birthday scenario game

Ok so I have the power of healing ( I’m coming for u Pietro!) and I can see the immediate future. Somehow I got these after being possessed by a demon. Seems legit.

Harry Potter Birthday Scenario Game

January- Challenge a midnight duel to
February- Send a Cupid to
March- Open the Chamber of Secrets with
April- Go shopping on Diagonal Alley with
May- Set off fireworks during your O.W.L.s with
June- Spend your summer holiday with
July- Visit the Shrieking Shack with
August- Raid the candy trolley with
September- Break into the Ministry of Magic with
October- Destroy a horcrux with
November- Sneak out to the forbidden forest with
December- Go to the Yule Ball with

1- Mad Eye Moody
2- Severus Snape
3- Voldemort
4- Hermione Granger
5- Neville Longbottom
6- Dolorus Umbridge
7- Fred and George Weasly
8- Rubeus Hagrid
9- Cedric Diggory
10- Albus Dumbledore
11- Nymphadora Tonks
12- Luna Lovegood
13- Ron Weasly
14- Oliver Wood
15- Dobby
16- Remus Lupin
17- Moaning Myrtle
18- Draco Malfoy
19- Bellatrix Lestrange
20- Harry Potter
21- Dean Thomas
22- Gilderoy Lockhart
23- Sirius Black
24- Peeves
25- Cho Chang
26- Peter Pettigrew
27- Ginny Weasly
28- Seamus Finnigan
29- Colin Creevey
30- James Potter
31- Minerva McGonagall

I’ve made a Neko atsume Birthday Scenario because I see no one is making one so I decided I should make one.

If you can’t read what the text says for Days it should be:

1: Peaches

2:Senor Don Gato   3:Bob the Cat      4: Pickles   5: Kathmandu

6: Ginger    7: Saint Purrtrick    8: Joe Dimeowgio 9: Pepper

10: Tubbs    11: Ms Fortune     12: Dottie   13:  Fred

15: Cocoa    16:  Marshmallow:    17:Smokey  18: Ramses the Great

19:  Snowball   20: Billy the kitten  21: Socks    22: Lady Meow Meow

23: Xerxes IV   24:  Bolt    25: Frosty  26: Willie   27: Conductor Whiskers

28: Patches   29: Mack     30: Pumpkin    31: Spooky