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Top ten yuuri/viktor birthday presents?

Top Ten Yuuri/Viktor Birthday Presents

10) After Phichit moved back to Thailand, Yuuri got pretty sad because it was much harder to see each other now that they weren’t living together and so for his birthday Viktor took him on a surprise visit to Thailand that he and Phichit had co-conspired to plan

9) Since Viktor was really, really good at learning languages but never got an official degree in any of them because he was too busy skating, Yuuri paid for him to do an online college course in languages so that he had the qualifications to prove it

8) Viktor once got Yuuri a matryoshka doll after Yuuri said he thought that they were cute except it was a custom made one of Yuuri in all his different costumes from his newest one on the outside to a tiny little 14 year old Yuuri right in the middle in his very first Junior costume

7) Usually Viktor had to spend his birthday at an official party with lots of reporters and things, putting on a show for the cameras but instead Yuuri co-conspired with Yakov to make sure Viktor had the entire day to himself and spent it taking care of him with just the two of them so that Viktor could finally have a private birthday day with no pressure or expectations and being very spoiled by Yuuri

6) Viktor learned how to cook Katsudon in secret through a lot of phone calls and skype sessions with Yuuri’s mum so that he could make it specially for Yuuri’s birthday

5) They both mutually gave each other a new puppy to keep Makkachin and Vicchan company and so that they would still have a dog when their two eventually passed away

4) Yuuri made Viktor a special photo album for his 30th because Viktor was getting pretty down about how old he was and Yuuri spent weeks collecting every photo he could find of Viktor both in competitions and with his friends etc to organise into one big book to remind him that even though he was thirty years old it was thirty years well spent

3) Viktor got Yuuri a new dog collar for Vicchan with the name in Russian and Japanese which was a really nice present except that for the fact that with Vicchan’s name they just directly translated as Виктор in Russian. Yurio found it before Viktor gave it to Yuuri when it wasn’t on Vicchan yet and was just like ‘Viktor what the hell, why do you have a collar with your name on it??? Wait a minute no, I don’t want to know, I DON’T WANT TO KNOW’

2) Viktor spent ages sourcing out an original copy of the infamous poster that Yuuri had of him for all those years and signed it and gave it to Yuuri as a do over. Because he still regretted how much of a bad first impression he made and even though he couldn’t take it back he could do it again the way that he should have done the first time, praising Yuuri and telling him just how amazing he is

1) Yuuri made Viktor a scrapbook of their entire lives together. It included everything, old newspaper clippings about the two of them, screenshots from old videos of them on the podium together when they were younger, official competition photos, everything detailing right from the beginning of their rivalry all the way up until the present day with the last photo in the book being the photo of them kissing at the alter


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i’ve got a great idea for a (HAPPY!!!!) edit but i want to wait until i get my bd so i can use the Pretty scenes but at the same time i want to do it RIGHT NOW

the struggle is real

Things I got for my birthday...

A cold.

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imagine the missus would have spend a whole year secretly collecting vinyl discs of harry's favourite bands/artists for his birthday. some would have been really hard to find, some would have been rather expensive... how happy would he be ?!?! 😍😱

Oh, my goodness. 

This is so adorable to think about, and it’s definitely something that the missus would SO do for Harry for a special birthday or wedding present, for sure. I feel like this is something that he’d get really teary-eyed about, as well, because it shows that she really pays attention to him and his interests and likes. And, also because she’s gone out of her way, with her hard-earned money from work, to buy something that’s associated to what he loves. 

“Okay, so,” she’d cover his eyes with a grin, guiding down the landing of the upper floor of their house, his pigeon-toed feet almost tripping over one another as his sense of sight was stripped, “keep following my voice. Keep walking straight. We’re going into the room at the end of the hall so no stairs or corners to pass.”

“Why are you covering my eyes? I know what’s in the room. I decorated it,” he’d mumble, a smile toying on his lips as his hands pushed out and stretched, bracing himself if he fell, “come on. You don’t have to cover my eyes. Just shut the door and then surprise me?”

“There’s no fun there then, is there?”

She’d stop him outside the door and slowly open it, her eyes scanning around making sure everything was in check before she’d help him inside, “okay, open your eyes.”

As he’d open his eyes, he’d come face to face with a book case, filled with vinyls and sleeves of all his favourite artists, labelled from A to Z. A brand-new record player set up in the corner of the room, ready to play the records. His jaw dropping in shock as he’d drag his finger over the sleeves.

“What’s all this?”

“Consider it as a wedding present. From me, to you,” she’d grin towards him, snaking an arm around his waist and pulling his body close to her side, snuggling under his arm, “I know you had a few vinyls in our bedroom that went untouched, but, I found a record shop a few months ago that sold a whole load of vinyl discs. From older bands to the most modern bands. I thought it would be nice to get all the vinyls of the bands you love.”

“You…” He’d hasp and look down. eyes watery and glossing over, shining under the natural light filtering into the room, “you brought all of this? For me? As a wedding gift?”

She’d nod and giggle when he’d kiss her forehead and squeeze her tightly to his body, “from Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones to Coldplay and Ed Sheeran. All your favourites in one place.” xx

my kinda boyfriend person took me to build a bear today for my birthday and he chose a sound to put in it and like he wouldn’t let me know what sound it was and he said I couldn’t listen until we got in the car so I was kinda worried bc I thought it was going to be super vulgar or sappy and gross or whatever but we leave build a bear and I press my bear’s hand and it just makes this super loud velociraptor sound.

@deal-right: I did it in time! NOW I can properly wish you a happy birthday lmao

I’ll take the chance to say that you’re wonderful (and I mean WONDERFUL) as an artist and as a person, and that you deserve the best the world has to offer. I can only offer you my boundless (such a word) support and love (and lots of fanarts lmao), I hope that’s enough, and if that’s not the case, I can always bring Panyairus (sorry not sorry). So yep, happy birthday and have fun looking at the small drawings on the papers <3


OMG DEAL <3 <3 <3 

I don’t think I can express how much I love this??? So many details, so many things…even Egg is there!! And of course, Athela too, but that’s not a surprise, is it? ;D

dksjfasdglsd I am so happy <3 <3 Really, thank you so much QuQ Love you!!!!


Sora and Riku Mobile Wallpapers (750x1334) feel free to use!


This is a birthday present for @siriusly-random! I started working on it as soon as I saw it was your birthday! :D Your stories were some of the first ones I read when joining the Fairy Tail fandom, so thank you for that! I hope you enjoy this one-shot!

Summary: Lucy was a good girl, so winding up in detention was a shock she wasn’t prepared for. Thankfully, her fear was lessened by the pink haired boy in detention with her, who wouldn’t rest until he saw her smile. Modern AU.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Friendship

Word Count: 2.3K

Lucy clutched her book to her chest, bottom lip quivering as she looked at the sign on the wall.


The single word made her stomach twist and her eyes prick. Never in her twelve years of life had she been in trouble with her school, but today she slipped. She knew she had to face her consequences, but she didn’t expect it to be so daunting.

A few kids passed her on their way into the room, a mixture of smiles and frowns on their faces. Lucy wore a frown, something she tried to avoid while in public. She wanted to appear in control of her emotions, but today wasn’t agreeing with her.

After a few minutes, she stepped forward. It had less to do with her gaining courage and more to do with the ringing bell. She didn’t want to add being tardy on top of her offenses that day.

Feeling terrified, Lucy went to sit in the back of the classroom. Most kids sat on the other side, giving her space to think about her predicament.

‘Father’s going to be mad,’ she reminded herself, shaky hands setting her book on the desk. The last time she got in trouble with him was when she was eight and interrupted him during a conference call in his home office. Since then, she had done everything in her power to avoid trouble, until today.

'Why couldn’t I let it go?’ she wondered, no answer to sooth her besides her stubborn attitude. It wasn’t her fault the science teacher marked her paper wrong, giving her a 'C’ instead of the 'A’ she deserved. Anyone would have stood up for themselves. However, it was her fault when she called her teacher a moron, landing her in after-school detention.

That she couldn’t blame on anyone but herself.

At least the teacher changed her grade… after he assigned her a punishment.

A middle-aged man strolled into the room, making his way to the front. He told the students they had to sit there for an hour before they were allowed to leave. Lucy saw him sit down at his desk, leaning back and closing his eyes as he dozed off.

Lucy wanted to scoff. Here she was freaking out about detention, yet the teacher acted as if this wasn’t a big deal.

'He doesn’t have to face my father when he goes home,’ she told herself, fear striking her when she imagined what he would do.

Grounding her wouldn’t do any good, her lack of a social life gave her father no leverage. Being the new kid at the school didn’t leave her with a lot of opportunities to make friends. She had two friends total, one being the student body president while the other was the only other bookworm in her homeroom.

Deep down she wished she had more friends, but she was thankful for the two she had. At least they seemed to like her company, even if they only talked during lunch.

Dropping her head, Lucy’s eyes landed on the book she brought to read, but she couldn’t calm her mind long enough to open it. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking what her father would do when she got home. She expected yelling, knowing he didn’t tolerate mess ups.

Her shoulders shook as she tried to hold back the tears. Her father would no doubt be angry. He would have to call the maid to rearrange picking her up since she would be an hour later than usual. That alone would aggravate him. She knew her father hated changing plans, especially when it came to her.

'If only mom was still alive… She was nicer.’ Lucy lowered her head, eyes closing to squeeze out a tear. It was only a matter of time before she started crying, but she hoped she would have lasted longer than the first five minutes. 'Why can’t he be-’


Lucy jolted, head snapping up and eyes searching until they landed on a head of pink hair. For a moment she thought it was her father’s maid, Virgo, but once she looked down she noticed the hair belonged to a boy her age.

Instead of greeting him, she stared blankly. The boy stood in front of her for a moment before frowning, shifting to sit backwards in the seat in front of her so he was still facing her. “What’s wrong?”

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@sky-lia: Happy birthday !

A little gift for you ! ^v^



aaaa why did you have to draw me so pretty omg I love this???? The hair, the eyes, the bones, the flowers???? And that tea-r cup omg I LOVE this. Thank you so much!!! My b-day gifts are being so amazing QuQ <3 <3

srsly that hair omg