birthday etiquette

When it’s your birthday in ‘Schland and you realize you have to make your own cake to bring to work

But… it’s my own bday… 

Expat Context:

Birthday Cake etiquette is quite different in Germany vs. US/UK/IE. 

In Germany, it’s on you to bring in the cake to the office, or to provide the majority of alcohol at your party; I’ve even been to birthday dinners where the birthday kid paid for the whole tab. 

In US/UK/IE, it’s on (nice) colleagues to bring in a cake for you, and in the case of a birthday dinner, the bill for the birthday person’s dinner is usually split between the other guests there, so little to no expense falls upon the birthday person. 

Interestingly, both of these approaches to birthday fanfare have to do with views of egos–in Germany, the thinking is “It’s my birthday, and I am asking people to go out of their routine because of me, therefore it is polite and on me to make a cake or provide beer or pay for this dinner. Expecting someone else to do it would be egotistical.”

In the US, on the other hand, bringing in your own cake would seem, paradoxically, somewhat narcissistic ( à la “It is my birthday and now you must celebrate it.”) The thinking is that it is your day, and your friends/family should be treating you extra special–if you come in announcing with cakes etc it is your birthday, it is like you are forcibly reminding everyone that they must treat you extra special that day, whether they planned to or not.  

HAVING SAID THAT, everyone loves cake. So whether it’s your birthday or your friend’s birthday or no one’s birthday at all…

anonymous asked:

Please for the love of Gaia please write Sephiroth on helium (even if its a small drabble, if its not much trouble)

“You make him do it.”

“Me? Why me?”

“Because he thinks you’re cute.” 

“Seph totally thinks you’re the cutest thing to walk the planet. You could get him to do it.” 

“I dunno…don’t look at me like that Zack.” 

“But I want you to ask him.” 

“Using those eyes is cheating.” 

Sephiroth’s smile faded as Cloud’s request left his mouth. All conversation around them started to fade. Sephiroth looked past Cloud’s positively crimson face and saw Zackary looking on with glee. 

He knew exactly what happened…and it was absolutely devious. Zack had spent weeks coaching him on proper birthday party etiquette, that it was proper to do as the celebrant asked. 

He had also made sure the person they were celebrating would be Cloud. He never should have made his weakness for Cloud so evident. Damn their coffee dates. Damn his longing sighs as Cloud fiddled with his spectacles. 

Because he couldn’t really refuse. 

Sephiroth sighed and held out his hand for a balloon. Cloud passed it over, unable to make eye contact. It already had a cut in it, premade for him. Sephiroth exhaled before putting his mouth up against the hole. He inhaled. 

“Happy Birthday Cloud.”  

Cloud burst out laughing, then clamped his hands over his mouth to try and stifle it. It did nothing to hide how hard his shoulders were shaking or the tears forming in his eyes. Zack had fallen over…as had Genesis. 

“I’m…I’m sor–haha–ry,” Cloud choked out. 

Honestly, Sephiroth couldn’t stay mad at him for too long. It probably was hilarious. Genesis and Zack, however…their imitations of Sephiroth’s high pitched phrase were both insulting, and extremely inaccurate. 

Sephiroth inhaled a little more…and then began spouting words he most definitely learned in the military. 

Genesis, Zack, and Cloud almost died hearing those kinds of swear words being said in that sort of voice.