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Happy Birthday Sakamaki Triplets

It is March 20th and thus the day the three Sakamaki triplets were born!! Please enjoy a birthday drabble.

Anime: Diabolik Lovers

Character(s): Sakamaki Triplits

Words: 769

Ayato- He loved to be the centre of attention which is why you cooked him breakfast in bed and planned everything perfectly for him. However, Ayato also enjoys getting his own way, so when he decided he wanted to spend his day playing video games and drinking the blood out of recently lured victims, you let him be. You tried telling him that you had other plans but the vampire seemed to be having so much fun. At 10 o’clock, you were done; you cancelled your dinner reservations at his favourite restaurant, you previously called the water sports people and cancelled, and you stared forlornly at the beautiful outfit you bought that you thought he might like (as well as you knowing you look hella fine in it). Your vampire boyfriend -seeming to pick up on your sour mood- slung an arm around your shoulders and proceeded to kiss your shoulders, then neck, then cheek, until you denied him access to your lips. He frowned and tried again but you simply moved away from him. Before you moved to far, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you to look at him in the eye.

“What’s wrong?” 

“Did you enjoy your birthday?”

Ayato was taken aback but he pulled you close to his body, lips at your ear.

“Of course I did, but you haven’t.”

You tried not to let him notice how upset you actually were, it was his day after all. He pulled you flush against him and forces you to look at him.

“I had so much planned, I’m just upset that we couldn’t do them together.”

Ayato couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled from his chest but the way you pouted made a smile adorn his face. Instead of apologising or asking what you had planned like any normal person would, he smashed his lips to yours. You struggled at first but you soon melted into him, your chest lightening.

“Can I open my present now?” 

Laito- This vamp loved nothing more than to love you on his birthday. You awoke him by dotting kisses down his chest and neck, humming when he woke up with a chuckle. The two of you spent the rest of the morning rolling in bed… then in the shower before you actually did something productive. By the time the two of you emerged from your private quarters it was time for the dinner you booked. Laito was so surprised when you led him to a rooftop restaurant where the entire town could be seen. He was a romantic but you took that evening to a whole new level. You wooed him beyond belief and flirted with him like it was your job. When the dessert came he was already in a trance. The two of you shared the chocolate lava cake. Un-known to you, a drop of chocolate remained on your face and Laito couldn’t help but grin. He finally found his chance to woo you: his favourite past time, so he leaned across the table and licked the small drop of chocolate off your face. However, he didn’t stop there, he proceeded to kiss you softly, thanking you for the amazing dinner.

“So, babe, how can I repay you?”

You giggled, “It’s your birthday, Laito, you don’t have to repay me. I’m just glad you’re happy.”

As you smiled at him, the hat-wearing vampire felt his heart thud in his chest and his face heat up. He was glad to have spent his birthday with you.

Kanato- You knew his mood tended to switch from sweet to down-right murderous so you tried to keep it light and simple for his birthday. You simply planned to spend time with the purple haired vampire and tended to whatever he asked; you most definitely didn’t want to upset him on his birthday. However -and you don’t know how it happened- he turned. He began wrecking his room, yelling about his brothers and his mother and everything wrong with his birthday. It took all you had not to wrap your arms around him but if you got any closer you were probably going to get hurt. Once he calmed down he walked over to you and sat down. He then rested his head on your shoulder, tugging Teddy to his chest with his knees up.

“I’m sorry this birthday was so bad for you, Kanato,” you whispered.

“It wasn’t bad, I had you here after all Y/N.”

You smiled down at him as you stroked the hair from his eyes, kissed the top of his head, and watched as he shut his eyes.

Birthday Babies - Dean Winchester

Request by @evyiione

Dean x Reader, where reader is pregnant and it’s Dean Bday ! The scene start as same as in This is Us, the first two scene with Milo Ventimiglia ! I let you picture the rest of it !

Imagine it’s Dean’s birthday and your pregnant and Dean still wants to be cheeky.


Originally posted by littleblondesamoan

‘You ready?’ You asked, struggling to pull the now far to tiny bra over your white top.

‘As I’ll ever be.’ Dean laughed back from the other room.

Not even trying the pink lingerie pants that lay on the toilet seat in front of you, you exited the bathroom and leant against the door frame, pretending to be sexy.

‘You still got it babe.’ Dean complimented, a towel being the only thing protecting his crown jewels as he gave a cheesy grin.

‘You’re not going to make me dance, are you?’ You practically pleaded, rubbing your humongous belly. 

‘Tradition is tradition.’ He responded, laying back on the bed seductively.

‘Screw you Dean.’ You said before beginning to swing your overgrown hips. 

‘I would hope so.’ He cheekily muttered underneath his breath as you attempted to spin around.

As you laid down on the bed (with Deans help since doing anything while being pregnant with triplets in almost impossible), Dean wrapped his arm over your baby belly and said: ‘Now you better stay quiet while I do cheeky things to mummy.’ 

You froze, fearing that you were peeing yourself (which you often did because of the damn babies) but a sudden pain in your lower uterus told you otherwise.

‘Dean -’ You attempted to tell him that your water had just broken.

‘Nope. No excuses. It’s my birthday so I make the decisions.’ He interrupted you, thinking that you were going to try and coax your way out of the situation.

‘My water just broke.’ You informed him, lifting your eyebrows as he looked at you as if to say: ‘you still going to make me go through with this?’

‘Well, times change.’ He said in shock, helping you sit up while he reached for his jeans that lay on the floor. 

After hurriedly getting dressed and grabbing the bag that you had kept ready underneath your bed for when you gave birth, Dean guided you out the door and into the car.

‘This cannot be happening today. They better not steal my birthday.’ Dean complained like a toddler as he put the car into drive.

‘It’s not your choice and you best think otherwise if you think i’m holding them in for any more days.’ You groaned, tensing as a sharp pain travelled in your southern region. 

‘Bloody triplets.’ You said to no one in particular as the stings became more painful and more frequent. 

Dean definitely speeded as he got to the hospital in less then fifteen minutes when it usually took about forty. 

A nurse came to your side as soon as you entered the hospital and you were whisked away from Dean in an instant.

‘STOP!’ You ordered the nurses who were trying to force you into a wheelchair.

‘You need to sit down.’ The nurse persisted, trying to push you down by your shoulder.

Since you were once a hunter, you easily shook of her grip and told her you weren’t going anywhere without your husband. With this, she hulled Dean towards you and you ‘compliantly’ sat in the wheelchair which took you and Dean to the next chapter of your life.


After about sixteen hours of labour and non stop screaming, you had squeezed out three little girls named B (short for Bobby), Charlie and Ellen. 

Dean held B and you had Charlie and Ellen resting on your chest. Ellen gurgled around, being the only one awake.

‘Hey sweetie.’ You whispered to her, beaming down at her as her soft blue eyes struggled to stay open while looking at you.

‘You know what I’m happy about?’ Dean questioned you, rubbing B’s belly.

‘What?’ You answered, admiration in your eyes as you stared at your complete family.

‘They don’t have the same birthday as me.’ And with that the admiration had disappeared and the bitch face returned.

anonymous asked:

Okay. Get this. Good uncle Yuuri is planning the triplets' birthday party and hires magician! Victor. Victor chooses Yuuri as a participant even though it's a kid birthday party and he's supposed to choose a kid.

Okay. Get this. You sent me this amazing thought, and I decided to write a 2,000+ word fic on it. Because my self-control needs to be located by search party. I’m going to post the whole thing here and move it to Ao3 tomorrow when I feel less lazy :). Thank you for sharing this INSANELY INSPIRING idea with me and I hope you enjoy…. “Magic Man” :)

(It is long so there is a cut line! Definitely SFW!)

The ad had said that Victor the Great could entertain audiences of all ages, that his tricks were beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, and that he could convince even the most cynical people that magic was real.

What the ad didn’t say, was that Victor was absolutely the most beautiful man who had ever dared to exist on earth.

The lack of warning had certainly taken a toll on Yuuri’s heart, as he opened the front door to Yuuko’s house and came face-to-face with the man-god parading as a children’s party magician. The black top hat, tailed black coat and bright red bow tie should have immediately elicited laughter. Instead, Yuuri felt his tongue swell two sizes in his mouth and steal away his ability to speak. Maybe that was Victor’s first trick, robbing Yuuri of all his senses with the man’s magical out-of-this-world blue eyes and smile that lit Yuuri’s body on fire. Blushing and staring at his feet, Yuuri waved Victor into the house and lead him to the back yard where the show would take place.

Victor followed the dark-haired man through a dining room filled with delicious looking food, through a kitchen that looked like a food bomb got gone off, and out into a backyard that was chaotic with kid noise. Children ran in every direction, giggling and yelling “you’re it!” as they tagged their friends. On the outskirts of the yard, the adults stood in small clumps of conversation, occasionally dodging a sprinting child. It was a typical kid party, and Victor grinned at the lively nature of his future audience.

“Um… here…” Yuuri stopped and pointed to the small platform of a wood deck. “I mean…” rubbing the back of his neck, Yuuri could feel the blush on his cheeks heating up as the blue eyes studied him, “you can set up here.” Finally gaining an ounce of courage, Yuuri lifted his gaze to meet Victor’s.

“Are you Yuuri?” Stepping forward, Victor set his black cases onto the deck. His slight invasion of Yuuri’s personal space was intentional as Victor continued to smile at the adorable man.

Yuuri’s first email, inquiring about Victor’s availability for the party, had been formal and inquisitive. Victor had responded back quickly, confirming that he would love to provide entertainment. It was Yuuri’s second response, with a cheeky question about Victor arriving by car or in a puff of smoke that had peaked Victor’s interest. It had been a silly joke, but Victor had played along, answering not only in jest, but also with a hint of flirting.

Nineteen emails had been exchanged over the course of two weeks and Victor had been unable to sleep the night before the party, the anticipation of meeting his email partner keeping him awake with nervous energy. The dark mop of hair, shy brown eyes, and flushing cheeks had to belong to Yuuri Katsuki, and Victor had been trying to come up with something clever throughout their short walk through the house. Instead of cleverness, he had barely managed to ask Yuuri to identify himself, and Victor was internally groaning over his own failure.

Swallowing, Yuuri studied Victor’s face. “I am,” he said, gaining courage he stuck out his hand, “uh, nice to meet you Victor the Great.” When Victor chuckled, Yuuri wanted to crawl inside of the piñata and let the kids beat his embarrassment out of him.

“You’ll watch the show, won’t you?” Victor slipped his hand into Yuuri’s, squeezing it slightly. “Maybe if you watch me closely, you’ll be able to figure out my tricks.” Leaning forward again, Victor winked at Yuuri. He prayed that he sounded flirty instead of creepy.


Getting tackled from behind by three squealing triplets, Yuuri fell forward into Victor’s arms. Freezing, Yuuri looked up and immediately lost himself again in Victor’s eyes. Feeling his body shaken by the force of three sets of hands, Yuuri snapped his attention back to his nieces. “Mom said you have to help with the piñata while the magician sets up! Dad said you can flirt later!” All three girls cackled at their joke as Yuuri’s face caught fire.

Smile on his lips, Victor stepped up onto the wooden deck and bent to open his first case. “I’m ok with that plan,” throwing a wink over his shoulder, Victor forced himself to concentrate on his props as a stammering Yuuri was dragged toward the line of screaming kids.

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Sakamaki Sibling Heights

I find it funny that Reiji and Ayato, the youngest of their respective pureblood brothers, are taller than their older siblings, and I kind of want to elaborate a little on this. 

While Ayato is taller than Kanato despite being the same height as Laito, the true eldest Sakamaki son between Karlheinz and Cordelia, he ironically possesses the traits of an eldest sibling. Ambitious, determined, and willing to lead others if an opportunity calls for it. (Let’s not forget that he was the one to come up with the plan to murder Cordelia and get the rest of his triplet brothers in on it.) If Rejet never mentioned the Sakamaki triplets’ birthday dates, I would have never guessed that Laito was the actual eldest brother of the triplets. I didn’t even know about the Japanese tradition for switching the birth order of the first and last triplet, so it would have never occurred to me that Ayato was actually the youngest. (But I will admit that Kanato seemed like the baby of the triplets to me because of his height and childlike tendencies, but for all I know, Kanato could be malnourished and suffered as a result of it.)

Reiji is only 3 cm taller than Shu, but I can see why Yui first thought that Reiji was the eldest Sakamaki brother in the mansion when she first met the Sakamaki family. He was definitely more responsible, well mannered, and levelheaded than the rest of the household, and with the fact that he’s the tallest Sakamaki brother, it adds on to the assumption that he would be the eldest brother. Nevertheless, Shu later revealed that he was the eldest, shocking Yui who had thought that Reiji was the eldest. (Oh poor Reiji…) 

Anyway, I just thought this was a little amusing since I know many older siblings who are shorter in height than their younger siblings (myself included). As someone who is often mistaken to be one of the younger daughters in my family at family functions, events, or outings, I definitely understand where Shu (and maybe Laito) is coming from. Looks can be deceiving, and I am sure we can all agree that heights are a part of that category too.

-Admin Yuuzuki

anonymous asked:

if requests are still open, could you do Yuuri dressed up in a Dory costume?

Sorry to make you wait so long, as an excuse I coloured it a bit too!
I tried to make up a Dory costume by myself, I hope you like it (i really like it and I might do a full body pic of Yuuri wearing it because it really suits him?)

I imagined Yuuri and the others doing a little Finding Nemo show for the triplets’ birthday party, and this is after they finished and Yuuri bows down a little to them to ask whether they liked it (they loved it).

Yoi sketch # 19 - Yuuri in a Dory costume (Viktor thinks he’s very cute)

Send me a YOI character(s) and I’ll do you a sketch!