birthday presents for katherine!

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I don't mean to be blunt but WHAT!?!? lmaoo how could you have saw them as an arranged marriage? Katherine was exiled to England and when she was telling Elena the story of how she met Klaus, I think she would've mentioned that it was an arranged marriage. Plus Trevor gave Katherine to Klaus as a " birthday present. " And I don't see Klaus being interested in an arranged marriage lol

dude, i don’t really care at this point, you can see them however you want, as long as it makes sense for you personally i believe that every theory works. When i first saw the episode that was the first thing that popped into my head and idk i guess i sticked with that, i haven’t asked that many questions, i just rolled with it, it’s really not that big of a deal tbh


     — Damon stared at Katherine’s ’birthday present‘— herself wrapped in a giant red bow— and ONLY a red bow— and he, like a stupidly innocent wide-eyed schoolboy, stared at her with his mouth hanging slightly ajar as he swallowed thickly in appreciation. Snap the hell out of it, man! She’s just gonna use you like she always does! Katherine Pierce does not want you and for her to want you there’s gotta be an ulterior motive, don’t be a damned idiot and fall for her crap! That seemed to wake him up enough to make the allure of the vision before him fade back to reality when he finally managed to rearrange his expression into one of irritated disgust, a scowl furrowing his brows while he silently hated her for having that effect on him. No one but Katherine had ever managed to get that reaction. Not even Elena. “Nooo, c’mon, don’t get cooties on my bed. Please? I don’t know where you’ve been and I’m too damn drunk to do laundry!”