birthday of the infanta


The Birthday of the Infanta by Oscar Wilde.

‘But why will he not dance again?’ asked the Infanta, laughing.
'Because his heart is broken,’ answered the Chamberlain.
And the Infanta frowned, and her dainty rose-leaf lips curled in pretty disdain. 'For the future let those who come to play with me have no hearts.”


Royal Birthdays for today, April 29th:

Alexander II, Tsar of Russia, 1818

Zewditu I, Empress of Ethiopia, 1876

Hirohito, Emperor of Japan, 1901

Maria de las Nieves, Princess of Bourbon-Parma, 1937

Benedikte of Denmark, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, 1944

Maud Angelica Behn, Daughter of Princess Martha Louise, 2003

Dipangkorn Rasmijoti, Prince of Thailand, 2005

Sofia, Spanish Infanta, 2007


HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY TO INFANTA SOFÍA OF SPAIN! Sofía de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Ortiz was born on April 29, 2007 in Madrid, Spain to King Felipe VI and to Queen Letizia of Spain (then Prince and Princess of Asturias). She was the second child of the couple who already had a daughter, Princess Leonor (then Infanta of Spain). Sofía was christened on July 15, 2007 at Palacio de La Zarzuela and her godparents were Paloma Rocasolano, her maternal grandmother, and Konstantin-Assen the Prince of Vidin and Duke of Saxony. She started to attend the Escuela Infantil Guardia Real in 2009 and in 2010 she was transferred to Colegio Santa María de los Rosales where she is currently attending third grade. Infanta Sofía occupies the second place of the Line of Succession to the Spanish Throne.


Royal Birthdays for today, July 30th:

Hongzhi Emperor, Emperor of China, 1470

Ferdinando I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, 1549

Clémentine of Belgium, Princess Napoleon, 1872

Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz, 1936

Carlos Morales y de Grecia, Grandson of Constantine II, 2005

Louise-Marguerite, Princess of Orleans, 2014


King Harald V Birthday Spam

The 60th Birthday’s of King Harald V & Queen Sonja of Norway, June 20, 1997