birthday campaign

Waiting and Watching and Believing

Sometimes things are not as they first appear in life or in this fandom. We have seen it time and again.  Something happens and we think one thing and then a few days later, something else happens which changes our perspective.  I do not put much stock in photos, people and/or narratives that materialize from unknown sources for unknown reasons.  I prefer to take my cues from Sam and Cait.

Over the past three years, Sam and Cait have shown a special connection, one filled with a love, respect and admiration that I believe exceeds that of very close friends/colleagues. I could catalogue the list of reasons I think they are together, but others have done so previously and I do not want to go on for pages.  If I only reflect back over the past six months - to the WCC campaign, Caitriona’s birthday tweets, Sam’s forehead in Paris, checking the baws photo, supporting each others’ charities, the ECCC announcement video, the Golden Globes Twitterfest, the Trainspotting 2 premiere, the People’s Choice Awards thank you video and Q&A video, the behind the scenes photos - wow, that is quite a list.

Here are two other reasons I continue to believe in Sam and Cait:

  • their integrity and decency as human beings, as attested to by many who know them, have worked with them or have met them in real life and
  • the sheer joy they show when in each other’s presence.

In my opinion, you can’t fake integrity or joy. And so, I wait and watch and believe.  There is always more to the story.

The Eve of the Sextuplet’s Happy Birthday Campaign!

Out celebrating our upcoming birthday with Mod Jyushi and Mod Todo, so I’m drunk off my ass~

We got a lot of new things now that maintenance is over and May 24 is coming up, so let’s get started!

–We got 50 free diamonds as a present!

–We’ve gotten 3 new gachas that end on May 23rd at 21:00 JST, and they’re all sorted into specific types! We have one gacha where all the 4-stars are flying types, 

one gacha where all the 4-stars are long-ranges, 

and one gacha where all the 4-stars walk faster!

–We got brand new stages, the Matsuno House stages, and you’re only able to play them when your team is made up of 100% Matsus! Everyone will receive 80 diamonds upon completion!

–Adjustments have been made to certain units! The Children’s Day set, Schoolmatsu set, Date Outfit set, Idol Totoko, Idol Nyaa-chan, White Day set, Phantom Thief set, Magical Girl set, Iyami Kart set, and Explorer set have all received the ability to walk faster, while the Akuma Riders can now attack from an even longer range!

NOTE: There was an emergency maintenance immediately after the initial maintenance was over, and the staff has given us 100 diamonds and a couple of power-ups as compensation.

~Mod Ichi

Happy Birthday Mitsuki!! March 3rd is Mitsuki’s birthday, and there are campaigns to celebrate!

There will be a special login campaign to celebrate Mitsuki’s birthday. From 2/27 until 3/3, login the game to get 5 stellar stones per day!

There will be a limited gacha featuring ONLY MITSUKI CARDS starting on 2/28 12:00 (JST) and will end on ¾ 11:59 (JST). A special SR card based off of his birthday photobook will also be available. As you can see, the gacha will include some limited cards such as Christmas, Perfection Gimmick, and Valentine’s! (This audition will be separate from the Sweets set, and his Sweets, Zodiac, and Xmas Magic SSRs will not be included.)

Lastly, Mitsuki’s “Rabbit Hoodie” SR from his birthday last year will be available for Pick Up in the Scout Catalogue. This campaign’s period is the same as the birthday audition period. If you want to obtain this card, now is definitely the chance!

Welcome to Idol Reminders!

Hello, everyone! It’s been quite a while since we considered starting this account as a side-project to Fictional Birthdays, but we’re gonna try to get it started! We will make daily posts about current and upcoming events (primarily for idol games, but some other gacha games as well) and make special posts for birthdays in games where birthdays are celebrated. Currently games I plan on tracking are:

  • Love Live School Idol Festival 
  • Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage 
  • Ensemble Stars 
  • Idolish7
  • I-Chu 
  • BanG Dream!
  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Fire Emblem Awakening & Fates (Birthdays Only)

Stuff I plan on tracking is:

  • Events (with countdowns)
  • Limited Gachas 
  • Birthdays (for games where birthdays are relevant)
  • Login Campaigns/other special stuff

I’ll try to queue three regular posts per day: an event update, a gacha update, and misc update for any other stuff! Birthday posts will be made when they’re relevant. I’m going to try to queue up posts for tomorrow, so you can check out the blog then! I hope this is useful to y’all, and let me know if there are any other games you hope to see here. :)

- Mod Kou


Aggressively blurring the lines between 2d, 2.5d and 3d, Bakumatsu Rock proves it has the best official twitter account with genius birthday campaign for Takasugi Shinsaku (2016/8/20).

rubbertape: Had a wonderful night celebrating @finnharries’ 22nd birthday yesterday with some new friends. Such a genuine, fun, and all around great guy! That little logo I made on the cake is for @charitywater which helps to provide clean water access to underprivileged communities around the world! If you haven’t donated to his birthday campaign yet, you should definitely check it out. Link’s in the bio!