birthday richie

I just wanna say a big thank you to everyone! I didnt expect my birthday to be as pleasant as it was and I really owe you ALL of my gratitude! I honestly feel like the most special person in the world <3

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I couldnt have asked for better friends x



@richie_akiva: Happy birthday to this very special talented beautiful women @badgalriri! #knucklehead wishing you another incredible year filled with nothing but happiness health success and love! 🎈


Happy Birthday to my Richie!
You are the only man who’s laugh makes me smile no matter how bad my situation is.
I don’t know if I believe in a heaven or hell, but if it does exist I hope that you are exactly where you want to be. I hope that you know how much all of us love you. I hope you know we’re not just your “fans” or your “groupies”. Richie…I love you, and I care for you. I hope you know what you mean to me, I hope you know that i would have listened…I would have tried to understand you, I would have done the best in my power to keep you happy and to keep you safe. I just wish I would have had the chance to show that to you.
Happy 57th birthday baby, Rest In Peace sweet prince

4K Celebration Bon Jovi Challenge!

I hit 4K!!!! Which is absolutely incredible! So to celebrate the occasion I figured why not combine two of my favorite things in a challenge, Bon Jovi and Supernatural!

Here’s how this is going to work. Below the cut will be 5 songs from each studio album Bon Jovi has released, you guys will pick a song and go from there! All of the official rules as well as the song list is under the cut.

Because I love these things SO MUCH I’m doing something I’ve never done before with this….I’m writing a fic for this challenge myself! That’s right I’m writing my own fic for my own challenge with a song I have already picked (you guys won’t know what it is until the story is posted)!

I am so excited for this you have no idea!!!! Now, without further ado, on to the rules and songs!

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Endless love - and happy birthday to Lionel Richie (born june 20,1949)

richiehoezier  asked:

Richie and Bill rollerskating. The whole club is there, tho, but Richie is totally embarrassing Bill. Write it, I dare you.

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A common pastime in the sixties, of course, but was it really good as a job?

Richie Tozier seemed to think so. So much, in fact, that he’d gotten an occupation himself as a waiter at a rollerblade restaurant. Derry’s own Hot Blade’s Hotspot had a new server- and, in Bill Denbrough’s opinion, a cute one at that. Richie had chosen this position for two reasons; one, the name and outfits were absolutely god-awful, almost like Richie himself, and two, he could embarrass the shit out of Bill.

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