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A Seasick Crocodile

Summary: After one too many bad setups, Emma thinks the best way to get out of another blind date is to tell her sister-in-law she already has a boyfriend. But when her brother makes the assumption she’s dating Killian Jones, Emma just might need a Christmas miracle to pull it off.

(Scary accurate photoset by @lenfaz and beta duties by @evil–isnt–born who keeps me entertained AND consistent.)

A little birdie told me it’s @nightships birthday today. Hope you like your present, Jess! Thank you for making me pretty things <3 

Ao3 or FF


 “So I know you really didn’t like August all that much, but I was thinking–”

“No.” Emma glares across the table at her sister-in-law, trying – and failing – to keep from brandishing her fork like a club. “No more Christmas party blind dates.”

“I know the last few–”

“Seriously? Mary Margaret, he was gay. You set me up with a guy who doesn’t even like women. The one before him turned out to be a skip. The one before him was Ruby’s ex.” Emma ticks them off one at a time on her fingers, her irritation only growing as she relives each horrible date. “So this year, I’m saying no. Absolutely not.”

“What have you got to lose?” Mary Margaret asks, completely undeterred by Emma’s protest.

“I already have a boyfriend!” Emma blurts out, reaching for her glass of wine and taking a large gulp to hide the lie. It’s the only thing she can think of to shut Mary Margaret up, since her brother is sitting uselessly next to his wife with an amused look on his face – amusement she is pleased to note disappears the moment she makes her announcement.

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This is a present for @queenxolivier! Happy Birthday Jess!!! <3

Words: 2656

Some rated T Edwin Fluff! Enjoy!

If someone had asked the Fullmetal Alchemist where he thought he’d be at age seventeen, he certainly wouldn’t have predicted a sunflower patch. More specifically, an entire field dedicated to growing the most unusual of flowers. The entire idea of peace had been so foreign to him back when he was in the military, like trying to reach a roof with no ladder. He’d made his own path, albeit messily, but it had landed him here; a stretch of land so extraordinary he thought he’d carry the floral scent with him forever.

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The Gentlemen's Café - Part One [Young!McHanzo Fanfiction]

Hey all!! I’m back with another McHanzo fanfiction~ this time it’s fluff!  There will be some suggestive stuff going on, so you have been warned. Also, if you’re not okay with cross dressing, leave now.

(In this AU, Hanzo and Genji are half bunny, McCree is half wolf, Zenyatta is a human and Sombra is half cat. Other characters will most likely be a type of animal too.

Enjoy reading!

Hanzo and Genji Shimada had a pretty good life going for them. The two just finished up with school, and they were going to travel back to Japan.

One cold winter night, Mr. And Mrs.Shimada were driving home from a friend’s house, and a blizzard picked up. It was hard to see and the road was covered in ice…
Mr.Shimada thought he saw a figure in front of the car and he turned very quickly.

Unluckily for them, the car flew off of the road and into the ocean, where they would drown to death before the ambulance came.

That’s how it happened.

“Genji! Breakfast is ready!” Hanzo said as he set the food on the table. In a few seconds, a green haired rabbit boy practically flew down the stairs. “YAY, BREAKFAST!!” Genji yelled, his ears perked up from excitement. It was a rather large apartment, and they did have the basic needs of survival, so they were fine as long as Hanzo kept working.

“Genji, stop running down the stairs! You’ll hurt yourself!” The older Shimada scolded and straightened his uniform. He watched his younger brother take a seat at the table and instantly dug in. “And slow down.” Genji looked up at his brother and his ears fell down to the sides of his head, “yeah, yeah.. I hear you Nii-san.” The boy’s mouth was full and only muffles could be heard. Hanzo sighed.

“Stop talking with food in your mouth.” He said to him before he went into the bathroom to check if he looked alright. After fixing his hair, Hanzo walked out the bathroom and saw Genji putting the plate in the sink, and he turned to him. “Hanzo…”

The black haired bunny-like male stopped at the door and answered him without turning around. “Yes, Genji?” His hand was on the door knob. “You can always find another job..” A hint of sadness was in Genji’s voice as he said this.

“You needn’t worry about me, brother. I am fine.” Hanzo replied to him and walked out the door before Genji could protest.

As Hanzo was going to work, people (especially men) were giving him… disguised looks. This didn’t really affect him anymore.

Hanzo walked up to the café and looked up at the sign. It read ‘Gentlemen’s Café’ with a fancy logo on the side. Without a moment’s hesitation, he unlocked and pushed the door, opening and walking through it. A dark skinned male in an apron with the logo on it saw him and smiled. “Oh Hanzo! It’s always nice to see you here early!” He chirped and opened the door to the counter, walking through it. “Hello, Adam.” Hanzo greeted him and glanced around the place.

The shiny white round tables complemented the black chairs that accompanied them and the fresh smell of coffee filled the air. Slow romantic songs from the 80’s, 90’s and present day played in the background at a low enough volume so it wouldn’t override the rest of the noise there.

Adam walked up to Hanzo and looked at his uniform. “You know,” he put his hand to his shaved chin, “I always thought that you were the best at wearing the uniform. You look really good in a maid’s outfit.” He chuckled and watched the bunny male’s ears flop down to the sides of his head. “Oh shut up.”

“No really! You have the legs for it!”

Hanzo breathed in and walked up to the counter. He let out his breath and turned to see his coworker. “Oh? Is that why I’m the most expensive person here?” He raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, that’s one of the reasons. You’re also a half breed so…” The dark skinned male scratched the back of his head sheepishly before returning to his work station. “Wow. Boss also did good with picking out the color.”
He looked at the pink maid dress Hanzo currently had on and stretched.
“It matches the color of your ears. And you’re a rare half breed too, not often do you see one with it’s natural hair color.”

Hanzo closed his eyes and held his chin, “I see.” The other one went to check if he had all of the necessary ingredients for the work day. With a sigh full of content he spoke up. “We’re about to open. Wanna get ready?”
Hanzo nodded and went straight to work.

Meanwhile, a family of four were celebrating someone’s birthday.

“So, how does it feel to finally be eighteen?” Jack asked his adopted son who sat at the table. The wolf-like boy looked up at his dad, “I don’t know, actually. It feels kinda…. weird, I guess.” He shrugged and watched his little sister enter the dinning room. “Happy birthday hermano!” Sombra exclaimed as she gave him a present.

“Oooh, what’s this?” Jesse said as he pulled at the ribbon, then he opened the gift. McCree took it out and it was…

A black cowboy hat.

His ears twitched and he wagged his tail, “aww! Ya didn’t have to do this fer me, Som! Thank you!” His grin was wide and toothy, and he put on the hat to see if it felt right. “You did perfect! Now come'ere and gimme a hug!”

He took his younger sister and gave her a lovingly hug, making the cat-like child giggle with excitement. After Jesse put her down, she turned to Jack who was looking in the kitchen. She walked up to him and pulled on the sleeve of his jacket. “Dad? Where’s Papì?” The eleven year old girl asked him in an innocent voice. Morrison turned around and kneeled down to her level.

“Hm? Oh, he should be back, right…” Jack looked at the front door. “Now.”
The door opened and there Gabriel stood, with presents in hand. “Oi mijo! Happy birthday!” He walked up to the table and placed the gifts down. Jesse got up to hug him, and Gabe hugged back.

“Thank you Papì!” The eighteen year old laughed and looked at the presents. “You’re too kind.” Gabriel let go and scooped Sombra up into a hug, planting her cheeks with kisses. “How’s my little princesa doing?” He smiled at her and she smiled back. “Good! Jesse liked my gift!! I gave him a hat!” Sombra pointed to the hat that McCree was currently wearing.

“Oh, I see! Hey Jesse, your friends are outside. I know you want to go, so-” before Gabe could finish, McCree was already running to the door. “Hey!” Jack cut in which made him stop in his tracks.

“Be safe, alright? You can open these when you come back. I have a feeling that your father didn’t ‘set it up’.” Jack continued and gave his husband a sideways glance. Gabriel put Sombra down and she went up to her room after saying “Have fun hermano!”

Gabe kissed Jack on the cheek and rolled his eyes afterwards. “Okay, okay.. I MIGHT have, alright?” The other replied with a sigh and shooed at his son, “Just-just go already.” The birthday boy tipped his hat. “Alright, sir.”

As McCree walked outside his friends screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” And took him on the train. “Where’re we goin’?” He asked one of his friends and he replied, “somewhere special~”

The cowboy groaned. “I swear to God Lucio, if we are goin’ to Jerome’s party again-”
His friend cut him off. “We’re not, we’re not!” In the group of friends, everyone jokes about Jesse being gay, and they tricked him many times to go to gay parties and such. Jamison also thought that McCree was actually gay, too.

Once they got there, the wolf boy had a questioning look on his face as he took a gander at the building in front of him.

“Gentlemen’s Café? The hell is this?” He turned to his friends and they all just chuckled at him. Jamison’s ears twitched and his tail swayed back and forth, “I dunno mate, but it seems a bit fancy. Whaddya think, Hog?” He turned to his best friend, Mako. Mako blinked, “too fancy… but it looks like it has some good food.” The half-pig spoke and looked down at his stomach.

Lucio pat McCree on the back. “So. You going in?” McCree looked at the door, “not if y'all ain’t comin’ with me.”
The group sighed and they all walked in the door.

One of the workers saw them and smiled at the group, “Hello and welcome to the Gentlemen’s Café! How may I help you?”


How’d you enjoy it? I may be adding more characters in this!

Thanks for reading the first chapter of Gentlemen’s Café!

What kills me in this scene when Jesse gives Walt the watch as a birthday present is that he really only does it because he’s sweet and he deeply loves him. He doesn’t even wait for any “thank you” or any acknowledgement. He leaves right away.

He just wanted to give it and did not expect anything in return.

And that’s so foreign to Walt, who constantly has ulterior motives. And he’s so shocked he doesn’t manage to say anything. So deeply moved and touched, but it’s bittersweet, because at that point Walt knows all the terrible things he’s done to Jesse, all the manipulation he’s inflicted upon him…and that only makes Jesse even sweeter.

You’d think Walt would consider this, would feel remorseful, and I think he does, somewhere in his heart. But his main reaction is using this present, this proof of Jesse’s love and gentleness, as a trophy that shows his domination upon him.

God that’s so awful.

Jesse/Winnie/Hugo headcanons

(All created with @no-upper-limit-to-stupidity)

  • Hugo finds Jesse and Winnie at the fair and they become Squad
  • Both Hugo and Jesse are bi af. 
  • Jesse tells Hugo and Winnie that when they both turn 17, they should drink from the water; and they do. 
  • Say hello to the cutest poly relationship ever (which of course develops over time and isn’t instant)
  • Hugo gets dragged around on adventures with his boyfriend and girlfriend and he totally packs sunscreen (though Jesse reminds them that they don’t need it).
  • Miles and Hugo being really good friends???
  • One time, Hugo gets lost in the Amazon for three days.
  • Hugo is like the embodiment of Murphy’s Law. Like anything that could happen to him will happen to him. During his three days he somehow ended up being revered as a god. He still doesn’t know why and doesn’t know if he wants to find out.
  • When Jesse and Winnie find Hugo, he’s covered in tribal piercings and tattoos (all of which fade, except one).
  • So after they fade, Winnie and Jesse doodle all over Hugo to try and see what stays without actually getting a tattoo with a needle and all. 
  • (Those doodle sessions always end with cuddles and kisses)
  • Hugo turns lowkey punk (like the way Michael Wartella actually looks)
  • However, whenever Hugo opens his mouth, he turns into his total nerd self.
  • Winnie: “This is Hugo. He’s kind of a badass.” Hugo: “Uhm… Did you know that, uh… That Ursa Major is a bear?” And then he totally points out the spot on his arm where he asked Winnie to draw the constellation. He then points to the big dipper and says “that it’s basically the same.” 
  • Hugo also has a huge collection of detective stories that he keeps at Mae and Angus’ house. He only takes three with him when they go on adventures. If he finishes those three, he gets sad and Winnie and Jesse will buy him a new one. 
  • Sherlock Holmes is his favorite, and he has multiple language copies of it. As a birthday present, Winnie and Jesse wrote him his own detective novel.
  • It’s called “Hugo’s Big Case” in which he and his deputy Jesse help find Winnie when she was kidnapped by the man in the yellow suit.
  • When the three of them come out to the others, Miles and Angus hand over five bucks each to Mae. 
  • Angus thought it was just Winnie/Jesse, with a thirdwheeling Hugo. While Miles was like “No, it’s Jesse and Hugo. Trust me.”
  • They’re so sickening sweet that Miles has literally stabbed himself as a joke. 


Hey hey hey Jess !! Happy Birthday !

I know, I’m not really present, I participate sometimes, I reblog your gifs, I comment sometimes, it’s all … but today is your Birthday (and Bokuto’s) and because your posts always makes me smile, I want to thank you with this little cake 😄

It’s a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and sugar Bokutowl, I hope you’ll like it !  ◕‿◕

(also, I don’t know if I made mistakes, I don’t even know if I’m good at english,but sorry, I’m not really good at baking xD )

Great early birthday present for Jesse Thielke as he qualifies in the Greco 59kg at the last chance qualifier in Istanbul and secures his place on Team USA for Rio. Jesse is 24 on June 9.

Thielke is the 13th U.S. wrestler to qualify for the Rio Olympic tournament, joining Andy Bisek (75 kg.), Ben Provisor (85 kg.) and Robby Smith (130 kg.) in Greco-Roman; Haley Augello (48 kg.), Helen Maroulis (53 kg.), Elena Pirozhkova (63 kg.) and Adeline Gray (75 kg.) in women’s freestyle; and Daniel Dennis (57 kg.), Jordan Burroughs (74 kg.), J’Den Cox (86 kg.), Kyle Snyder (97 kg.) and Tervel Dlagnev (125 kg.) in men’s freestyle.

Three American wresters will attempt to qualify their weight class as competition in Istanbul continues this weekend. Women’s freestylers Kelsey Campbell (58 kg.) and Tamyra Mensah (69 kg.) will take the mat Saturday, while men’s freestyler Frank Molinaro (65 kg.) will wrestle Sunday.

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It seems the universe has a sense of humor. Guess who shares a birthday with Mackenzie Mauzy? Jess. I find that hilarious.

Omg, she does? Irony of ironies. Difference is Mackenzie gets The Magical Golden Dirk as a birthday present…and Jess…, well, doesn’t. 🎁

Archery Lesson

This is a birthday present for my friend Jess @willowaus who is a wonderful writer that lets me beta her wonderful stories, and listens to ramblings about my own writing.  

Set some time after 4x18 though the events of 4x16 and definitely not 4x20 did not happen.  Based off a favored scene for another one of Jess and I’s favorite OTPs.  

Caroline looked around the room, taking in the contents of the various displays before looking back over her shoulder at her host.  “I have to say, this is not what I was expecting.”

“You said you were interested in seeing more of my collection love.”

“I meant more like the clothes and jewelry, less the weapons.”  She explained to the hybrid  as she moved farther into the room despite her initial disappointment.  There were so many of them, and all different types; knives, swords, guns, even maces.  “Why do you have all of these anyways?  I would think that the most ‘powerful’ creature in the world wouldn’t have a need for weapons.”

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“No matter where I go, they always end up hating me. By people and by them…”

“Not everyone hates you. I know, because I watched you.”

A birthday present for Jess! Thank you for always ruining me with your tags on natsume posts~ Happy Birthday!! ♥

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Also consider Jesse helping Genji build confidence to go out in public again. Helping him find nice clothes that he can wear over his new body to give him some privacy from prying eyes. McCree being super supportive of whatever wants to wear; jeans and a tank? Yeah! A sweatshirt even on hot days? Whatever he's comfy with. That cute dress that Genji was eyeing for a while? Well Jesse just found the perfect birthday present for Genji! Not to mention Genji always looks great in kimonos.


Genji in dresses? Hell yeah!!