birthday funsies


Thank you for the birthday wishes! Y’all are sweethearts! ❤️ 

As promised (2 weeks ago, I’m still awful with blogging), here is my birthday post!

- I was getting ready for our dinner (which was later revealed to be Benu), and my boy watched me do my makeup and hair…which he never does. I thought it was pretty odd but maybe he was just curious. Then I went to grab a jacket and he followed me to the closet (again weird, but I didn’t think too much of it…I’d make a terrible detective). He asked what jacket I was going to wear. Upping the strangeness because he rarely questions my clothing choices. I told him I was planning to wear my pink coat and he responded with “What about the tan one?”. I was confused since I don’t have any tan jackets, except a down one but that didn’t feel appropriate for the occasion. So, I looked at him perplexed and replied I didn’t have any tan jackets. He pointed to a coat hanging among my other jackets. And. I. Died. It was a Burberry trench coat! It costs $$$$$$$$! (I looked it up–which is tacky–but the frugal Asian in me had to know.) The coat is beautiful but all I want to do is preserve it in a case and never touch it. Bae outdid himself this year. 😭

- I will have a separate post for my dinner at Benu. Too many courses! 

- Dinner at Benu was on a Thursday night. My boy also had the weekend planned with outdoorsy activities. But due to the rain, we ended up just going to my favorite tapas restaurant and drinking way too much sangria. Then, we headed to my favorite ice cream spot and had an ice cream sundae (with brownie!) and curly fries for dinner. YOLO, right? We watched Moonlight afterwards and it was definitely my favorite movie of the year (I watched 5 out of the 9 Oscar-nominated Best Picture films and Moonlight was in a league of its own.)

- My friend sent flowers to my work! Everyone thought it was from my boy, lol. I happily informed them the flowers were from a girlfriend. I’ve never received flowers at work before, so it was a sweet surprise. Plus, tulips are my favorite.

- I had a lovely dinner with my close friends on my actual birthday. (All of the celebrations with my boyfriend took place the week before.) We went to a cute French restaurant. I guess I was too excited and inebriated (kidding! your girl kept it classy) to take photos during the night. Although it was small, I had a grand time. Perhaps as I get older, I prefer the intimate and smaller hang outs over the large group stuff.

- My company also treated me to a birthday lunch! At the end, I felt pretty birthday-ed out with the festivities. But I can’t complain. I feel beyond grateful and blessed to have such wonderful humans in my life. 

So I think that with Marinettes natural talent and passion for fashion, and the connections and potential bonding it creates for her and Adrien/Adrien’s father…

Adrien should discover, through hanging out with Mari, that he has a natural talent and passion for baking and/or cooking.

He is hanging out at Mari’s one day (pre or post-reveal) and gets roped into filling out a massive and urgent order in the bakery with Marinette. He discovers that he likes baking, and even though he has never decorated cakes/cupcakes/whatever he is actually good at it.

So he starts hanging out more often and picks up some hours at the bakery (face it- cat son loves the warm and homey atmosphere of the Dupain-Cheng’s and feels like he belongs, he would gladly lend a hand if it means he can stay longer, and eat goodies. #letadriendeat2k4evr )

And so Tom, Sabine and Marinette end up teaching him all sorts of tips and tricks that make him super skilled at baking in no time.

Over time they give him copies of the recipes to his favourite baked goods for birthdays/Christmas/for funsies and he just gushes in excitement each time and yes-Mari-we-do-have-to-go-make-it-right-now-ive-been-bestowed-with-a-great-honour-and-now-i’m-drooling-at-the-thought-of-Sabines-quiche-PLEASEPRINCESSRIGHTNOWIWANTQUICHE and he drags her by the hand to the kitchen.

Just… cat son has to like baking because these two complement each other in so many other regards, and this way Adrien can feed himself.

tarashari-tfp  asked:

Arie, I'm close behind you in the birthdays. We are both January babies... I was born January 28th... this was meant to be. I'm keeping you forever. -twitchy face stares.- <.< i swear I'm not actually this creepy, this is supposed to be funny. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Well, I laughed, so either we’re both weirdos or it was funny. *shrugs* You are mine, and I will call you squishy. *hugs* (although technically I still have 15 hours before the actual hour of my birth. Lol)


Today is my birthday! I am now officially at the quarter half-century mark. Hmm, doesn’t really feel that different, to be honest. :P

So even with my broken wrist, I still had an absolutely fantastic celebration with my friends. We had a lovely and delicious dinner in Berkeley on Saturday, followed by a fabulous time at a wine bar. My boyfriend joined us at the wine bar and we played Cards Against Humanity. Although it was the smallest birthday celebration I’ve ever had, it was probably the best because it was so intimate. My friends took very good care of me—they even helped me zip up my coat! We all had a grand time, and for a few hours, I forgot about my wrist.

I’m extremely blessed to have these people in my life. They showered me with so much love, support, and beautiful gifts. Then today my boyfriend came all the way to my work to take me to lunch and ice cream for my actual birthday! I’m overwhelmed and in awe of all the calls, text messages and birthday wishes I received today. I might have ended 24 with a broken wrist, but I kicked off 25 with my favorite people doing my favorite things: eating and laughing.

Here’s to a full and healthy recovery and an exciting year!

P.S. Please excuse my tipsy posing. I don’t know what I was doing…shooing off the paparazzi?