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No matter what trouble he’s in,
The number one most coolest hero always wins in the end.”

↳ Happy belated birthday, Tay! [ @misakarose / @kacchanns ] (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Quick sketch! Sorry Kayn I’ve been playing more Ahri since I got her new skin (plus you only suffer when I go mid with you and they camp hard :c ) 


Happy 27th birthday to B.A.P’s humble leader. Happy birthday to the man who has given me endless amount of hope, to the man who has been the reason me and millions of others feel a sense of belonging. Happy birthday to our beloved angel, Bang Yongguk. Hopefully our great leader has the best day today, and every other day. 

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Does Cloud ever recover his real personality? Can you describe how his personality is like after falling in a lifestream?

Ohhhhhh, I haven’t truly posted anything FFVII in a long while so getting this in the mail was a surprise!

First off, let’s clarify- since you haven’t mentioned if you’re referring to a specific AU, I’m just going with canon. Buckle up, peeps, because this is about to get long.

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Forgotten Birthday

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Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: 1K

Your birthday was today, you weren’t someone that went crazy on their birthday, you never thought that you had to celebrate it or do anything special on it. But this time you really wanted to treat yourself and go out for a nice dinner with your boyfriend since you’ve been working super hard at work taking double shifts almost everyday trying to get promoted.

It was already later in the evening and you haven’t heard from Jay, you received so many birthday wishes from friends and family but nothing from Jay, you weren’t mad you were just disappointed he forgot your birthday. At first you thought he was trying to play a game where he forgets it, but when it was getting later in the day you just thought he forgot.

When you got home from work you were super tired and just wanting the day to end, what a bummer having to spend a birthday alone on a Friday night. You saw Jays sneakers at the front of the door and it kind of put your hopes up, you went inside the bedroom to see Jay getting ready.

“Hey babe” he said cheerfully

“Hey” you said also cheerfully thinking he’s going to surprise you or something

“Where are you going” you said with a smile

“Oh guys night you know” he said and your smile fell, okay he definitely forgot what today is you thought.

“Oh” you said and nodded your head

“Have fun” you said and headed to the bathroom to change of your work clothes.

“Thanks babe” he said. After a while you heard the front door close and you knew he had left.

You were trying to not let this get to you, telling yourself that it was just a birthday and not the end of the world, even though you had made plans and been working extra hard to enjoy this day but then nothing went according to plan. You weren’t even hungry anymore and just decided to watch some show and chill on the couch until you fell asleep. An hour later you got a phone call and when you went to check it was Simon, weird you thought. Why would Simon call you when they were all out having fun.

“Hello” you said after you answered the phone

“Hey you” he said and you could hear music in the background.

“What’s up” you said trying to get to the point of why he called.

“Um I need to ask for a favor, can you come pick up Jay he’s kind of super drunk right”

“What the hell, it’s only been an hour”

“I know, but he drank this one that was super strong and he’s super out of it” he said and you signed, great just great.

“Okay, I’ll be there” you said, even though you were disappointed in Jay today, you couldn’t just leave him there. You decided to change your clothes since you knew you wouldn’t be able to get in with sweat pants on.

On your way you just kept cursing Jay, what did I deserve to have to take care of my drunk boyfriend on my birthday in which he totally forgot and went out with his friend instead. When you got to the club they were at it took you a while to be able to find them but Jay was no where to be seen.

“Hey you came” Simon came and greeted you with a hug

“I did say I will come” you said in a salty tone

“Where’s Jay anyway” you said looking around for him

“He was here just right now” Simon said and started looking with you. And suddenly all the music goes quiet which made you so confused.

“Baby girl” you hear Jays voice but you thought you were just hearing things, Simon turns you so you could face the DJ station where you saw Jay standing there looking more than normal and defiantly not drunk

Truth was Jay knew it was your birthday and had been trying to come up with a good surprise, he knew you didn’t go all out on your birthday but that just made him want to treat you and make it a special day for you, so he decided to pull a little prank on you and act like he forgot, he felt super guilty when he saw your smile fall when he said he was going out, at that moment he just wanted to tell you that it was a prank but he knew he had to keep the prank going. He had the whole AOMG crew on it and planned this little surprise for you. He also knew that you just wanted a simple dinner to spend with him, and he was defiantly taking you to his favorite restaurant and making you feel like a queen. 

“Did you really think I forgot your birthday, girl your tripping” he said through the mic which made everyone chuckle but you were speechless not knowing how to react to this sudden surprise

“Everyone, today is my girls birthday and I want everyone to sing to her” he said and led everyone in the club by singing and suddenly Gray came out with a cake that had lit up candles on it, you couldn’t believe that everyone was on it with this surprise. Jay came to you giving you the biggest hug

“I can’t believe you Jay, I thought you forgot” you said to him

“I would never” he said giving kiss.

“Jay you didn’t have to do all this, a simple dinner would have been more than enough” you said

“I know, but you’ve been working super hard and I just wanted you to have a good time and enjoy it”

“Thank you” you said, and Jay could sense you were getting emotional from this whole day for being a roller coaster so he took you in his arms and held you, in which you were very grateful for and held on to him. 

“Your very welcome babe” he said and kissed your cheek which sent blushing with Jay showing his affection in front of everyone.

After having birthday cake, Jay ended up pulling you to the dance floor after many complaints of you that you don’t know how to dance, by Jay had his ways and dragged you regardless.

You didn’t know that the night would end up like that but you weren’t against it either, it was a well spent birthday with the people you cared for.

I hope you guys enjoyed it, I wrote this out of the blue in like less then an hour lol, I hope its not that bad :)

counting the stars behind the clouds

harry/louis | blind!harry and band au | 28k | t | by simplestardust

The problem wasn’t that Harry was blind. The problem was Harry himself.

or, in which Louis plays keyboard as part of touring singer Harry’s back-up band, and spends his time stuck between being oblivious and in denial, while Harry just wants to know how many stars there are in the night sky.

on ao3

God bless step up scouting 🙏🏻


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @demona-silverwing!!!! :D

I hope you have an absolutely amazing birthday!! Never stop being an amazing person and never ever stop drawing! You’ve been my inspiration since I stumbled upon your art on DA and you still are to this day. I know I’ve said this to you before, but you got me back into drawing (as well as Gravity Falls of course) and I couldn’t be more proud and happy with the progress I’ve made on my art. So I just wanted to thank you again. :) And uh…. I made you a cake but I’m a bit clumsy as you can see. :/ Sorry. ^^; 

I’m Sure As Hell The Happiest I’ve Ever Been

I wanted to write a lil something now just for the time being whilst I try to finish my other 20k fic which is proving to be a Monster to complete lol so look forward to that soon at some point!!

Happy (belated) birthday Dan. Hope you didn’t get too hungover today.

summary: the tour is ending, and after flitting from coast-to-coast, city-to-city and living in a bus for a month, dan and phil visit vegas again. copious amounts of alcohol later, dan realises he’s happy. and kind-of still in love. (loosely based on vegas by all time low [x])

warnings: emo 2012/2016 comparisons, smut (surprise surprise) swearing, getting drunk, I guess pretty much everything else you’d expect in a vegas fic lol

words: 5.6k


“But this time around, four years later, it’s like someone has turned the saturation of the city up. Turned up the contrast, the definition, the volume, the sharpness, brightness and every single other enhancement, and when Dan looks out into the view glittering in front of them, it feels like he’s wearing glasses for the first time. Everything just looks so much more beautiful through happier eyes.

Phil turns to Dan, and his eyes flit down to his lips for a split second. On a pocket-sized screen, four zeros line up.

“Happy birthday,” he whispers, holding up his shot glass.”



Stepping into Las Vegas is like stepping straight into a movie.

It’s like stepping out of the monochrome clockwork routine of daily life and into a whirlwind of colours and buzzing machines; a world where rules and inhibitions are dropped like coins into a slot, and money is spilt like alcohol. For a place that’s famous for its drunken wedding vows and tattoos in unspeakable places, it’s really quite incredible that somewhere so outrageous actually exists in the world. It just sounds so fictional.

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but since they arrived Dan hasn’t seen a single club, casino or shop that isn’t twenty-four hour. Flashes of colour and lights blink through every minute of every day, illuminating the land in neon excitement and spontaneity, and to be honest, even after travelling through state-after-state, flitting from town-to-town, Dan hasn’t seen a city quite this colourful.

It hasn’t changed a bit since they last came. The minute Dan’s foot had touched Vegas ground, he’d felt twenty-one again. It’s almost as if time stops here, like the past four years haven’t happened at all and the reason they’re even here isn’t because they’re reaching the end of their international tour, but instead simply because two guys with longer fringes with a following of way less than a million between them wanted a holiday.

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hasuyawwn, DO YOU KNOW. HOW MUCH I WANTED TO TELL YOU I WAS DRAWING THIS. But Alexie was like “noooo it must be a surPRISE or else I’ll sink your ship!” and so I held back. Very, very, very reluctantly.

And then she was like “you should wait until you see us next week,” but I can’t do it. Nope. Here. Look at it as I sob here in the corner.

I know, anything I can draw you can draw better, but… but… accept my humble offering of a late birthday gift, okay?


I’ll do better next year, I swear. OTL