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A C H I L L E S, it reads. and beside it, P A T R O C L U S.
“go,” she says. “he waits for you.”

@allisonreynoldsbirthday surprise ♡ part i — HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEK WHITE DADDY MAI ILU ;)


Aaja Naach Mere Saath (2015)
Starring: Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor.

Four friends are brought back together after several years when all of them decide to join the same dancing competition, each one of them with a reason of their own. They soon realize that the only way to win is by working together, but are they ready to leave the past behind?

Happy Birthday Sunniyah ♥

For Emily //       T  h  e     G  i  r  l  s     o  f     H  o  g  w  a  r  t  s    (photos not mine)

Within the Hogwarts library, old books can be found on the beginnings of magic. For some students, “A History of Magic” is more than sufficient. But some others delve further, craving more of how their world came to be and seeking knowledge about the essence dancing through their veins. 

In a secluded section that seems to have its own pulsing aura, there are books detailing ancient forms of witchcraft. The books whisper to each other when someone passes, and if one listened closely enough, it would be heard that the voices are female. These writings focus on an instinctive sisterhood, holding the secrets to traditions now considered antiquated.

When a few young female students discover these books, which are brimming with both tales and instructions, they decide to form a school club. This group, which has many titles but has earned the nickname, “The Reawakening,” welcomes anyone to join them in learning more about their ancestors. Before too long, they’re drawing on the forms of magic expounded upon in the books, holding meetings in which they communicate to the magic residing within each other and combine their power to achieve new feats.

Girls from all the houses participate, forming new bonds of friendship and dictating their discoveries and experiments in their own book- a book which will one day have its own place on the Hogwarts shelves. 


I hope every American follower of mine is having an amazing Fourth of July! 🇺🇸

I spent my day with my family and finally finishing my DIY project, a Wood Pallet Herb Garden! I am so proud of this thing, it came out wonderfully! I’m going to visit my grandma in the hospital later on, and then play with some sparklers!

What’s everyone’s plans for tonight!?


Hello! If you see this post, you’re invited to my pre-birthday Twitch stream starting around 6:00pm CST / 7:00pm Eastern on Thursday, March 31st! (Today!)  :D

I’ll be playing some of my favorite 3DS and DS games as well as fun party games you can participate in!

I’ll be playing games on my Twitch channel until AT LEAST Midnight CST / 1am Eastern to celebrate my birthday as early as possible on Friday! No joke! ;)

Click here to go to my Twitch Channel! :D See ya there!