birthday gifs for youuu


100% ♡

Happy Birthday Mob ! !


“I think there is pressure in anything we do in life. As a man, I feel pressure to provide and create a lifestyle and a future for my family. When it comes to representing the WWE, I don’t like calling myself the “face of WWE” because we have so many faces and so many superstars. We are a team, we’re a roster and we’re a locker room. It absolutely takes every man to make this ship sail. At the end of the day, all I can be is me, I want to do things my way”.

Happy Birthday Roman Reigns.


150609 ~ Happy Birthday Hyunseong!!!! 

I wish you all the best baby *u* thank you for being such a lovely person and for your hard work, you have that precious voice that comes from heaven, when you smile even your eyes do that too!

Thank you also for giving us your joy and love always, let’s hope for many amazing years to come, yeees *-*

 I love you sweet Hyunnie♥♥♥♥♥ muuuaaaaaa