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Chocobros Celebrating your Birthday

happy birthday anon!


  • wants to throw you this big expensive birthday party but he’s a bad planner and worries it won’t go as planned and stresses over it
  • he’s bad at keeping secrets so you discover his plans early on and tell him you’re okay with a cozy party with just him and some close friends
  • even though you told him not to get you anything because you’re not a kid anymore, he brings you a present: that expensive thing you always wanted!
  • the party ends early and after cleaning up for a bit, he pulls you over to the couch to sit, relax, and just cuddle for a bit
  • “Happy birthday!” he kisses your hair and hides his blushing face on your shoulder 


  • Asked when your birthday was and made a big :O gasping face when you told him it was a few days away
  • he surprises you with a hastily-put-together but big party with confetti and balloon animals, and a big honking cake with a replica sword to cut it with
  • there are people here you didn’t know would attend, but it looks like Prompt’s charm was hard to resist!
  • you play your favorite music and eat well, prompto pulls you to the dance floor and you dance the night away (the dance floor is the living room with the couches pushed aside lmao)
  • the party is only over when the sun rises, by then you’re all danced out, full in the belly, and collapsed on the floor in a pile of sleeping friends
  • Prompt brushes your hair back and beams at you, he’s slightly bleary eyed but full of adoration. “Haaappy Birthdaaay!” 


  • will not show any hints that he’s aware of your birthday
  • it’s fine, you think, you’re not young anymore, you don’t need to make a big deal of it
  • when you get home that day, however, the house smells like your favorite candle, baked goods, and there’s your favorite song playing quietly
  • You find Ignis in the kitchen setting up a table for two, there’s candles and flowers but also a bunch of festive strings and napkins
  • “Happy Birthday, darling.” he hugs you and helps you into the dining table where he serves your favorite dish and an excellent dessert
  • a few of your friends drop by later, it’s a chill and intimate birthday, the day ends with you loved and content


  • not very big on remembering birthdays, but yours is an exception
  • his amusement park plan gets derailed because of maintenance, so he takes you to the park and you have yourselves a nice picnic
  • it’s fine by you, just being with him is good enough, but he urges you to take the calls from your friends and somehow it turns into a big festive picnic
  • everybody brings snacks and drinks, board games, a karaoke machine and cake
  • watching him get to know your friends and impress them fills your heart with love and gratitude, the day is supposed to be about you but he’s all you can think about
  • “Happy Birthday, babe.” He whispers in your ear while he carries you up the stairs to your place, your feet had gone sore from running around and sleeping on his chest didn’t seem like a bad idea
NYE: Spin the Bottle

Aaron Burr x Reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Lambie


Warnings: Kissing, mild swearing

Request: *slams fists on table* GIVE. ME. BURR. X. READER. NEW. YEARS. FLUFF. OR. GIVE. ME. DEATH.

A/N: I haven’t ever written Aaron Burr x Reader before, but wow I can’t believe I haven’t before! I love it so much! I hope you love it too!

Aaron opened the door and immediately extended out his hand to yours. Reluctantly and blushing you took it. He brought your knuckles to his lips and kissed them gingerly. “Good evening, it is good to see you.” he smiled.

You let him lead you inside and take your coat. “The festivities are taking place in the next room.”

You laughed as you walked into the kitchen. His kitchen counters were full of every snack food a middle schooler would have at a birthday party. Beside the napkins, bowls, and plates for the snap were a stack of glittery gold hats with happy new year inscribed in swirled writing. Next to those were a bunch of oversized plastic glasses that the frames spelled out 2017, with a little celebratory party horn on each corner of the glasses.

You poured yourself some apple cider, in red solo cups. You walked down the short flight of stairs to the den.

Everyone was huddled around chatting holding their cups of apple cider. Alex who sat with Eliza looked particularly disgusted. Thomas sat, charming a girl but looked completely disinterested in the conversation and party.

It was like a sad middle schoolers party. You laughed to yourself as you thought, what’s next? Is he going to pull out a game of twister?

“Everybody!” Aaron’s voice boomed.

The conversations died down and everyone turned to look at him, their faces mixed full of disgust, boredom, and neutrality.

He smiled at everyone, clearly pleased at the turn out. “I have brought some games to pass the time.”

“Oh! Can we play poker or beer pong?” Alex asked, excitedly.

Aaron laughed and shook his head. “No.” he smiled. “We’re going to play Monopoly!” he held the board game proudly over his head.

You smiled at him while others groaned. “Hey,” you turned to everyone, “let’s try and have fun okay? First one to win gets to choose the next game.” you turned back to Aaron. “Does that sound fair?” he smiled at you and nodded.

“Fine.” Alex groaned. “But I’m going to kick your ass. And don’t you dare think about touching boardwalk or parkway or I will take you outside and literally kick your ass.”

Aaron blushed. “Um, alright.”

You laughed and sat down next to him. There weren’t enough game pieces, so you paired up with Aaron. He smiled at you and kissed you on the cheek. “Now, let’s crush him.”

Alex ended up winning, you and Aaron coming in second place. It was a close game, Alex owned Boardwalk and you owned Parkway. Alex at one point, in the middle of the game flipped the board over in frustration when Aaron refused to trade away Parkway to him. But, he got the majority of the property on the board as he charmed everyone into giving everyone what he wanted.

“Finally! That took four hours!”

“Five actually.” Aaron smiled. “Do you want to play again?”

“No!” Alex cackled. He kicked the board in Burr’s face. You watched his face tensed and he bit his lip. You squeezed his head and shook your head at him. A moment later he relaxed and faked a smile at Alex. “I say we play 7 Minutes in Heaven.” he smirked at Eliza. They were already married, but Alex always took the chance of showing off Eliza. And just an excuse to make out with her.

Eliza shook her head at him and grabbed Alex by the arm. “If we are going to continue playing middle schooler games, why don’t we play something else.” she smiled at Alex. “I would rather have seven minutes in heaven at home, rather than in a dingy closet.” she smiled at Aaron. “No offense.”

“None taken.” he smiled. Aaron liked Eliza, but he couldn’t stand Alex. It was a shame. She was the only one keeping them from tearing at each other’s throats.

“How about,” you spoke up, “we play spin the bottle!”

“We don’t have a bottle.” Thomas said.

“I can fix that!” Alex said, running over to the snack table, grabbing the bottle of apple cider and gulping the rest down. He stumbled back to Eliza, holding the bottle triumphantly. “Oh, man I’m really going to get hammered tonight.”

Aaron smirked. “Alex, that is not even alcohol.”

“WHAT!” he screamed.

Aaron smiled apathetically at him. “I thought it would be better to stay stober this new years. Because some of us want to remember what happened tonight.”

“Ah, damn you Burr! I like to get wasted, that way I forget all the mistakes I made the night before.”

Eliza looked at him, her face a mix of concern and anger. “What mistakes might you have made tonight, Alex?” she said sharply.

Alex blushed bright red. “Nothing dear.”

“That’s what I thought.” she said firmly.

“Well! Let’s get started!” Aaron shouted, clapping his hands together. He took the bottle from Burr’s hand. He placed it on the shag carpet and spun it.

Alex threw his hand in front of it. “Hey! I get to spin first! Because someone didn’t like my idea. It’s only fair that I go first.”

“Fine.” Aaron smiled.

Alex smiled proudly and spun the bottle around by the mouth. It landed on Thomas. You and Aaron grinned. “Oh, this is going to be a fun night.”

Spin the bottle continued for the next hour. Alex turned to kiss Thomas on the cheek, but Thomas had the same idea, so they both ended up screaming as their lips touched. Aaron laughed.

“GROSS!” Alex shouted.

A few spins later when Alex kissed his wife, he snuck a wink at Thomas. Thomas cocked his head to the right and shook his head, only to sneak a wink back at Alex.

It was nearing midnight and everyone was actually enjoying Spin the Bottle.

“It’s my turn.” Aaron smiled. When he had spun before he had landed on Eliza, Alex, and James. Alex proceeded to punch him hard in the jaw after he kissed Eliza’s hand. Eliza tried to jump in front, only blocking half the blow.

Aaron smiled at you now with a bruised jaw. He spun it around.

It landed on you.

You smiled tentatively at Aaron. He took your hand. This would be the first time Aaron kissed you. He had a massive crush on you ever since middle school. Funnily enough, you had been in this exact situation back in middle school. You had made the excuse that you had to go home though, leaving Aaron to think you didn’t like him.

So now, you grabbed him and kissed him. He pulled back in surprise. “Well, DAAAAAAMMMMNN, Burr!” Alex hollered.

Aaron continued to kiss you slow, in front of everyone. After awhile you realized that everyone was staring at you in silence.

You and Aaron stood up and he smirked, with his hand around your waist. “I think we’re going to go play 7 Minutes in Heaven now.”

And indeed you did.

Moon Jongup; “I was going to get something cool to drink, but I ordered napkins.” Happy birthday Moon Jongup!! Your smile is the source of my happiness, and your 4d qualities never fail to make me laugh. I hope you have a wonderful day being one year older. Congratulations!