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langst please!!!

obviously I’m a horrible human being and don’t deserve to live because of this but !!! Don’t enjoy because I know I didn’t! also whatever happened to the others is all up to your imagination ;) good luck also this is way too short but I’m not that evil yknow LOL

Lance watched, it was all he could do. Watch. He watched the blazing pieces of ships falling from the sky. Landing on the planet. His chest was tight, and his throat felt swollen as he didn’t know what to do. He was having a panic attack, though it felt a lot peaceful than it should have. His body raptures with numbness, slowly taking his body over before all he could do was hear and see.

War is a dangerous, dangerous place. War isn’t home. War is death, and grief and pain. War meant loss, no matter the side you were on you always lost something along the way.

And he did lose something, he lost a lot. Yet, he was still watching. Despite the screams that died down one by one around his being. Despite the ashes that fell from the sky like snow, pricking him as it landed on his exposed skin. The suit under his armor was ripped, exposing his bare skin to the hot atmosphere. It didn’t matter, he was too numb to even feel a thing, though the wind that blew from impacts gave him chills. His body covered with goosebumps and filling with sudden sickness. How had it come to this? He was alone now. He watched everyone he knew disappear without a trace and he had no idea where they could be, let alone if they were alive.

He raised himself to his knees, sinking gently into the alien dirt beneath him. Blood dripped from a gash on his jaw, and tears followed close behind. They mixed and landed on the tall grass below him. He brought himself to his feet, shaking with fear and anxiety. He needed to go. And he did. He turned and began to walk before looking back one more time. Then he ran.

He let his feet carry him for miles, he went for as long as he could. Hours, days. He couldn’t tell. But now, he was falling down a steep hill and couldn’t stop himself. By the time he landed he had screamed in agony from the sharp metal that had tore a chunk from his calve. Though, he passed out before he could ever think about sitting up.


Travis’ Birthday Week Day 2: shopping/new outfit

I like to think that Zack and Travis purposefully try to buy the stupidest things they can find whenever their mom takes them shopping.

PS That hat is based off of an actual hat me and my brother wear on our birthdays every year.

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Can you do a lance x reader where the reader and the rest of the crew throw him a surprise party then he gets all sentimental cause he misses home but he realizes he has a family in space as well? Just cute sentimental lance please

HOHOHOHHH BLESS U FOR THIS REQUEST!!!!!!! Also I feel like the beginning of this isn’t as good as the end but I really enjoyed writing this for my favorite son

You flipped the page of Pidge’s homemade calendar into July, tilting your head. Lance’s date of birth hadn’t shown up for six months. And it made you wonder if maybe you’d gotten his birthday wrong, and it wasn’t in July. You slowly began to search through the months, before becoming very confused, resulting in you now frantically searching for it.

“Oh my gosh. Hunk, why isn’t Lance’s birthday on here?”

“What do you mean? It just hit July, it should be in there. His birthday is the 28th.” He said, walking over to you and searching for himself. Pulling his hair in frustration now that he realized it in fact wasn’t there. Hunk said that it was probably because he didn’t want anyone to do anything for him, or he didn’t want to seem like he wanted that. It broke your heart and left you thinking all night.

“Shiro, please, come here.” You said, jogging toward him with Hunk close behind. A few weeks ago you gathered the others, not including Lance of course, and discussed a plan for his birthday. But, it appears you haven’t thought about how you would surprise Lance. And now you were in panic mode.

“Oh, hey Y/n! What’s up? Something wrong?” Shiro asked, turning to look at the two of you, eyebrows furrowed with confusion and a slight pang of worry. You caught your breath, wondering how the hell Shiro could manage to walk as fast as he did; was he even walking? He was definitely sprinting.

“Lance’s birthday is tomorrow. And I completely forgot that in order for it to be a surprise party. It needs to be a surprise.” Shiro looked at you, trying his hardest to suppress a smile as what you said was very obvious. Even hunk raised his eyebrow at you.

“Well, we need to get him out of the castle!” You whisper-shouted, becoming agitated as you glared at the two of them. Shiro mouth opened as he realized, and a plan already began to form in his head.

“Come with me.” Shiro said, walking off. You ended up bumping into Coran and Allura, Shiro asking them to call the others.

“Okay. So, today we have a small mission. Of course it won’t be huge because we need to lay low. Lance, you and Y/n will be going into a village to get some ingredients for Hunk. Alright? We’re on our way to the planet now.” He said, looking at Lance for any sign to a nod of approval. He nodded, smiling over at you before standing.

“You ready?” He asked, leaned slightly toward you as you neared the village. A list of alien foods in your hands. You smiled, nodding while jogging ahead. Excited to see the village and the aliens inside.

While the two of you searched mercilessly for foods that most likely didn’t even exist, the others were busy setting up the party. Hunk and Pidge had gotten supples a little over a week ago when they took a short break on a planet. Remember how Shiro said they need to lay low? Pidge and Hunk stole those things at a store and had the Galra after them.

“Y/n. You and Lance can come back now. Just tell him we found ingredients somewhere else.” Allura said from your communication device. You nodded to yourself, before tapping his shoulder.

“Allura said we can head back, they found the ingredients on the ship. Someone must’ve put them in the wrong spot.” You said, shrugging.

“Why’d she tell you and not the both of us? You know, to come back?” He said, confused as to why she couldn’t tell the both of you. It was strange.

“Oh. Maybe your comm stopped working?” You shrugged heavily, walking back with him as you created small talk. Eventually you all arrived, entering the castle just as the two of you would any other day. Though, it was quiet, and no one greeted you at the door.

“Lets check the dining hall, maybe they’re there.” You said, walking off nonchalantly and not at all worried. Lance glared at you, confused as to why you weren’t even the slightest bit worried. You were ahead of him as he searched his brain for any reason as to why it’d be so quiet.

“Surprise!” Lance jumped out of his skin, almost grabbing his bayard before he realized the neon colors decorating the dining hall. His heart came to a halt and climbed into his throat as his mouth gaped like a fish. He stared at the smiles adorning their faces, a rare occasion among the teens.

“W-what?” He whispered, seeing your hair in his peripheral vision bounce over to the others. Shaking your hands and grinning like no tomorrow. His emotions quaked within him, and they boiled up until they reached his eyes and spilled out; like water inside of a boat on stormy waters. The stress he had been feeling lately was gone, and he felt relief wash over him as tears fell down his cheeks. Memories crashed into him like an angry Bull and he felt like he was being lifted off and carried away. The others’ smiles vanished, watching as Lance leaned to the side, his shoulder pressed against the doorway. Perhaps, this wasn’t much of a good idea; you realized, watching as he rubbed at his eyes.

“Ohh.” You said, taking the makeshift birthday hat off and jogging to him. Enveloping him in a warm hug. Your arms slipping under his and pulling him into you. The others joined, wrapping around them and warming him as he cried. Remembering whenever his mother would surprise him like this. When she would pretend the people on the other end of the phone were people from work, when it was really a relative. She’d do it no matter how old her baby had gotten, even if he had realized long ago she’d forever do it. Lance would do anything to hear that same phone ring, and that same voice and that same glance she’d give him. He’d do anything if it meant going home, even for just a second.

“It’s okay, Lance. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He heard, though he didn’t know where it came from. His head was flooded with thoughts but at the hearing of those words the thoughts drained away. He was being lifted from the bottom of a hole he had made himself, grabbed at by his friends.

By his family.

He felt frozen in time as he looked at those around him, this time he cried again. But he was happy, and now he was laughing even though tears were dripping over his lips and into his mouth. He felt safe, and he felt that warmth of his mothers hug radiation from everyone around him. He was remembering still, but he wasn’t upset. Because he knew that you and the others would take care of him, and they’d take care of him.

He was home.


Lance looked down at you, light from the stars they passed shined through the window near the two of you. You lay on his chest, sound asleep and gentle.

“I love you.” He murmured, shifting his head to kiss your temple. He pulled back and looked at your facial expression, a content smile on his face as he promised the two of you would come home safe and sound.

So, while I’m at it, I should mention that in August I’m going to be a bit busy.
So, next Tuesday, I’m not gonna be posting reqs unless I’m *really* in the mood. I’m going out and celebrating my birthday, and getting a new tattoo, haha! So I might be busy that day, and possibly the day after.
Then, the next week after on my days off, I’m gonna be seeing one of my online besties! Every year we meet up and hang out, but this time she gets to spend the night! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ Exciteddd. We’re gonna drink and watch a show she’s been craving lately! So I can promise that in the….10th and 11th(?) I’m gonna be busy and not posting, because I don’t want to be rude to my one of my besties coming over!
( ̄▽ ̄) Besides those days, August is gonna be free for me, unless work needs me on one of my days off. So there’s a PSA! I might reblog this the day before August as a reminder that I’m gonna be busy.

Pride before the fall