birthday post


Hey guys! 

You can obviously see that my colour of the month is truly yellow!! So, since Australia is huuuuuge, I decided to start a little travel journal, “Where to next”, for all the road trips and little adventures around Melbourne. Today’s destination: Sorrento!

Also I gotta add in a little Troye Sivan reference cause darn diddly the heaven mv got me tres shook.


((should i have a little 500 followers giveaway?))

neat beat: HEAVEN by Troye Sivan


Rihanna’s chef, Debbie Soloman, wishes her a Happy Birthday.


It’s 12:35am and I am officially 30 years old.

Happy birthday me. There were quite a few times in the last year when I felt like this was a milestone I wouldn’t make, but I’m glad I’m here. Still alive, somewhat kicking but mostly screaming.

Thank you, to all of you out there who have made my life so weirdly wonderful over the last year. You’ve made a happy woman very old ;)

In this year I will continue to work toward reclaiming my health, be getting treatment for my mental health issues, and debuting my first novel.

So here’s to another year around the sun. What a time to still, thankfully, be alive :)


@leandrasimone_: Happy b day to my baby .. I love u more than I love ur breakfast eggs 😩😩😩✨✨✨ @badgalriri