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Happy birthday, Sen! @victornikiforovs ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊

Happy birthday Nikol! { @flamingplay }

Thank you so much for your friendship, I’m so happy we got to meet by chance! I sincerely hope you have an amazing day surrounded by the people who love you, you deserve it, girl! 💚 I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I really care about you and I hope you’re always happy… This is your day, live it to the fullest.

Is Julie still trying to make a Defan endgame? Because it's hilarious. That bromance is gone for me like 6 years ago.

-Let’s start with the fact that Damon promised an eternity of misery for Stefan

-He killed uncle Zack

-He killed Stefan’s BEST FRIEND Lexi. On his birthday

-He was stalking Elena from the very beggining. He started by trying with compeling her to kiss him. He was coming to her room and watching her sleep. He came into her dreams and made visions like she slept with him or how he attacked her. 

He had behaviouring like Elena is not Stefan’s girlfriend than he’s too. He was trying to “get a girl” when Stefan was gone with Klaus so he wouldn’t die, and he had actually says that it’s ok. He said many times that Elena is Stefan’s true love, yet he thinks it’s absolutely normal what he did to him

I won’t continue with listing, the fact that he took away the most important person’s in Stefan’s life is more than enough.

And after this he’s speaking about how Stefan was in love two times and he’s his family, like WHAT THE FU** JULIE? Seriosly, after all what Damon did to Stefan, you’re expecting that I’ll rooting for epic Defan endgame?

BIGBANG reaction to you wanting something expensive

A blog with Big Bang Sj8wyrb3iwiw !! Can I request a big bang reaction to the reader wanting something expensive?

Thanks for requesting :)

A/N: It is more of getting something expensive he’s noticed you want

Gifs are not mine, credits to all the owners!

Hope you like it!

Daesung: *He sees you looking at a necklace with a beautiful crystal* *He doesn’t say anything but he would buy it as a gift for you when you least expect it*

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T.O.P: *He would see you always looking at that one necklace everytime you walked past a jewelry shop close to your apartment* *one day when you were walking past the shop with him, he would stop and pull you in the shop without saying anything* “Seunghyun-ah what are you-” *he would just smile at you silently* *he would ask the jeweler to show him the necklace in all the colours they had* *you would gasp, catching on to what he was doing* “Shh, I’m buying this for you, think of it as a gift” *he’d ask what colour you wanted* “I don’t know, I like those two the most, but I don’t know which one, they’re both so pretty” *you point at two necklaces* “why not both?” *you’d protest but he’d buy both of them anyway*     well wasnt that long lol

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G-Dragon: *You would complain about a fur coat (kinda similar to the smiley fur coat in the Crooked MV) that you wanted that you’d seen earlier in a store, being expensive to your friend on the phone* *he would secretely be listening* *after the call* “which store did you see the coat in?” he would ask casually. *you would name the store confused* *next day during the day he would come back from “a quick round to the studio” with the coat you saw talked about* “wha-” “we need to be a fashioniable couple, don’t we?”    i really want that coat tbh

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Seungri: *You’d wake up to a box with the pair of earrings you’ve wanted forever sitting on your bedside table on your birthday* “Seunghyun-ah? Did you do this?” You called out. *he walks into your bedroom* *gif* *starts singing “happy birthday”*

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Taeyang: *He’d stalk your old posts on instagram and see you once posted a pic of a beautiful ring with the caption “if I ever get married I want this ring”* *once your wedding came around you’d see the same ring* *later on your wedding night* “how did you even know that I wanted that ring?” “I stalked you on instagram” “Yah!” You’d hit his arm playfully. “But I did good, didn’t I?” He’d say.   why is he so ughhhhh

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École Maternelle Les Amis verse | drabble xiii | exR | kidfic, nursery school AU, kidlet!Grantaire, kidlet!Enjolras, kidlet!Musichetta, Courfeyrac, (previous drabbles)

Enjolras can’t stop getting into scrapes even on his birthday. At least Grantaire has nothing to do with it this time - oh, wait.

In which Les Amis are all either teachers or students at Les Amis Nursery School. For darlingjolras’ birthday, late though I am.

It’s Enjolras’ birthday and that means that for one day, everyone will be as nice to him as they can. Which is how Courfeyrac ends up with Musichetta’s fists entangled in Enjolras’ hair, pulling as hard as she can and yelling her little lungs out at him.

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I swear, together, we are infinite. 

Happy birthday, @xhellnhighheelsx!!!