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DIY: Open when letters !

For my best friends birthday I decided to make something myself. A couple of years ago I already made her a skirt and a necklace so this year I found a picture of these envelopes and I definitely want to make this!

What you do is simple. You take a couple of envelopes en write a situation on them when they should open them. Here you have a some ideas!

Open when … You’re on your peroid 

When I’m on my period I always love my chocolate. So in this envelope I put a chocolate bar and a card that says “One time when i was on my period, i made myself a sandwich and my dad came out of nowhere and took a bite and I started crying.”

Open when … its christmas!

In this envelope I put a handmade christmas card and a card that says “Last year I asked Santa for the sexiets person ever for christmas… I woke up in a box.”

Open when … you feel insecure

In this envelope I put two pictures I made of her with my handmade hat from school and a quote that says “No matter what you look like, I think the key is to be happy with yourself” And a letter that tells her 10 beautiful things about her.

Open when … you miss me

As you can see I put a picture of us in this envelope with a quote that says “Best friends are people you don’t need to talk to every single day. You don’t need to talk to eash other for weeks, but when you do, it’s as if you never stopped talking”. I also put a bracelet and a letter that says “Call me!”

Open when … you need a hug

This envelope contains two pictures of us hugging and two fun pictures about hugs. I also put a letter in this envelope that says she gets as much virtual hugs as she wants until she can get a live one.

Open when … its april fools day

In this envelope I put two funny pictures of us, a letter that says “Happy april fools day!” and a little book with funny pictures of dogs. Who doesn’t like dogs right.

Open when … you need to know that someone cares

This envelope contains a card that says “Its better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not” and a letter that says "You are important"

Open when … you’re sad

In this envelope I put a tissue two card with quotes, a little book with pictures of us and a letter that says she just has to stay strong.

Open when … you’re sick

This envelope contains a couple of tea bags, tissues, cough sweets and a card that says “I hate being sick”

This is what I did with the envelopes but you can always come up with other themes and thing to put in them. And you don’t have to do this for your friend of course, this is an ideal gift for your mother or your boyfriend too!

I hope I insperiad you with this and if your making this gift for someone dont forget to send me a picture on Tumblr or Faceboook.

See you soon!

Kisses kyara


New Video: Birthday Gifts, Autumn Clothes & Fairy Lights

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HAPPY(super mega hyper late) BIRTHDAY E-vay!!!

FINALLY FINISHED IT AHAH but yes hrm,here’s my gift for you @e-vay,couldn’t decide between a sonamy pic or a BluexRose ancients one…in the end I did bothXD

Your comics always inspire me so much (not to mention you made me like sonamy way more than before X’D),so I wanted to something special! Keep being awesome!>u<


I wonder what they do to people without invitations.

EXO’s Birthday gifts to Sehun

Xiumin: A well thought out, stylish new pair of shoes. 

Suho: An expensive watch and a lecture on posting revealing pictures of your parents on your instagram.

Lay: A hand knitted scarf and a baby animal from his collection. 

Baekhyun: Framed pictures of them making out on EXO Next Door. And a shoutout on his instagram. 

Chanyeol: A high five, honey butter potato chips and a post on instagram. 

Chen: A gift card for bubble tea.

D.O: A birthday cake with the words “Still here, I see.”

Kai: A “goodie gift bag” from 7/11. (Kai’s not even entirely sure what’s in it since he was half asleep when he bought it 10 minutes ago.)

Tao: A gift certificate for extra play time with Candy. And a new Cartier bracelet. 

Imported gifts:

Kris: A self portrait.

Luhan; A fuzzy pink kitty hat that probably wont fit Sehun’s head. 

The cool squad

Happy Birthday, @crashboombanger! I hope I didn’t miss it ;w; I wish you a wonderful day today, everything good and that you can start another year of your life with a lot of happiness! Thank you for all the amazing voice work you do, keep up the fantastic work you rad dude!
(I decided to draw those three for you because your voices for them are especially great)