birthday scenario game

In celebration of the new game, “South Park: The Fractured But Whole”, I’ve created a birthday scenario game to see what superhero class you’d be and how you got your powers.

Heck, you can use this game as a template for any future superheros you’d like to create.

I’d love to see your answers, so please reblog this.

Ok so I have the power of healing ( I’m coming for u Pietro!) and I can see the immediate future. Somehow I got these after being possessed by a demon. Seems legit.

Sand and Sun

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Taehyung

Genre: Fluff / Humor

Prompt: “He’s four years old!” + “I lost our child.”

Rating: PG

Word Count: 641

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Congratulations for 1K followers!!!! I really love your blog! Can I ask for the quote 2 and theme 16 for Wonwoo?

Thank you! Here goes a first fight with Wonwoo using the quote “do you trust me?” This is longer than planned again since the prompt got me too inspired!


You have never fought with your boyfriend before. Most of the time he’s relaxed and doesn’t get overly emotional. But today…

Both of you have had tough weeks, both exhausted, both very on edge. And Wonwoo gets to your apartment two hours late for your scheduled date after an incredibly long Seventeen rehearsal and, apparently, an argument with Mingyu.

He’s been ranting about it for five full minutes already, since the moment he came in the door. Missing the fact that you were standing, arms folded, in the doorway to the kitchen, jaw tight and expression furious. You’ve never seen him so mad before, brows knitted in a frown, practically shouting. But you’re furious as well.

“Wonwoo.” you interrupt at last, patience snapping. “Will you shut up a second?”

His mouth drops open. He bristles like an angry cat. 

“What?” he snaps, folding his arms, narrowing his eyes.

“Do you know what time it is?” you demand, waving an arm vaguely at the dark windows. “Did you even bother to text me to say you would be late?”

“What the hell Y/N?” he yells, the first time he ever raised his voice at you. “I was just explaining what an awful rehearsal I had! Couldn’t you have guessed why I was late?”

“So you didn’t even care enough to take two seconds to text and let me know at the time?” you yell, tears welling in your eyes already. You hate the way your tiredness and frustration is making you feel, pain swirling in your chest already. “Because I should have guessed??”

“Y/N, come on-” Wonwoo snaps, like you’re being unreasonable.

“No! You don’t get to use that voice with me!” you yell. “You know how awful this week has been for me- you aren’t the only one with problems- and all you had to to was check in once! ONE TIME! I didn’t know why you weren’t answering my calls! You’ve been so closed off lately, I thought- I didn’t- it was like our date meant nothing to you! Like I meant nothing! Like you’ve been avoiding me-”

“Y/N,” Wonwoo says again, but his voice is soft now. “No, I would never-”

“How am I meant to know that?” you demand, fists clenched tight, tears pouring down your face now. “How am I meant to know you aren’t bored with me?”

Wonwoo’s eyes shine with emotion.  

“Do you trust me?” he asks, reaching a hand toward you.

You freeze, looking at him. Your lip quivers, and your heart melts, seeing the way he’s embracing his feeling, rather than avoiding them. 

“I trust you,” you whisper.

“Then let’s talk instead of shouting,” he says gently. “I’m so sorry, baby. I never want you to feel like I’d lose interest in you. You’re everything to me.”

“I-I-” you’re still shaking with unreleased emotion, but you stretch your hand out to meet his, and let him pull you in.

“Trust me,” he whispers.

“I trust you.” you sigh, feeling everything hard and painful inside you unfold in his arms, with the touch of his body on yours.

Let’s play a game: Black Butler edition

what month are you born in?

January: Undertaker

February: Joker 

March: Claude

April: Elizabeth

May: Ronald

June: Soma

July: Grell

August: Charles. G

September: William

October: Sebastian

November: Alois

December: Ciel (our) 

What day of the month were your born?

1rst: has a crush on you            2nd: wants to kill you

3rd: is your drinking buddy       4th: is your partner in crime

5th: is your best friend              6th: is your husband/wife

7th: is your son/daughter         8th: saved your life

9th: was your first kiss             10th: your mortal enemy 

11th: is your butler/maid          12th: is your father/mother 

13th: punched you in the face  14th: said you were very beautiful 

15th: saw you naked                 16th: and you danced at the ball

17th: and you fiercely played chubby bunny

18th: is your stalker                   19th: asked you out to dinner

20th: got bullied by you back in high school 

21rst: and you cuddled together in bed

22nd: is scared of you                23rd: your ex boyfriend/girlfriend

24th: is your brother/sister         25th: stole your pudding in the fridge

26th: watched the stars together at night

27th: dragged you home because you were drunk

28th: and you got casted as Romeo and Juliet in a play

29th: gave you a piggy back ride

30th: and you made an emo rock band in the garage 

31rst: is currently in a contract with you

I was bored today, and noticed that there weren’t many Birthday Scenarios for Diabolik Lovers, so I decided to contribute one. Have fun!

I’ll share mine to start off with…
Kanato Sakamaki made me his toy because I was his precious girl. 

I know not all of the sentences will make sense, unfortunately, but it was just created for amusement.

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Wonwoo + neighbors AU ❤

Short drabbles request Wonwoo, it’s always been you, neighbour AU

Two requests for a neighbor AU for Wonwoo so I’ve combined them. This one uses the quote “It’s always been you.”


Growing up with Wonwoo was an experience you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Being at his side through every part of his life, defined your own version of normal. You knew him since he was the dorky skinny kid with the heavy books in his backpack that hurt his shoulders, and you knew him as he grew into the gorgeous young man that made most of the girls and some of the boys whisper behind their hands about his mysterious charms.

He wasn’t such a mystery to you though. You knew his handsome detached expression was the side effect of him thinking about the pupae life cycles he just learned about in bio- or the philosophies of the main character in his latest novel.

And beside, could anyone really be a mystery to anyone when you woke every morning to wave at the sleepy pajama-clad bed-head version of them through your bedroom window? You were pretty sure they could not. You were pretty sure there was nothing you didn’t know about him.

Until one day. Right before graduation, when you were both getting old enough to move on with your lives, you started talking about the future. You were sitting on the grass in front of your houses after school. And then he confessed, stammering and awkward in a way he usually wasn’t around you, looking up at your two houses, side by side, that he thought he was falling in love.

“What?” you asked, stomach plunging to your shoes, feeling suddenly sick with the thought. With the idea that your familiar world was tipping over. With Wonwoo loving someone. 

You thought back to all the love struck people at your school, and the way you laughed internally at them and treasured Wonwoo as your own, and you suddenly realized that if he had fallen for one of them in return… you would be jealous.

“I know it may not be what you want to hear,” Wonwoo said, finally looking over at you. His dark intense eyes were too much. You looked away. “But when we talk about forever, I can only think about one thing. I can only think that I… I don’t want to leave these little houses across the way from each other. I don’t want to stop falling deeper in love every day. I don’t want to leave you.”

“Me?” you asked, eyes flying back to his. “What-”

“Of course you,” Wonwoo laughed, face softer than it had ever been before, the look he reserves only for you. “It’s always been you.”