birthday gif from: hooya@tumblr

♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOMAEDA !!!   ♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧

it’s also my 1 year anniversary for starting SDR2…a hope-filled day…

grattis på födelsedagen sverige!

- Algy and his assistant wish all you wonderful people at imiging a very happy 2nd birthday, and Algy sends you lots of very fluffy birthday hugs xoxo

This GIF is from Algy’s own 2nd Tumblr birthday party - and you will notice that for the theme of “two” there are two delicious homemade banana splits, with real homemade ice cream… You will have to share them out between you, but there are also plenty of homemade chocolate brownies :)

Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns Imiging!

Photograph and Gif by Algy and his assistant Jenny Chapman (the excellent cook of those delicacies )

Club imiging Member

2-day is challenge day! December 22 & 23 - imiging’s 2nd birthday -

This Gif and those delicacies were cooked for the amazing challenge (key word 2) for the celebration of the second birthday of imiging.

As you know, we - at PWS - add a little comment to our reblogs. And for us it is very fascinating to learn what our fellow members see in a photo. After three years, more than 16.000 posts, and quite some changes, we thought about doing things a bit differently.

So, in the next couple of days, to let the birthday celebrations slowly fade out, we’re going to do something very special that might even become a frequent thing. Who knows…

We went through the PWS archives and looked for photos that impressed us most, and two other members added their little review.

So… “Three years PWS”, three photos “from the PWS archives”, three “reviews”

And as if that wouldn’t already be a LOT, we will also post three more photos of the featured photographer to @pws-popup as a follow up exhibition.

We hope you will like this

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