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So I’m catching up on the newest Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode and decided to also re-watch Bon Bon the Birthday Clown to refresh my memory when I noticed something interesting about Star’s wand when she summons the All Seeing Eye.

During both Bon Bon, and Raid the Cave, Star’s wand gets a snake-like eye in the center. One that looks very similar to another wand-wielder we saw previously:

Celena the Shy.

Perhaps the “trove of cosmic secrets” Celena hid behind her fan were things she learned from using the All Seeing Eye spell? In which case, maybe the reason the spell is credited to Eclipsa’s chapter is not because she was the first to discover it… but rather she was simply the first to record it?


season ten meme
four/eight episodes → The Birthday Synchronicity

It’s hard to believe Howard’s having a kid. I mean, look how far we’ve all come. You two got married. Sheldon and I are living together. Penny was a struggling actress when we met, and now she’s a successful pharmaceutical rep. Howard went to space. Bernadette got her doctorate. Sheldon, Howard and I are working with the government on our quantum gyroscope. We’ve all come a long way. There’s a lot to be proud of.

Something I noticed throughout SVTFOE

After re-watching Star vs the Forces of Evil, I noticed a particular page of Star’s spell book.

Yup. “What to Do When You Raise the Dead?” And it’s shown quite often in both season 1 and 2.
Here we see it for the first time, in “Freeze Day.”

No one comments on it, Star just skips through it. And no one ever comments on it the other times it is shown in other episodes.
In “My New Wand!” Star’s wand actually seeks out this page before the book closes on it. Weird.

And we get the clearest shot of this page in “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown.” (See first image)

This can’t be a coincidence. We know that resurrecting the dead IS possible. Tom does it in “Friendenemies” when he summons Mackie Hand.

Others have theorized that Eclipsa might be resurrected. By Ludo, Star, or someone else, we don’t know. But the fact that THIS page keeps coming up, and that it’s one of few that can be visibly read by the viewers, makes me certain that it’s going to be extremely important in later episodes.

Hope you enjoyed my theory and prediction!

I know a lot of people don’t like Lance’s hyperactivity in this scene, but honestly, I think he was just excited to go home.
We know Lance is homesick, and I think in this scene he knew that if the plan worked, they’d be able to go home. I think that’s why he was so energetic about it.

January 6, 1982:

Happy birthday to…


From The Yellow Handkerchief

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Anthony Baekeland!!

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Colin Clark!!

From My Week with Marilyn

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Eddie Kreezer!!

From Hick

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Marius Pontmercy!!

From Les Misérables

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Stephen Wraysford!!

From Birdsong

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From The Danish girl

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From Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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From the magical places where hot people roam freely with their families and friends…

Banjou the Bear?

So apparently I missed Banjou’s birthday yesterday (sorry buddy) so thought I would do a post about him to make up for it.

I’m pretty sure this is common knowledge but for those of you who didn’t know (like me until about 3 weeks ago, I had always just thought the similarity was a funny coincidence) Ishida based the name Banjou Kazuichi off the titular protagonists of the video game series Banjo-Kazooie:

You can see where he gets his beefy arms and bara stocky build from.

Kazooie is Banjo’s birdy best friend who lives in the backpack on his shoulders. Every now and then, Kazooie will pop out the bag, flap his wings and help him jump, fly, etc. I always thought it was a quirky trait that a ghoul as large as Banjou was given an ukaku kagune (ukaku’s make you think of fast, lithe builds) but if Ishida based more than just his name off of Banjo-Kazooie, it kinda makes sense. Ukaku’s are known as ‘shining wings’ and have a feathered appearance after all. You could say that Kazooie is to Banjo what a Kagune is to Banjou (sorry there’s way too many similar names in this post).

Moving onto something more serious, there have been a few theories/discussions going around recently about Ainu culture (inspired by Kaneki’s Ainu poem in V14) and their reverence of animals; particularly the bear, striped owl and killer whale (the original post about Ainu culture, Eto and owls by @anniepet is here while @harostar‘s add on is here - you should go read them, they’re both really cool theories/points).

We already have Eto the Owl, and Shachi’s alias is Orca so he’s holding down the killer whale camp. But so far, as pointed out in the above posts, we haven’t had anyone associated with the bear.

Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie is a honey bear. Banjou the ghoul bares (sorry, terrible pun) a lot of resemblance to his namesake. Perhaps our Uncle Banjoi is meant to hold the place of the bear in the Ainu theory?

Anyone feel free to add onto this! I think it’s mostly just the character’s names that were referenced but there might be something cool to find in the game that could have been inspiration for Banjou’s character in Tokyo Ghoul. The evil witch antagonist of Banjo-Kazooie was crushed by a boulder kinda like Rize was crushed by steel beams but I doubt Banjou would do that to his beloved Rize!

On gem hierarchy (Steven Universe)

One thing I found odd about this last Steven Bomb (Steven Bomb 4 aka Steven’s Birthday Week) is that Ruby and Sapphire are very different classes, despite rubies and sapphires both being types of corundum. This probably means the gem hierarchy has basically nothing to do with hardness or geologic classification or composition or anything, really. Maybe rarity, since Garnet did say Sapphire was a “rare” gem. Which would maybe make sense… until you realize diamonds are not actually rare crystals and that their value only comes from the processes necessary to cut and polish them.

So I began thinking… maybe gem hierarchy comes from their utilitarianism. The more practical uses a gemstone has, the higher it is on the gem hierarchy. And if you think about it in this way, it maybe starts to make sense. Quartz is used to make glass, which is very prevalent in everyday life, as well as many different electronic components. Sapphire is used everywhere from watch faces to body armor to LED lights to the earliest computer chips. And diamonds, diamonds are one of the strongest natural materials known to humankind. Diamonds are on drill bits and saw blades and inside audio speakers. And if you widen the definition of “diamond” to any carbon lattice structure, then a whole entire world opens up. Many things from coal to ash to carbon fiber fall fall under this category, as well as experimental supermaterials on the cutting-edge of materials science like nanotubules and graphene. With this view, it’s no wonder diamonds are at the top of the gem hierarchy.

On the other hand, rubies, being a more restrictive definition of gem (rubies only refer to specifically red-colored corundum while sapphires can refer to many different types of corundum) don’t seem all too useful, and pearls (which we know are for all intents and purposes slaves on the gem homeworld) have very little if any industrial use.

What do you think?


chokingonfeelings submitted:

Okay so usually gem fusion is made by two gems, no? But in the case of Stevonnie it’s made by one human and a ½ human/gem hybrid. His hybrid status already gives Steven some leeway– he can withstand that defusing weapon (while showing some signs of cracking), needs to eat and sleep, etc. Gems (in their original state) probably aren’t used to being connected to human, living flesh and bone either, which makes me very curious about HOW IN THE FUCK did the insemination even happen bUT ANYWAYS

Rose’s gem is used to dealing with human flesh, to the point that while Steven is able to do stuff like invoking energy shields or healing with his spit it’s very probable that when he dies his human body will stay like that, dead. Because he’s basically a human body whose life essence comes from a sentient rock (this is all wild speculation and might not be true, but work with me). So in a very basic way, Rose’s gem is already working in a way that’s very different from usual gems’ m.o. (which opens a world of possibilities about Rose spending months, maybe even years, experimenting with keeping a human fetus attached to her gem WHILE being in her own physical projection and working on keeping up a fake uterus on the sidelines).

So the thing is that Rose’s gem currently isn’t really working like a normal gem’s would, Steven’s gem is much more synchronized with flesh and bone and all that other stuff living things are made of in Earth than your average gem would be. So fusing with another living creature while keeping the harmony and not, idk, accidentally cannibalizing that being’s life force or fucking the fusion up in some other way, shouldn’t be that hard, right? And in the end atoms are atoms, so if Steven’s gem can adapt to dealing with human flesh instead of a Gem Projection™ then it’s possible it can also vibrate hard enough/do whatever the fuck a gem does to unlock fusion and trigger said phenomena. Conclusion? Two children fuse into a 2 parts human/1 part gem non-binary deity of hotness.

(But then again, this is all wild theorizing my brain slapped me with after reading your tags and seeing you wonder how in the shit Steven and Connie fused when Connie is (supposedly) 100% human born and raised)

TL;DR: Steve/Rose’s gem is doing weird shit just for Steve to exist, said weird shit might enable a higher compatibility with humans and that makes human/gem-hybrid fusion possible (which gives us in a non-binary deity as a result).

((……and now that I think about it, I’m really curious to know what Steve’s and Stevonnie’s DNA tests would look like. After all, Steve technically doesn’t have his mom’s DNA since she, ya know, doesn’t fucking have DNA…))

Oh my GOD you’re right, I was thinking about it entirely wrong. When I was calling Stevonnie into question I was thinking about when Garnet was telling Greg he needed a body that could turn to light in order to fuse, which Connie really shouldn’t have either. I was trying to figure out if something weird was happening with her. [Insert Yellow Diamond theory joke here.]

But you’re absolutely correct, Steven’s gem is used to dealing with biological (as opposed to geological) life all the time. And so it CAN do gem stuff, but it struggles a little since it has his body to deal with too.

I’m specifically thinking of shape-shifting. The other gems flash and turn white and you can see their bodies reform into something that’s still entirely them, that’s definitely their light-bodies in action. But as we saw in Cat Fingers, Steven just gets the fingers. His cells shifted and reformed into that new form, but the new form was formed with a more biological method and thusly became a new life

And in the OTHER totally horrifying gem shape-shifting mishap episode, So Many Birthdays, we see more of his gem trying to cope with actual cells. When someone poofs back into their gem, they usually have a chance to stop and consider what they want their next body to look like, as a better reflection of themselves. Steven’s gem can’t ever do that though, it already has a body with cells and it’s going to LIKE IT

But it’s still a gem so it still tries. And so when when you have a kid suddenly realizing the gravity of what aging is, that they’re getting older and have to start leaving the things that they love behind, the gem is going to try to reflect that change of identity for him in the only way it can: making his body and cells biologically older. He doesn’t turn white (to light) when doing so, he just glows a bit on the edges and his cells visibly change.

And he’s still a kid during that! Suddenly he’s a kid actually in an adult’s body and he feels EXPONENTIALLY older and his gem keeps trying to reflect that and he almost dies from it. (That episode makes it REALLY obvious that gems aren’t exactly made for the whole “mortal cells” thing.) 

That’s why he probably doesn’t look exactly like Greg, though, since you’re also right in that Greg is the only parent who gave Steven any DNA. He’s genetically a clone of Greg, but he’s still his own person, and so his gem makes his appearance reflect that.

Bringing it back to Stevonnie, Connie doesn’t have a gem, so all the work of fusion would need to be done by Steven’s gem alone. A la the conservation of matter, what his gem probably does is grab Connie’s cells and throw them into the mess of Steven’s cells that it already knows how to deal with. Stevonnie is just a REALLY BIG half-gem half-human with 2 minds tucked inside. The wikia page for Stevonnie points out that Stevonnie is mostly Connie’s mind, and that’s probably because Steven IS half-gem. His gem(/mind) is trying to blend their consciousnesses together, but her human mind isn’t capable of that sort of thing, and so she bleeds through significantly stronger than Steven does.

Normal gemstones wouldn’t have the slightest clue what to do with real flesh. It’s outside of their ability, which is why they CAN’T fuse with humans. Rose Quartz as an individual had to DIE in order for her gem to change drastically enough to do that, for her gem to make a meaningful bond with a collection of living cells. 

tl;dr: Steven’s biology as a gem is really hardcore.