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Ok so I have the power of healing ( I’m coming for u Pietro!) and I can see the immediate future. Somehow I got these after being possessed by a demon. Seems legit.

Sand and Sun

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Taehyung

Genre: Fluff / Humor

Prompt: “He’s four years old!” + “I lost our child.”

Rating: PG

Word Count: 641

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I was bored today, and noticed that there weren’t many Birthday Scenarios for Diabolik Lovers, so I decided to contribute one. Have fun!

I’ll share mine to start off with…
Kanato Sakamaki made me his toy because I was his precious girl. 

I know not all of the sentences will make sense, unfortunately, but it was just created for amusement.

// s h e  w a y  o u t //

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she way out + hoseok

// i’ve never seen her dance moves, dancing like she way out //

It was no secret that Hoseok was an amazing dancer. It was simply breathtaking how seamlessly he was able to make his body move and flow to music. Honestly, it was enough to create jealousy in anybody…including you.

“How does he do it,” you mumbled under your breath. You were intently watching an old video Hoseok had sent to you of him testing out some choreography, and, of course, he looked so fluid and just…flawless. You had to admit you envied the way he made his body move so beautifully.

With a sigh, you click off the video and go to your music app. “I can’t be that bad,” you say to yourself, clicking on a random song you knew had a good beat. You sat your phone down on the coffee table and began moving your head to the music. Eventually, you were full-on dancing…if that’s what you wanted to call it. Your arms flew around haphazardly and your legs were stiff as you jumped around. You shook your head from side to side, trying your best to sway your hips.

You kept up with your dancing until you heard a string of giggles. Freezing, you turned around slowly to see none other than your boyfriend, Hoseok, standing by the front door with a massive smile on his face.

“Babe, I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve never seen anybody dance like that before,” he teased, shedding his jacket. You stuck your tongue out and threw a pillow from the couch at him. He let it hit his stomach as he laughed again. He slipped his tennis shoes off and strode over to you, wrapping you in a bone-crushing hug. “You have to tell me who taught you to dance like that. I’m a bit jealous.”

You groaned and swatted at his bicep. “We can’t all be dancing geniuses, Hoseok.”

“That is true…” he trailed off, releasing you and picking up your phone. You watched him scroll through your music library, eyes scanning the song titles. He finally settled on one and you were surprised to hear the beginning of a slow song. “Dance with me.”

“You just made fun of my dancing,” you reminded him, crossing your arms for emphasis. He shook his head and took your hands in his. “Plus, I don’t even know how to da-”

Hoseok cut you off by pulling you to his body tightly, picking you up a little so he could slide his feet beneath yours. “Just follow me,” he whispered in your ear. Calmness instantly settled over you and you rested your head on Hoseok’s sweater-clad shoulder, relaxing in his grip.

He moved his feet only slightly, swaying softly with you in his arms. It was relaxing to be with him in this moment and you were only more grateful that he was the one doing most of the dancing.

“I love you, Y/N…” he murmured against your temple. You hummed and pressed a small kiss to his neck. “…even if you’re a terrible dancer.”


I’ve made a Neko atsume Birthday Scenario because I see no one is making one so I decided I should make one.

If you can’t read what the text says for Days it should be:

1: Peaches

2:Senor Don Gato   3:Bob the Cat      4: Pickles   5: Kathmandu

6: Ginger    7: Saint Purrtrick    8: Joe Dimeowgio 9: Pepper

10: Tubbs    11: Ms Fortune     12: Dottie   13:  Fred

15: Cocoa    16:  Marshmallow:    17:Smokey  18: Ramses the Great

19:  Snowball   20: Billy the kitten  21: Socks    22: Lady Meow Meow

23: Xerxes IV   24:  Bolt    25: Frosty  26: Willie   27: Conductor Whiskers

28: Patches   29: Mack     30: Pumpkin    31: Spooky

Harry Potter Birthday Scenario Game

January- Challenge a midnight duel to
February- Send a Cupid to
March- Open the Chamber of Secrets with
April- Go shopping on Diagonal Alley with
May- Set off fireworks during your O.W.L.s with
June- Spend your summer holiday with
July- Visit the Shrieking Shack with
August- Raid the candy trolley with
September- Break into the Ministry of Magic with
October- Destroy a horcrux with
November- Sneak out to the forbidden forest with
December- Go to the Yule Ball with

1- Mad Eye Moody
2- Severus Snape
3- Voldemort
4- Hermione Granger
5- Neville Longbottom
6- Dolorus Umbridge
7- Fred and George Weasly
8- Rubeus Hagrid
9- Cedric Diggory
10- Albus Dumbledore
11- Nymphadora Tonks
12- Luna Lovegood
13- Ron Weasly
14- Oliver Wood
15- Dobby
16- Remus Lupin
17- Moaning Myrtle
18- Draco Malfoy
19- Bellatrix Lestrange
20- Harry Potter
21- Dean Thomas
22- Gilderoy Lockhart
23- Sirius Black
24- Peeves
25- Cho Chang
26- Peter Pettigrew
27- Ginny Weasly
28- Seamus Finnigan
29- Colin Creevey
30- James Potter
31- Minerva McGonagall