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Hetalia characters as things I've said whist texting my friends
  • America: how many times will I knock over this lamp before I decide to move the stupid thing?
  • Canada: mom said I can't make pancakes at three in the morning anymore. Challenge accepted.
  • England: this tea smells so good I'm afraid to drink it and lose it forever.
  • France: If I have fictional husbands and an irl boyfriend... Is that bad?
  • China: if I can't have the dang plush cat why did I even go to the store????
  • Russia: why do I get a new set of friends every year? Can people really only put up with me for a year at a time??
  • Japan: I want hot guys waiting on me hand and foot but I also hate people so...
  • Italy: being cute is nice and all, but I really with people would take me seriously. Like God forbid I need to rob a bank sometime! He clerk will just pay me on the head and tell me to go play outside.
  • Germany: my whole life is a cycle of déjà vu and stress-baking and I'm surprisingly okay with it.
  • Romano: I get angry a lot, but I'm usually only really angry for a split second, but throwing hissy fits is surprisingly gratifying so I continue on for a while.
  • Spain: sometimes I'll eat nothing but pop tarts for like 3 days straight and I'll feel fine. Am I even human?
  • Prussia: have you ever had so much free time you taught yourself another language out of boredom?
  • Austria: I feel guilty when I see my violin case just sitting there, waiting for me.
  • Hungary: anything can be a weapon if you're angry enough!!!
  • Switzerland: I made a blanket fort. It has Christmas lights and ritz crackers. Here I can pretend all those fuckboys don't exist.
  • Lichtenstein: I'm perfectly capable of doing everyday tasks, but if they know that I'll have to work and I'm way to pretty for that.
  • Poland: I finally cleaned my room and found all the shit I lost. I'm drowning in accessories. Tell my cat I love her.
  • Lithuania: so I was like "I'm sorry but your name rhymes with the name of that bitch from middle school who ruined my life so we can't be friends."
  • Estonia: am I the disposable friend??? If so, please recycle me, and save the environment.
  • Latvia: i used up all my birthday money on platform boots. Maybe this year people won't think I'm 12.
  • Greece: Lilly pissed all over the rug by the front door again, so I'm hiding her in my closet until mom calms down. Sometimes I wonder if she just hates rugs.
  • Turkey: I saw my neighbor at the dance last week and she didn't even say hi to me! Half her damn wardrobe used to belong to me and what thanks do I get???
  • Norway: I spent 20$ on candles yesterday and now I have no food.
  • Iceland: I just want a cool pet, like a boa constrictor or a flightless bird of some kind. Something that says "I'm weird and don't want to talk to you."
  • Finland: It's not that I WANT to get in a fight per day, but if the situation called for it I'd cut a bitch.
  • Sweden: am I a bad friend for ignoring texts half the time? Like, I just don't like socializing.
  • Denmark: my hair took an hour and a half and I managed to pull a muscle in my arm in the process. Like my damn selfie or I'll scream.
  • Belarus: people exist, and I have a problem with that.
  • Ukraine: ...I just figured out why my bf likes that red top so much. Can I borrow your pocket knife?

zombiepotatoeswillrise-deactiva  asked:

Since I'm only 13 I can't really attend many conventions or have money to buy cosplay outfits, I have asked many other cosplayers where to start off and they said to start off small. But I'm not sure where to begin with this

I started cosplaying when I was 13, so I do have some advice for you! 

Attending Conventions

Attend what you can! My first year I attended only two conventions, the second year my friend was away for the summer and since I didn’t have anyone else to go with I could only attend one. This is totally fine!

If you’re only attending one con a year you can save up money and work on your costume all year. You also won’t burn out on conventions ;) 

Money Problem

When I was 13 I saved up allowances,change and birthday money to pay for costumes and congoing, so going once/twice a year worked because I was able to save up. It also meant that I had to really budget my costumes: choosing simple outfits, making stuff with low-cost materials and choosing to fix up costumes rather than make entirely new ones. 

So first you need to figure out how to fund your cosplay and congoing. Is it allowance and birthday money, is it getting a part-time job, is it helping out family members for some side cash or hoping for birthday money and saving it? Maybe your parents are really nice and will give you some money to work with,

Once you know where the money is coming from you can determine your budget. How much can you spend on a costume? Then work within that budget to create a costume. You can modify existing clothing from your closet or the thrift store, you can buy costumes second hand, you can save money by using cheaper materials or clipping coupons and watching sales. It might not be your DREAM costume but you can make costumes for under $100 or even under $50. 

Starting Off

A lot of people, including myself, will suggest that new cosplayers start small. Smaller projects are easier to figure out and complete before the convention, they also put less pressure on the wallet. You could make something big for your first costume but it may be overwhelming if you don’t have any background in sewing or crafting. 

The process I suggest for costuming is this:
Choose a character > gather references > break the costume down into individual pieces > plan out the costume  > research what you need to learn > purchase supplies > start making it > ask for help when you get stuck 

My first costume was Pyocola from Digi Charat. My mom helped me with the costume by sewing the apron for me but I made the hat and armband myself. The rest was clothing that we bought because it looked close enough. Even though I didn’t learn a lot in terms of construction I learned about gathering references, breaking down the costume and planning it out. I had to research how to make a nurse hat so that I could make it. That is how you get started thinking like a cosplayer.

If you choose a costume and you can’t figure out how to break down or create a plan, it’s probably too advanced for you right now. Add it to your dream cosplay list, and come back for it when you have a better understanding of crafting.  This is a good choice for a beginner because you likely can answer the question “how can I make or buy jean shorts?”   Something like this isn’t really a great choice for a first costume because of how complex it is, you probably can’t answer “How do I give myself multiple arms, remove my feet and walk around with a telescope head?” and complex costumes don’t usually work when you’re on a tight budget. 

Hope this helps!
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