birthday theory post

So I’m catching up on the newest Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode and decided to also re-watch Bon Bon the Birthday Clown to refresh my memory when I noticed something interesting about Star’s wand when she summons the All Seeing Eye.

During both Bon Bon, and Raid the Cave, Star’s wand gets a snake-like eye in the center. One that looks very similar to another wand-wielder we saw previously:

Celena the Shy.

Perhaps the “trove of cosmic secrets” Celena hid behind her fan were things she learned from using the All Seeing Eye spell? In which case, maybe the reason the spell is credited to Eclipsa’s chapter is not because she was the first to discover it… but rather she was simply the first to record it?

Banjou the Bear?

So apparently I missed Banjou’s birthday yesterday (sorry buddy) so thought I would do a post about him to make up for it.

I’m pretty sure this is common knowledge but for those of you who didn’t know (like me until about 3 weeks ago, I had always just thought the similarity was a funny coincidence) Ishida based the name Banjou Kazuichi off the titular protagonists of the video game series Banjo-Kazooie:

You can see where he gets his beefy arms and bara stocky build from.

Kazooie is Banjo’s birdy best friend who lives in the backpack on his shoulders. Every now and then, Kazooie will pop out the bag, flap his wings and help him jump, fly, etc. I always thought it was a quirky trait that a ghoul as large as Banjou was given an ukaku kagune (ukaku’s make you think of fast, lithe builds) but if Ishida based more than just his name off of Banjo-Kazooie, it kinda makes sense. Ukaku’s are known as ‘shining wings’ and have a feathered appearance after all. You could say that Kazooie is to Banjo what a Kagune is to Banjou (sorry there’s way too many similar names in this post).

Moving onto something more serious, there have been a few theories/discussions going around recently about Ainu culture (inspired by Kaneki’s Ainu poem in V14) and their reverence of animals; particularly the bear, striped owl and killer whale (the original post about Ainu culture, Eto and owls by @anniepet is here while @harostar‘s add on is here - you should go read them, they’re both really cool theories/points).

We already have Eto the Owl, and Shachi’s alias is Orca so he’s holding down the killer whale camp. But so far, as pointed out in the above posts, we haven’t had anyone associated with the bear.

Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie is a honey bear. Banjou the ghoul bares (sorry, terrible pun) a lot of resemblance to his namesake. Perhaps our Uncle Banjoi is meant to hold the place of the bear in the Ainu theory?

Anyone feel free to add onto this! I think it’s mostly just the character’s names that were referenced but there might be something cool to find in the game that could have been inspiration for Banjou’s character in Tokyo Ghoul. The evil witch antagonist of Banjo-Kazooie was crushed by a boulder kinda like Rize was crushed by steel beams but I doubt Banjou would do that to his beloved Rize!