birthday layer cake


Happy Birthday To ME! 

Humom started my birthday celebration right on time with a super awesome tortie birthday cake! Layers of chicory, cactus fruit and DANDELIONS!!  I made sure to pick all the dandelions out of the cake first because I have PRIORITIES. yep.

I didn’t nom my whole cake cause I knew what was coming. Presents AND my yearly apple slice!!! I loooooove my yearly apple slice the most. Humom says I can’t have too much sugar so it is only a special birthday treat.

I tried to be a well-mannered tort and sniff all my gifts before climbing onto the apple in joy. I got a new UVB/A bulb so I can keep growing healthy and strong, some heat pad thingies in case of power outages (this is like getting underwear for Christmas ma.. wheres the fun stuff!), a new orange friend (doesn’t smell nomable), A PUMPKIN! for fun carving times later this month, AND  AN APPLE that will become my apple slice!

As soon as humom cut it up I gave her my biggest NOOOMS!! smile before shoving my face on it.  I was so excited I even shared a little with humom (not a lot.. just a little). It was glorious! All that excitement really wore me out so when humom went to change my bulb I crawled under my pillow and took a quality birthday nap!


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Vision, Tony, Bucky, Thor, Clint and Natasha, Wanda, Rhodey (all three mentioned).
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: Reader surprises Steve, throwing a 40’s themed party to celebrate his 99th birthday at the compound with the other Avengers’ complicity.
Word Count: 3.8k
Warnings: mild swearing, some fluff, mentions of alcohol/hangover, lingerie fetish [?], slight Dom!Steve, light dirty talking, oral sex (male receiving), uniform kink - (clothed sex), exhibitionism/outdoor sex, neck holding and semi-protected sex. - This fic assumes Reader is on the pill. [No glove, no love!]
Author’s Note: Happy birthday to the first successful - and our all time favorite - super soldier who turns 99 this year! xxx The title is a reference to Fever covered by Peggy Lee, which inspired me a lot when I wrote this. Enjoy.

   New Avengers Facility

Placing a hand on your hip, you stared at the ballroom decorations inspired from the forties. With the help of every Avenger, you’d spent the past couple days, working on the hall of the Avengers compound as your grandparents had also gladly gotten involved in your surprise for Steve’s birthday.

They’d told you everything they could remember about their time in that era and gave you the best indications on what you had to do to bring that famous portion of the twentieth century back into our modern times.

They remembered a lot and their help made everything look perfect. You were beyond grateful. From the improvised ballroom and the private quarters, everything was subtly decked out, and it looked like as though it was straight out of a movie set. The guests arrived in appropriate forties attire.

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(it’s still April 3rd where I live)
I attempted to make a Rover cake for the special day (key word: attempted) 😅
Happy Birthday, Pidge!!! 💚


To celebrate Shiro’s birthday this year, I wanted to bake and decorate a cake :3

(I wanted to put a # candle on it but I had none rip)

I was thinking about Tony Stark and how he would have spent his birthday alone due to the events of Civil War. Over the years, he’s had his team/family there and they’ve always surprised him with a small get-together because despite throwing extravagant parties, Tony isn’t really into partying as much as he used to. 

Steve is the one who usually does the planning while Natasha makes sure that it’s all done right. Clint can make a pretty good birthday cake (”with layers!”) while Sam gets busy with the food (he’s The Chef) and everyone else is put on decorating duty. That takes awhile because helium balloons and the team spend the rest of the day cracking up over their high pitched voices. 

This happens while Tony has been dragged away by Pepper (it’s been planned but Pepper actually needs him to come into work). Steve kisses a whining Tony at the elevator and laughs while Tony pouts, Pepper rolling her eyes as her lips hint at a smile. 

Everything is ready when Tony arrives home and he’s not surprised (he HATES surprises and it’s not good for his heart) but is greeted by everyone smiling (Thor has the widest grin) and they all say ‘Happy Birthday!’

“Grandpa!” Clint adds teasingly. 

If anyone asks, no, Tony doesn’t cry and he definitely doesn’t hug them all for at least five minutes. He hugs Steve the longest who holds him close before handing him the sweetest birthday message that just sends Tony over the brink and okay, yes, he’s crying. 

But after the Sokovia Accords and everyone heading their separate ways, Tony finds himself painfully alone again. Pepper is gone, Rhodey is slowly making progress with his recovering and everything seems so out of focus, so unreal. 

Life isn’t what it used to be and he’s expected that but it’s hard to accept it. 

Until Peter Parker comes into his life. 

The boy is a little eager but his mind completely genius and he has a heart of gold. He only wants to do good and protect innocent people with the powers that he has. Tony takes him under his wing and it’s a little odd at first but they settle into a routine, that family affection being born between them. 

When his birthday rolls around, Tony is intent on ignoring it even when Rhodey suggests that they do something special. He decides to spend it in his workshop, working on some new prototypes and whatever his hands can get.

But when he enters, he discovers a small wrapped up present with a card placed on top of it. At first, he’s cautious but when he picks up the card and reads it, this is what it says:

Dear Mr. Stark, 

I know that you didn’t want to do anything for your birthday, you made it really clear yesterday when I asked what you planned on doing! I’m going to respect that but getting you a small present shouldn’t be such a big deal right? If it is, I’ll return it or give it to Happy but it wouldn’t suit him like it would you. 

I found it while walking home the other day and it just screamed ‘Mr. Stark!’ so I had to get it. 

Hope you like it and happy birthday! 


It’s a tie and it’s red with gold outlining and it’s…perfect, more than perfect. 

The next time Peter sees him wearing a suit, the tie is there around his neck looking pressed and wonderful. He doesn’t miss the wide smile that Peter gives and he can’t stop the smile that curves at his lips either. 

“Thanks for the tie…it means a lot.”

“No problem! I’m just glad you like it!” 

At the end of the day, Tony finds himself going through his emails and he stumbles across one that has a random email address. It’s one that he’s ever seen before but disregarding all the warnings going off in his head, he clicks. 

His heart skips a beat and his breath hitches. 

Happy Birthday, Tony. 


sodagiraffe  asked:

Hello! If you are still taking prompts for the draw an action thingie, can you please draw Charlie and Castiel decoring a cake for Dean? That would be totally awesome! Thank you!

Ever since Charlie introduced him to The Great British Bakeoff, Cas had been planning the perfect birthday cake for Dean. Of course, it was originally going to be tiers of pie, but something about the icing the crust just didn’t seem to work…

A Pirates Life for Me (2)

Pairing: Ivar x Reader

Word Count: 3539

Warnings: None for this chapter

Authors Note: Here is Chapter 2. There’s 12 chapters in total! Feedback please…I’m kind of a whore for it!

Chapter 1

Originally posted by taleofragnarssons

When Gwen awoke, she was in her own bed and could tell by the shadows on the wall that the sun had almost set. How long have I been asleep? she wondered. Images raced in her mind. She saw swords flashing, and the handsome face of the Count staring back at her. She saw the deep-set eyes of LeVelant and the angry look of Lord Bard coming toward her. She saw Elizabeth’s eyes grow wide and saw her point at the wall. Then her memories made her wince. She remembered the whole scene, and what had happened next. She couldn’t believe that she had really climbed the rope the entire way to the ceiling beam. That was when everything went blank.  “I must have passed out,” she said aloud.

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