birthday presents for holly

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Happy b day! Have some smut! 1) When Kurt comes home in the middle of the day from a weekend hunt with Finn, bone tired and ready to fall into a decent bed, he’s surprised to hear faint music coming from the spare room. Dropping his duffle in the hallway and rolling his shoulders as he walks, Kurt pushes open the door and lets the sound of Journey and the smell of wet paint wash over him. Blaine has his back to the door, paint roller in hand, as he bobs and sways to the music

A birthday project that won’t be actually a project but I really wanted to draw that and it sounded like a project ~By Maribel

It will consist on me submitting one thing to your blog each day till your bday comes. I just thought of this, so it will be very um, random, and unorganized BUT WHO NEEDS ORGANIZATION ANYWAYS!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!ELEVEN!!!!

i can’t even right now oh my god jkdflgdfjhkgshfgj