax at the hotel?" "Anything you want babe, it’s your birthday!”,  you and Zayn didn’t have much luck in having a peaceful lunch. You were bombarded by loads of fans and paparazzi. You couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to just get some alone time, it didn’t sound like the ideal birthday, but for you it was. By the time you had gotten back to the hotel, you only had about an hour with Zayn before he had to go. “I’m sorry babe, I know this isn’t the way you wanted to spend your birthday but when I get back I promise I’ll make it up to you." This wasn’t really the birthday you were expecting but you knew Zayn tried to make it special for you. You still had tonight which you were very much looking forward to.


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Hi! I am about to be a postgrad student in Dublin, Ireland, but I lived last year in France as an au pair and am originally American. Since leaving the US in 2013, I also have traveled to Sweden, Italy, and the UK. Here are a few tips. 


Back-up everything, scan important documents and have them on an external hard drive. Know all your important info—bank accounts, whatever. This varies depending on how old you are and what kind of insurance you have and where you are going (plus what they require for the visa). Try to have several forms of photo ID and extra ID photos. For Americans, know your Social Security Number by heart.

On a more sentimental level, it’s nice to have photos of people/places/animals/things you will miss. Try to take a few before you go (or have old ones saved on your laptop or flickr or something). 


You can use vacuum seal bags to compress clothes, but remember that they will still weigh the same (just take up less space). Luggage is a pain to deal with and you will inevitably forget something you could have used. If you have a willing co-conspirator at home, ask them to send you a package at some point while you’re away rather than trying to pack every last thing. Particularly helpful with winter coats! Just remember it all has to go back. My rule of thumb is that your favorite and/or most immediately useful clothes (for me that’s usually my favorite 10 pairs of underwear, a pair of jeans, a couple tee shirts, and a sweater) should go in smaller luggage along with important/fragile items (passport, laptop, camera), and extra things can go in a big suitcase. My theory is that you could lose everything that you don’t personally carry, so it’s best to at least keep a minimum supply with you if possible. I’ve never actually had an issue with lost luggage or anything though. For mini-trips (trips once you get to your big destination), ALWAYS pack light— you should be able to carry everything you bring, because you don’t know if you’ll be able to drop stuff off right away. 


I found out that I am crazy about botanic gardens while I was in Lyon, and now that’s something I try to find wherever I go. Especially living in cities, now, I’m always keen to find gardens—just to spend time in, to have a different aesthetic experience (different immediate surroundings in an immersive way), and to draw or take photographs. I also love when you can do very ‘normal life’ things in different places and see how different cultural norms work. In Sweden I went to an open community meeting (with my Swedish friend) and it was fantastic to meet non-tourists and get to have that shared experience. Also, for the benefit of you and wherever you go, try to appreciate it for what it is and reap the benefits rather than making constant comparisons. Venice is not a clearly laid-out pedestrian city—enjoy getting lost. 

Know that wherever you go, you will not be able to see it all or do it all. I was in France for 10 months and spent a grand total of 7 hours in Paris and really very few days outside the city where I lived, Lyon. However, I was able to visit other European countries using France as a base. This year I’m trying to stay closer to home (Ireland) and explore in more depth around here. Don’t worry about trying to fit in all the major stuff. You can have a good time in less well-known places as well—sometimes better because people there may be more interested in giving you tips on local attractions and that sort of thing. 


I use to book a lot of flights, but if you notice that one airline is the major one between two places you want to go, also check prices and schedules on that airline’s website directly. To get from the US to Europe, going through Iceland (IcelandAir) is often radically cheaper. To Americans traveling in Europe: Remember non-flying/non-car options! I took a long time to adjust to this, but am now very converted to bus or rail travel in preference to flying or driving. In France, iDbus is great and cheap, connecting a lot of major cities (varying throughout the year). Ireland and the UK both have good, affordable rail systems. From Berlin to Sweden there is an overnight train you can take for about $80. A friend and I wanted to go to the beach this summer and we went from Lyon to Nîmes for 15€ (bus), then found a 1€ local train direct to the beach from there. Sometimes if you just want to travel, a good way to decide where to go is to follow good deals like that! Also, get creative and flexible about how you travel. I went to Oxford to visit friends over my birthday and used a series of three busses, with stops long enough in Paris and London to do a few things there without paying for hotels. A lot of time on busses but definitely worthwhile! Finally, a lot of major European cities have bike share programs now which can be great for day explorations. At night, if you can’t use public transit (a lot of last bus/Metro connections are at 11.30 or midnight), consider splitting a taxi or going at least part of the distance via taxi. 

No matter what you are going to compare your experience at home and abroad. It’s important to make sure you stay as objective as you can… you will probably have stronger biases about your native culture, and it can be really eye-opening to step into someone else’s cultural lens and consider your own culture from afar. At the same time, some stereotypes may seem to prove true (about where you go), but you have to remember that they are still stereotypes and there are always exceptions. 

Try to be aware of how much you immerse yourself. For English speakers especially, it can be easy to hide away in a community of fellow Anglophones and listen to the same music you listened to at home and all that. Try listening to local radio, using the websites from the country you are in, meeting and hanging out with locals. At the same time, yes, you want to be immersed in another culture, but you are not going to ever be a native of that culture… it’s okay to stay in touch with your own culture as well. About halfway through the year, I started listening to American public radio again and it was really reassuring to hear the same voices I’ve listened to since being in the womb. However, I would still try to listen to French news radio and watch French movies and play French music as well. 

Biggest tip: DO RESEARCH:

I went to France thinking I would just wing it and somehow naturally learn everything there was to do in Lyon once I was actually there. It took me months to get used to the public transit system and figure out where to go to do different things (even down to which websites to use to look up local cinema times, for example). I did figure out things eventually, but I lost a lot of time kind of floundering. In Dublin, I’ve used some of that experience to find things here and so far it’s been a much easier transition. I also have a better understanding of how much time tasks take when you can’t rely on a personal vehicle or doing things over the Internet. Most importantly, although I don’t really understand the detailed geography, I have a decent general sense of Dublin from studying maps and really paying attention to area names while I was apartment-hunting. In Lyon, I didn’t even really understand where the place I lived was in relation to other parts of the city until I got there and walked around for weeks. Don’t believe that if you do research, you can’t do anything fun or spontaneous. That’s not true at all! Just do research on things like transportation, food, banking, phone plans, and fun stuff to do. If you figure out a lot of logistics in advance, you can enjoy more of your time there doing cool stuff. Also, if you have some idea what a place has to offer, you’ll be more able to dive into those communities. 


To Joaquin

Are you flying with the birds baby?
Do you dance with the scattered leaves?
Do you shine through the suns rays?
I like to think that something beautiful
Happens after we leave this place,
And I know I’ll see you again some day.
But right now I am being selfish
And I want you back, so I can wrap
My arms around you, and tell you
How much I love you.

You’d be 19 now, and its been two years
Since I’ve gotten a reply from all
Those texts I still send your phone.
Come home. Come home. Come home.
Let me make you laugh over and over.
I’d grab your hand, and I wouldn’t let go.
I’m sorry I was so god damn oblivious.
I’m sorry I didn’t save you from yourself.
You thought we’d all forget about you,
So here is your birthday poem,
To prove how wrong you truly were.

Experiencing severe post-concert depression...

…like I haven’t felt it in a while.  I don’t think I realized just how excited I was for Tegan and Sara to play not just one, but two shows at the 9:30 Club, a mere mile and a half from my house.  Usually, for me, traveling to far and interesting places with new and old concert friends makes seeing shows near where I live feel downright anticlimactic.  (Like, what kind of show is that when I don’t even have to go anywhere??  Haha…)  But this time, I guess, Tegan and Sara weren’t playing at the huge Warner Theater or the huge and awkward Lisner Auditorium or the huge and even more awkward DAR Constitutional Hall or the ever-huger (ever-more-huge?) Patriot Center or Merriweather Pavilion (twice) or even the smaller Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore.  No, this time they were playing at the 9:30 Club, a place that has become like home to me since I moved to DC seven years ago.  I swear, I’ve seen almost every band I’ve ever followed there, and then some, including Metric, Hanson, Amanda Palmer, An Horse, Steel Train, Kaki King, Foals, Bloc Party, Cold War Kids, Citizen Cope, CSS, and the list goes on… I’ve even started a list of bands I’ve seen there before they blew up and got too big to play there, including Gotye, Mumford and Sons, Fun, Death Cab (though that was kind of a small-venue tour for them).  I’ve even seen friends play there, including The Pushovers, who got me a press/backstage pass so that for once I could be on the other side of the barricades and see what the artists get to see.  But I walk into that place and it feels like home.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a show there and biked (or even walked) through the quiet streets on a post-show buzz back to my house.  I’ve had my camera confiscated by their security so many times that it almost feels like a fond pasttime.  (Almost.)  

But I thought that I had lost the chance to see my favorite band of all time ever play there.  I knew that they had played the 9:30 Club before I moved to DC in 2007 (as well as DC’s smaller well-known venue, Black Cat), and when they came to town right after I moved here and played at George Washington University’s Listner Auditorium, I figured that I would never get to see Tegan and Sara play in that awesome, intimate venue I loved.  When they came back in 2010 and played Warner Theater, I lost a little more hope.  And when they started revealing their ambitious plans for Heartthrob, I resigned myself to the fact that I’d missed that era here and would never see it again.  I could travel the whole world over to see them play, and yet never see them in the one place that felt like “home.”  

But I was wrong.  When they released these past tour dates, I couldn’t believe it.  And when DC was one of the only cities with two dates AND one of the only cities to sell out the shows, I was so proud of this place I love!  Walking into the Canadian embassy, which is only two blocks from my office, I felt so excited to have them playing somewhere so familiar… and walking into the 9:30 Club that first night for the soundcheck, I felt positively giddy (which maybe you can tell from watching the soundcheck video, since I usually try never to talk while I’m filming and almost never talk TO them while they’re performing, but this time I just couldn’t help myself… *embarrassed*)  It felt amazing.  It felt like they might as well have been playing in the living room of my house.  It felt like all of the pride I have for living in this awesome city and all of the excitement I always have for seeing them live kind of collided into this feeling of like wanting to drag them around like a little kid drags their parents to see their paintings hung up in the classroom in kindergarten, like, “Look!  Look!  This is MY place!  And this is MY desk!!  And these are MY things!!!” (I mean obviously I didn’t, but that’s the only way I can think to describe that feeling, haha.)

And then the shows were fantastic!  Seeing them play at the Canadian Embassy, which I walk by almost every day but have never been inside of, was so cool (and being lucky enough to have a friend take me along after he won tickets was even better).  Having them sing two songs to us while sitting on stools in the balcony of the 9:30 Club with just Ted playing an acoustic guitar to back them up because their bus had broken down and their equipment wasn’t set up yet, was maybe the most awesome, most intimate “performance” I’d ever been part of (even if it was an accident!)  I got to introduce them to MY sister (who makes them look like elves) and to take a silly photo like the one on their tour merch and to see them try to crouch down in the front of a picture with Canadian military guys (why?? Did they think those guys couldn’t see over them?!)  I was beyond excited, all over again, to be lucky enough to be front and dead center for my first time seeing them in this place.  And they didn’t let me down, not at all.  All of the shows on this tour have been exciting and energetic in a way that I feel they haven’t quite been in a while.  Maybe it’s because it’s their first real headlining tour since they started touring for Heartthrob.  Maybe it’s because Tegan and her super-confident awkwardness with the wireless microphone (and Sara’s apparent apprehension of her wireless microphone, lol) can’t fail to make anyone smile, even the friend I took last night who didn’t know any of their stuff.  But it was great.  Sara was on top of her inappropriate banter in a way that has been rare in the past few years.  Even Tegan participated in the inappropriate banter, which is even more rare, haha.  Tegan danced around like an idiot and totally knew it, which made it even better.  I had the angle for their cover of Let My Love Open the Door that I’ve been dreaming of since the first time I saw them perform it.  Tegan brought a terrified young fan onstage to play the tambourine for Sentimental Tune.  Sara stuck up for Tegan while the audience was talking, and then Tegan let the crowd (badly!) sing Nineteen for her.  The Courtneys were great.  Lucius kicked ass like usual, and I got to record them from the best angle ever.  I met a bunch of new people and came across some old friends and had a great time seeing everyone.  And to top it off, I got there early enough to get one of the BEST CUPCAKES ON THE PLANET.  Both nights.

And so now, two days that I didn’t even realize I was looking forward to quite so much are over, and I’m almost disappointed to have a holiday weekend stretched out in front of me with nothing to do.  Someone suggested trying to make it to some of the shows coming up in the next week, but that’s not even it.  I feel like I felt when I was in elementary school and planning my birthday sleepover for months and now it’s over and everyone’s gone home and I don’t know what to do with myself and my house is quiet and empty and Tegan and Sara aren’t hanging out in my living room anymore.  I’m sure I’ll be fine after I’ve caught up on some sleep here and start to look forward to the next shows I have coming up… but for now I’m going to hope that I was able to take some good videos for you guys so that you can see what I saw and feel what I felt.  It was a really special week.