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your writing is lovely and gives me so much inspiration! could i have some prompts with a sort of obsessive villain who was in prison for a few years breaking out and meeting their hero (who was the one to put them away) please? thank you!!

1) “What do you mean they’ve broken out?” the hero demanded over the phone. “How the hell did they break out?” They’d barely been able to put them away once - now they were expected to do it again. 
“We’re sending a security detail over-”
The hero heard a click. The cold press of a gun nudged against their head and an arm snaked quick around their torso before they could whirl and attack. 
“Give me the phone,” the villain said.

2) “You can’t be here.” 
“Well, I had to see you and you didn’t visit, so…”
“I didn’t visit because I didn’t want to see you.”
“That’s just hurtful. I got you a birthday present and everything.” 

3) The alarms blared, the wardens and officers rushed around in panic - the villain shot the hero a sunny smile as they hopped into the seat of the hero’s car. “It’s so kind of you to pick me up.”
The hero shot them a dark, hateful look. Their fingers tightened on the steering wheel as they sped away. “It’s not like you gave me much choice.” 
“Oh, everything’s a choice. I know you were secretly dying to see me again.”

4) “All that time locked away, and not a note from you. No visits, no letters, nothing.” The villain trailed their fingers along the hero’s sides, relishing the sight of them all chained up for them. “You’re lucky I’m nicer and won’t just leave you here to rot, inmate.”
The hero snarled at them, making an indignant noise. 
“Aggressive behaviour, now that would be a shot.” 

5) “I enjoyed your visits,” the villain said. “But it’s just not the same with a thick glass wall between us. I know you felt the same way.” They didn’t look at the hero, making cooing sounds at the hero’s child in their lap.
The hero’s mind raced, desperately trying to think of some way to fix this. To calculate how long it would be before back up came. The very sight of the villain holding onto their baby left them sick with dread, even more so as the child gurgled and laughed. 
“You never told me about this little one, no they didn’t, no they didn’t.” They smothered a kiss to the child’s forehead. “They look like me.” 


Hoseok (BTS)

Jimin (BTS)

Jin (BTS)

Jungkook (BTS)

Namjoon (BTS)

Yoongi (BTS)

Taehyung (BTS)

Realization (mini oneshot series)

yoongi / taehyung / jimin / jin / hoseok / jungkook / namjoon

The best Birthday present ever <3

It’s my commission by @salmonportfolio of my OCs, Jane Bergen and Kieran, and I love it so much!

Thank you for everything girl, you’re an amazing artist! I’m so, so glad I met you. Looking forward to more silly fangirly chatting in the evening, you rock <3

Also a special thanks to @swimmingtrunks for the half-naked turian reference ;)

Want to read the fic? Up here on AO3! Comments as always very much appreciated. Since a few friendly people begged asked for it, I added an alternate happy ending epilogue. Because hey, it’s a new year and my poor OCs deserve a happy ending.

Want to know the story behind why I commissioned this? Careful, depression ahead…

Heeeeeey, this was made by an awesome artist @sheilkuroi for my birthday~<3 <3 I can’t stop smiling~! :D This is a cover for the awesome fic ‘Legend of Zelda, Time Again’ created by the awesome @ridersoftheapocalypse, that involves around Covarog and her character, Zarazu, falling in love~ :3

Here’s the fic if you’re interested :3

Again, thank you guys so much for making this~! <3 <3 I freakin love it~! And thanks to everyone else for the support~! :D <3 <3 <3 


and.. because… YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!! AND I AM CRAZY TOO!! BECAUSE I HIT 1000 FOLLOWERS!!! T___T I am crying so hard and have a crazy party in my head with all of you… I thank not only the ones who choosed to follow my shit-art-blog, but also the one who likes and reblogs my things, and the ones who write cute words to me sometimes and the most I thank the ones who are like “regulars”, they come by and everytime I see that they were here and liked/reblog/write something, I got a big smile on my face and my heart gets warm + I blush… a lot. Really. a lot. So. THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!  <3

(and I am so excited, because one of my favourite artists liked one of my pieces!!! *sceam and cry and smile and giggle all at ones* :D <3

And.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FRECKLED JESUS!!! You will always be in our hearts ;_; </3