birthday kanye


Happy 1st Birthday Saint. I can’t believe I’ve been a big sister for a whole year! Where does the time go? When mommy told me you were coming I didn’t think I would be able cope with not being an only child. However, through therapy, the undying love of my fans and mommy keeping you out of the spotlight, I got through it. So while I say happy birthday to you, I also congratulate myself for overcoming the anger and insecurities that come with having a sibling. Happy birthday Saint… I hope you get to go outside today.

is it fucked up that i’m buying the shoe box that the yeezy boost 350′s come in so I can give it to my man on his bday and watch his face light up with excitement just to ultimately watch his smile sink into disappointment as he opens it and realizes i’ve filled it with pieces of paper with this tweet on it 

(for the record ima give him head afterward lmfao)