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2CT hints

Now that we know that 2CT is true, it’s incredible HOW MUCH YANA ACTUALLY WANTED US TO KNOW THAT THERE’S A TWIN ALL THIS TIME.

I mean seriously,

  • the twins’ blood type is Sirius and Sirius is a binary star which is literally called “twins star” (双子星) in Japanese. (Afaik Polaris, Vega and Canopus are not binary stars).
  • the twins’ father’s zodiac sign (i.e. Vincent’s zodiac sign) is Gemini which is called “zodiac sign of twins” (ふたご座) in Japanese.
  • and lastly, the 2CT was revealed on June 17 which is the month of Gemini. Again, in Japanese it’s more obvious because Gemini is literally the “ zodiac sign of twins” (ふたご座).

So even though the word “twin” (双子) was never mentioned in the story, Ciel’s profile (his birthday, blood type, etc) has been heavily hinting at the existence of a twin all this time. And I guess that’s the very reason why the Japanese fandom (me included) is so convinced that the real Ciel we saw in the latest chapter /must/ be our Ciel’s twin brother and therefore doesn’t even consider the possibility of a sibling, imposter or a clone at this point! xD

Dylan Klebold Birthday Profile: Part 1

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A numerology, astrology and tarot profile of Dylan Bennet Klebold. Profile for a September 11 birthday taken from The Secret Language of Birthdays, by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. (Gif credit to @kleboldqueen)


The lives of September 11 people usually pivot around certain vital and dramatic decisions which they are forced to make. These decisions may be thrust on them when they are still quite young, perhaps before their sixteenth year. Later, when their career or private life seems to be doing smoothly, when they are well established on their path, they will be met with repeated, often unexpected, crossroads. Within a society’s limits on freedom, the power to effect choice may be an individual’s greatest right. This fact is not at all lost on September 11 people who know how to wield great power through the choices they make.

There is no denying that people born on this day enjoy shocking others. They pride themselves on daring to risk and also enjoy recounting their exploits later. Everything that is boring, middle-class and mundane is rejected by them in thought and deed. Yet at the same time they have a tremendous need for the kind of stability that can only be found in a warm, loving family situation. Consequently, there is conflict between what they like to think they are (highly unconventional) and what they all too often may be (highly conventional).

“He’d make jokes about things that a lot of people don’t make jokes about – like death, and about really dark things.” – Devon Adams

I see how different i am (aren’t we all you’ll say) yet i’m on such a greater scale of difference (as far as I kno, or guess) I see jocks having fun, friends, woman, LIVEZ… or rather shallow existences compared to mine (maybe)” – Dylan Klebold

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