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I just recently started to watch your videos and man! I wish I discovered you sooner! (Because you are a literal ray of sunshine and you brighten my day up so much)

And so I wanted to draw you! (And the other yous) uhm.. Sorry if this is weird, I don’t really know what to say xD

But anyway, oh boy.. Happy really late birthday and congrats too! I hope you have a nice day! :3

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“With Yuzu, we are everything, we are friends, we are teammates, at some point we have to be rivals. It’s like having a wife, your wife is your friend, your wife is everything but it depends on the time.”
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His knees nearly bucked as her slender hand dug into his fighting leathers. He tried not to think of what that hand would feel like on other parts of him. Gripping him; stroking him. 

More, more, more, his blood sang.

a very late birthday gift for my lovely @highfaerys, you deserve the world bianca <3

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41, 6, & 9...Muahaha


You gently pushed the shopping cart down one of the many brightly lit aisles of the supermarket. 

Your  three year old son, Max babbled to himself as he played with his Black Widow action figure, his recent birthday gift from Natasha herself. As you pondered on which desert you should make for tonights dinner, you heard Max suddenly let out a loud shriek. 

Your eyes snapped back to your child, who was giggling like mad as Bucky attacked his cheek with kisses, blowing raspberries onto his little chubby cheek. You smiled lovingly at your small family, they were your world. 

“Hey, babe,” Bucky spoke as he lifted Max out of his seat. “I’m gonna go take him to the toy section and get him something, okay?” he gave you a wink. You gave him a subtle nod, before going back to the many deserts on display. 

After circling around the market, collected all the items you needed, you made your way towards the toy section in hopes of finding your child and husband. 

But to your dismay, they weren’t there. 

You frowned, peering around the busy store and trying to locate your family. Slowly, minute by minute, you felt yourself growing anxious. 

You know,” you heard an all too familiar voice behind you, followed by a pair of strong arms wrapping around your waist. “Seven years and your ass still looks as amazing as the day we met.” 

You let out a snort, before playfully elbowing Bucky in the ribs. He let out a dramatic grunt, clutching his side playfully. “Jesus, Y/N!” he gasped, earning a giggle from you. “I-I think you might have broken my ribs!”

You let out a laugh, throwing your arms around his neck and leaning upwards for a kiss. He pressed his lips against yours, his hands roaming your backside and giving a gentle squeeze. 

Just as it was getting good, you felt a pang of realization. 

It was quiet. 

Too quiet. 

You pulled away, peering down at Bucky’s body. 

“Where is Max?” You asked, your eyes narrowing as they traveled back to Bucky’s face. 

Immediately, Bucky spun around, his eyes scanning the entire store. 

“Please tell me you didn’t-”

“Babe, I’m really sorry to tell you this,” he shouted over his shoulder as he raced away. “But I may or may not have lost the baby!” 

“Are you serious, James?” You shrieked as you raced after him, forgetting your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle. “I can’t believe you!” 

You couldn’t believe he would do such a stupid thing! He was right with him, how on earth did he manage to lose a kid in twenty minutes? He could assassinate presidents, but couldn’t look after a child? 

You turned a corner, and was met with the most horrific sight. 

Max was standing in the furniture aisle, in front of one of the many fake toilets with his little shorts around his ankles and peeing right into the toilet. He peered over his shoulder at the two of you and grinned. 

“Mama! Daddy!” He called, waving at the two of you. The large crowd of disappointed adults around him all turned to the two of you, giving you looks of disapproval. “I go potty! I big boy now!” 

You slammed the car door shut and rested your face against the steering wheel. 

You were beyond embarrassed by both your son and your husband. They both acted like toddlers. You let out a sigh, running your hands over your face. This was not good for your health at all. The doctor said you needed to take it easy right now. Especially these first few months. 

“You really need to step your game up, Barnes.” You peered over at him, narrowing your eyes. “We’re gonna need a giant team of people soon. Maybe we can hire Nat and Steve to help us next year. We’re gonna need it.”

Bucky frowned, peering over at you with his head cocked to the side. “Why is that, doll?” he asked. 

“Because,” you smiled as you started the engine. 

“I’m pregnant.” 

200 Writing Prompts

AAAHHH!!! This is so late! Sorry, Skel! I figured I’d have time to draw around when I asked you to pick a number, but life happened, and here we are. You picked 2, which was Icon GIF Animation. I was kinda disappointed because I thought it would be too small or effortless of a gift, but I didn’t want to switch up what you had unknowingly chosen. I don’t know, it felt disrespectful. XD Hope you like it despite its lateness. X_X Happy belated birthday, Gane!

Also, it’s very difficult to draw emotions on his face, what with the metal jaw and such. XD

Gane © @skelitzel

Art © Meee

Masterlist (By Character)



1. Date Shenanigans
2. Watching the Sunset
3. Reading to Them (Child!Noctis)
4. Making Out
5. Step Parents (Child + Adult)
6. Agile S/o
7. Morning Routine
8. Falling for Someone on the Way to Altissia
9. Telling Luna He can’t Marry Her


1. Learning to Shoot
2. Making Out
3. Going Dark Side
4. Morning Routine


1. Arguing
2. Making Out
3. Morning Routine


1. Falling for Someone they Dislike
2. Making Out
3. Going Dark Side
4. Tough as Nails S/o
5. Rejecting Someone
7. Domestic Life in General
8. Domestic Life with an S/o
9. Morning Routine
10. Short S/o
11. Meeting their Siblings’ S/o
12. Losing Purpose

The Girls.


1. Going Dark Side
2. S/o Sneaking in


1. Meeting their Siblings’ S/o

The Nifs.


1. Pets
2. Pregnancy
3. Falling for Someone they Dislike (Part 1) (Part 2)
4. Arguing
5. Making Out
6. Racing
7. Flirting
8. Freedom (From Angelgard)
9. Doctor AU


1. Going Dark Side
2. Winning Over Someone Shy (Ft. Luna)
3. Cohabiting


1. Sick S/o
2. Arguing

The Kingsglaive.


1. Falling in Love
2. Dealing With an Orphaned Kitten 
3. Final Words


1. Final Words

Individual Characters.




And then you whisper in my ear (I know what you’re doing here)

Clarke needs a date and Bellamy doesn’t really have an excuse to say no.  A birthday gift for @ponyregrets, ~2k, rated T.

Clarke Griffin


I have to go to this fundraiser thing next week and I’ll pay you $100 to come with me.

Bellamy stared at his phone and hit pause on the new episode of Harlots.  He started typing out who is this but before he could hit send another text buzzed through.

Clarke Griffin


And don’t you dare pretend not to have my number you made me give it to you last week when I took Octavia home from the bar.

Bellamy’s frown deepened.  His relationship with Clarke could probably be best described as “constant, low level hostility broken up by the odd moment of teamwork,” which made him an odd choice to say the least to be a fill-in date.

Bellamy Blake



Clarke Griffin


Because when I went last year I might have made a bit of a fool of myself because I’d just ended things with Lexa.

Bellamy Blake


But why me?  I’m sure Raven would go with you.

Clarke Griffin


She’s got a big scary meeting with her committee the next morning.

Clarke Griffin


And Monty’s bad in crowds, Miller’s somehow worse, Octavia and Lincoln BOTH have to work nights next week, Niylah’s out of town, Wells lives 400 miles away, Murphy’s Murphy, and you couldn’t pay me to take Jasper to a fancy event with unlimited booze.

Clarke Griffin


So that leaves you.  $150, final offer.

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