birthday presents for holly

@wethatkindoforc I must first apologize for how long this took! Work has been utter hell as of late and I finally had the chance to sit down and work on this ashtray today!. Muds here put up a fight, too! 

Anyway, I noticed you hadn’t had any commissions done in the Hellboy style, a series I know you love. We got to talking one day and determined Muds would be a Djinn, and a shitty one at that, hence the three little horns on his head. I need to thank you for your patience on this as well, and I hope you enjoy your ridiculously belated birthday present! Happy Belated Birthday, lady!

Happy Birthday Holly!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @hollyashton!!!

You were like one of the first profiles I saw on here and you made me want to start my own choices blog. Seeing you with all of your friends and having so much fun, made me want the same. Everyone in the fandom adores you and we all love you! Without you, I probably wouldn’t have ever made a blog dedicated to choices. So I would like to say thank you and happy birthday! I hope it’s the best birthday you’ve ever had!!

Here is an edit I made for you too! Sorry it’s not the best, but I thought that you would like it since you love Ben so much!