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Funfetti Shots 

Birthday Cake Disaster

Title:  Birthday Cake Disaster

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Summary: Kat tries to surprise Tom with a birthday cake, but it ends in a disaster

Warnings: Some very very minor mentions of sexual content.

Author Note: A quick little birthday drabble for our birthday boy.

As Kat stared at the kitchen in horror, she tried to figure out where it had all gone wrong. She had followed the recipes exactly. When the first hadn’t turned out, she found another. And then the boxed recipes couldn’t possibly be a disaster, right? The boxes were liars and Kat refused to believe anything else.

Smoke still rose out of the oven, even after the burnt to a crisp cake had been pulled out and tossed on top. The alarm was still ringing in her ears, again, though Kat couldn’t be sure if it wasn’t just now a permanent fixture of her hearing.  Three cakes. How had she destroyed three cakes?

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Birthday Cake Shots -

Prep time: 10 minutes. Serves 8


1 ½ teaspoon pink gel food color
¼ cup ready-to-spread vanilla frosting
¼ cup Rainbow sprinkles (or your favorite sprinkles)
1 cup Baileys Irish cream or Godiva white chocolate liqueur
1 cup Cake vodka


Tint vanilla frosting with ½ teaspoon gel food coloring. Spread on a small plate and dip the rims of 8 shot glasses in the frosting, the dip in the sprinkles. Set aside.

In a large glass jar, mix together the remaining teaspoon of food coloring with the vodka. Add the Irish cream, shaking until completely mixed. Pour in prepared shot glasses and serve immediately.

Just Dancing

// In which Justin and Y/N fuck in a club //

*Warning Mature Content*


“Happy birthday to Atifa! Happy birthday to youuu!” We all screamed out and cheered as my best friend took her birthday cake shots. She downed five back to back before blowing out the tiny candle on top of the cake I had made for her. We all cheered yet again once the tiny flickers of light turned into nothing more than a smoking memory. I watched with a smile on my face as Atifa turned away from her desert to give Za, her boyfriend of four years, a kiss.

Za is truely a good boyfriend. A few days ago he flew out Atifa and I to celebrate a week of birthday festivities. Today, being her actual birthday, we were currently pregaming before going to the the small celebration that Za had planned at her favorite club. Everyone who she was close with in LA was here but unfortunately for me, someone so unbearable was here as well especially considering the pregame was at his house. Thinking of the white devil himself, I rolled my eyes at the sound of his obnoxious cackle.

With a scowl on my face, my head whipped around to look at Justin Bieber who was already staring at me from across the room. With a stupid smile on his face, he looked me up and down before grabbing a tequila shot off the coffee table as an act to toast to my body. I watched as he downed the shot and stuck his pink tongue out to lick the salted ring before biting into the lime. With my arms crossed, I glared as he sent a wink my way while licking at his plump bottom lip.

“When are y'all fucking?” Za asked with a laugh. A mischievous smile made a way to his face as he sipped his drink.

“We aren’t,” I scoffed, turning my back to Justin who now talking to Kylie.

“As soon as he found out that Atifa was coming he asked about you,” Za slipped.

“Why is he looking to he put in his place again?”

“And was place did you put me in?” Justin asked directly behind me, making me jump in fright. “Because I know a lot of places… and positions I’d like to have you in,” Justin’s hand snaked around me to pull me back against him. I quickly slapped his hand away and spun to face him. Za excused himself with a laugh as I glared at justin.

“Fuck off,” I sneered, taking a drink off the table to make his presence bearable.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy my touch the last time you were in LA,” Justin teased.

“It was one kiss. Get over it,” my memory flashback to the horrid game of truth or dare. I just wanted Justin to finally let the kiss go and never bring it up not talk to me ever again.

“Not when you look so good,” Justin took the empty shot glass from my hand and set it back down on the table.  

“Bieber, there are literally hundreds of thousands of women in this city who don’t love themselves and would happily give their time with you. Go be with one of them,” I sighed and took as seat on one of the love couches.

“You and I both know that’s not as fun, princess,” he hummed and squeezed into the seat with me, throwing his hand over my shoulder.

“Don’t call me princess,” I tried to move his arm off of me but his hand grabbed mine and held it in place.

“I won’t call you princess if you start calling me daddy,” He smiled at me.

“Justin, your people have already colonized my peoples culture and land, I’ll be damned if you colonize my ass,” I got up but our hands were still linked.

“That sounds like a challenge to me,” he hummed while childishly swinging my arm.

“You are mistaken,” I snatched my hand away and took a seat in another chair.

“I may be wrong about a lot of things but I know for a fact that you want me as bad as I want you. You’re just too stubborn to admit it,” He leaned towards he as though what he was saying was a secret.

“And what lead you to this conclusion?”

“You don’t feel that?”

“Feel what bieber?” I crossed my airs yet again.

“The sexual tension in the air. It can only lead to one thing,” he tutted.

“Blue balls?” I used a high pitched voice.

“That’s funny.”

“Yes it is,” I nodded.

“Instead of making jokes you should go ahead and give up acting like you don’t want me,” Justin gave his unhelpful suggestion.

“I don’t want you,” I leaned into him with a smile on my face.

“Quit lying to yourself,” He placed a hand on my knee, his hazel eyes gleamed with excitement

“Quit trying to get with me,” I countered.

“I’m Justin Bieber, I get what I want, baby girl,” He spoke cockily before getting up and walking away.


“Yeah you’re definitely going to have to sit in someone’s lap,” Atifa said with a smile as we both looked to see every seat of the suv full.

“Sorry, I shouldve picked a car that sits eight people not seven ,” Justin fakely apologized as he smiled in the second row of the Mercedes van.

“Kylie, can you scoot over a bit?” I asked the girl who was in the backrow taking pictures with Hailey and Kendall.

“Sorry there’s no room back here,” Kylie spoke after she tested the small amount of space.

“Yeah you’re definitely going to have to sit in someone’s lap,” Atifa said with a smile as we both looked to see every seat full. Kendall, Hailey, and Kylie were in the back , the driver and Khalil were in the front, and Atifa, Za, and Bieber were in the middle.

“Fine,” I huffed before climbing over Za to sit on Afita who immediately squealed in dislike.

“I don’t need the dye from you skirt to rub off on my dress,” was her reasoning for shoving me off of her and on Justin.

“You’re all over me yet again. Last year is rehashing itself,” Justin cooed.

“Shut up and scoot over,” I groaned, pushing him against the door so at least one of my asscheeks was properly seated compared to the other on that was still pressed against Justin’s thigh.

“How much longer is the drive?” I asked impatiently once we had been on the road for at least ten minutes.

“Another twenty minutes if there isn’t traffic, ma'am,” the driver informed me, making me groan. Afita looked back at me with side eyes at the fact that I made such a noise right in her ear.

“So that’s how you sound in bed?” Justin asked. I didn’t react to his aggravating words. “What’s wrong baby?” He bugged me once he realized I was being unresponsive.

“1. I’m not your baby. 2. I’m really uncomfortable,” I muttered. my thigh were tensed up as I supported myself upward in such an awkward position.

“My lap is free,” He patted his thighs.

“No, thanks,” I declined immediately.

“Why babe? I don’t bite… unless you ask me to,” He kicked his lips. I held out until a few seconds later, we hit a bump in the road that made me give in. “Shut up,” I spoke as I placed myself on him. I grimaced to myself as I felt him shift positions so that his hand was wrapped around my waist.

“Aw, it seems like everyone is happily paired up with someone! Me and Tyga. Kenny and Cara. Atifa and Za. Justin and Y/N-” Kylie started.

“Hell no,” I ended her statement.

“Look at you all on his lap,” Khalil teased once he looked back at us from the front seat.

“I was uncomfortable,” I explained myself.

“I don’t think you were uncomfortable when you were making out with him last time,” Afita piped up.

“It was a dare,” I lightly hit at her arm.

“A dare that we both enjoyed,” Justin added in.

“Shut up. You know I hate you,” I glared back at him.

“In the words of Aubrey Drake: ‘fuck me like you hate me’,” Justin gave me an dumb smile that others would find endearing.

“You’re disgusting,” I leaned as far away from him as I could while still being sat in his lap.

“I’m more than disgusting,” Justin made an ugly slurping noise.

“Aw! Love is in the air!” Za called out.

“Drink bleach,” I deadpanned.

“Aw, babe. Why are you so mean to me?” Justin pouted.

“You’re gross, ignorant, ungrateful, annoying, pompous-”

“I love it when you use college level words with me,” He easily brushed of my insults that were pouring in.

“You know what? I’m sick and tired of you. I’ve been with you for like five, maybe six hours?” I turned on his lap to look at him. A look of discomfort was evident on his face for half a second, but I didn’t care. “This is unbearable know I know why I never come to LA with Atifa because I always have to see your dumb ass,” Getting so heated, I was talking with my hands and whole body while rolling my neck with every syllable.

“Aye chill out,” Justin hand was wrapped around me again, making me madder. I lowered my tone to be courteous to the other people in the car who were engaged in their own conversations but, I sure as hell was not done.

“Chill out? Chill out? The only thing you’ve done is bring up that damn kiss that I was forced to do. Quit bringing it up. It was months ago and a dare,” I continued, looking back at him with annoyance.

“Okay, okay,” Justin quickly surrendered, looking strained in his seat.

“Okay, what? Okay, you’re going to leave me alone? Okay, you’re going to get away from me? Okay, you’re going to stop bringing up the kiss? What does okay mean?” I spat off my questions at him.

“Okay means calm down and stop moving unless you want me to cum my pants,” Justin spoke, unembarrassed while I immediately tensed up at his words. I looked around the car to see that no one heard what Just had said except for me. Testing to if his words were true, I readjusted and definitely felt him pressed between my ass and, he more I moved, the harder he got.
Moving again, trying to find a position less awkward, Justin muttered something under is breath and kept me still on lap. Finding a thrill in him being so restless, this situation would serve as my way of payback of all annoyance he has brought me over the years.

Khalil who had the aux was casually playing his favorite hype songs through out the ride. Everyone cheered when Drake’s iconic Controlla started. “You like it when I get aggressive. Tell you to go slower, go faster like controlla,” I hummed while dancing on Justin’s lap. I looked back Justin with an evil smile on my face as his jaw clenched while looking down watch my ass, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop me.

“I’m starting to hate you as much as me,” Justin groaned and threw his head back against the window out of frustration.

“Fuck me like you hate me,” I mimicked Justin for earlier, out of impulse, before my mind could catch up to my mouth. His head immediately snapped up and eyes met mine. “I mean-” I was about to clean up my slip but the opening of the car door prevented it. I almost fell out of the car and Justin’s lap when the driver started opening up all the doors once we were stopped in front of the club. I stumbled out and went over to Atifa before Justin could say anything about my comment.

We all entered the club as a group and were escorted to private section of VIP. Our little sectioned off part of the club was the most illuminated area of the whole venue. Everything else was dark despite the strobe lights that flashed on the faces of  those dancing. The VIP section sat high above ground level at we peered down, seeing the crowd go
crazy as music pumped through the club.

We sat around the circle booth as drinks were being served to us. Justin, sitting across the table from me, was consistently staring as I danced in my seat and talked back and forth between Khalil and Kendall who were beside me. I kept drinking until I felt all the tension and annoyance that Justin caused in me slip away. Twenty minutes later, I found myself pushing Khalil out of the booth and making my way out unto the center of the dance floor.

I danced. I danced for so long. I dance with anyone who wanted to dance as well. I felt like the center of attention as men and women alike took notice of me and waited for their turn. Each time someone got a bit too handsey or couldn’t keep up with me, I floated to somebody else to dance with. Never getting bored with the feeling of someone’s hot body against mine, I continued to move my hips to the music that shook me.

All too often, I would look up to the VIP to see some of the group cheering me on or engaging in dancing of their own but all in the same, each time Justin was staring down at me with a drink in his hand. Each time I looked up there, his eyes didn’t stray from me once, at least until he couldn’t be seen at all. Shaking my thoughts away from him, Atifa joined me soon enough, with Za at her side. Za and I sandwiched her as he danced behind her and I twerked against her thin. She playfully slapped at my ass as I popped back on her. I kept dancing with them until Atifa turned to kissed Za. I smiled at them hazily before closing eyes and letting the music move me.

It was when I was dancing to Young Thug that, I felt strong hands take hold of my hips. I hummed in appreciation at the fact that this person obviously knew what he wanted and it was me. I rolled my hips against his as my fingers ran through short hair and locked behind the back of his head. The man behind me groaned in my ear before pressed a kiss to my exposed neck. I crooked my head so that his lips would instead catch my lips. At the feeling of them against me, I opened my eyes in surprise as a blue stroke light flashed over Justin’s face.

“That wasn’t a dare,” He spoke in my ear as his hands dragged up and down my thighs, pulling my dress up with it. Doing the only thing I could think to do, I pressed my lips against his again. He moaned against my lips as I licked into his mouth and bit at his bottom lip. My lips trailed down his neck and bit into him. In retaliation to the pleasurable pain I was giving him, he grasped at my ass roughly. I laughed before turning back around to dance again.

I smiled as I pulled at Justin’s hands, giving him permission to touch. Tanking the hint, he moved up and down my legs before settling on my hips. All while I was staring at the beautiful man in front me. The luring smile I gave the man more more than enough invitation dance in front of me. One of my hands moved to the should of the other guy as Justin’s grip on me got even tighter. Hearing the opener to one of my favorite dance songs, I couldn’t help the happy giggle that escaped my lips as Red Nose started playing.

“Don’t hold back,” Justin spoke, voice raspy. Taking his words to heart, I dipped down low and grasps the hips of the man in front of me for support. An aching want bubbled in me as I felt Justin’s hard on for the second time this night against me. Justin’s finger tips dug into my hipbone as to pull me closer against where he wanted me most. I threw my ass back and Justin definitely knew how to catch it.

Justin followed my movements easily as I shook my ass like a red nose pit bull would shake its’ toy. His body was so in tune with mine, it made me wonder how good he’d be in bed. If this dance was the indicator then his stroke game would be flawless. Tired of me leading the motions, he took control of situation and grinded against me as though he was prepared to take me home and fuck me open.

Our hips moved filthily to the beat as Justin’s hands wandered and found his blunt fingernails scratching themselves against my inner thigh. I shuddered from the sensitivity as Justin’s eager moved were more than responsive to my twerking. The man in front of me who I was still hanging onto, was recklessly begging for more of my attention as he started thrusting his hips close to my mouth.

Upon seeing that, Justin snatched my hands off of the guy and pulled me up again. I looked back to see Justin glaring at the man as his hand ran in between my thighs yet again. As another act of dominance, he continued to roll my hips back with one hand and grasped my breast with the other as his teeth bit deeply into my neck all while staring at the man who wanted me as well.

I gasped as he kept licking and sucking while his raging hard on pulsed against my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. Justin left open mouth kisses that swirled from my neck, all the way up to my upper jaw. My legs went weak at the hazily arousal that imbedded us. I turned back to face Justin and engaged him in a sloppy kiss. We were in our own world as we licked into each other’s mouths and I ground myself against his thigh, building up an even bigger need for an ultimate release.

“Please,” I mumbled against his lips as I started to push him back. I wanted- I needed to be brought somewhere else. Justin moved back easily with my pushes. We got farther and farther from the center of the dance floor. Finally, we made it to one of the walls of the building where very little light was visible. Noticing the convenience of our new placement, Justin spun me around and pinned me against the wall. I whimpered his name as he threw my leg around his waist and used that leverage to ground his hips against me again.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he groaned in my ear before licking at my cleavage. I shuddered and held him down, wishing he could be sucking on my taunt nipples. Justin grunted against my breasts before finally putting is hand inbetween my legs again. I gasped and opened my eyes quickly to see if anyone was noticing our actions.  Feeling high on the fact that we could be caught, made more of my arousal pool into my panties.
Taking a look around, everyone was focused on either their own partners or dancing in itself.

Justin put two fingers in front of my face, which I quickly sucked on. Waiting for my nod of approval, pushed my panties to the side. I shuddered as I felt his fingers lather in my arousal for a second before pushing them into me. My one leg that held me up, started to shake as all the sexual tension that built up between Justin and I over the years was finally resolving to something. Justin was quick with his fingers as he rapidly screwed them upwards. It didn’t take long for him to find my g spot considering, I shook violently every time he hit it.  

“Open your eyes,” He instructed with a harsh tone. I followed his command and met his eyes. Even in the dark lighting, I could see how much he wanted me. His eye contact never left mine as his fingers drilled into my center. I whimpered and subconsciously leaned my head back against the wall. In response, Justin quickly took hold of my jaw and manually put my eyes back on him. That demanding touch alone, almost brought me to my climax. I bit down on my bottom lips as I rocked my body down onto his fingers that were bringing me so much pleasure.

“I want you to cum right here in front of everybody,” Justin’s voice racked. His thumb roughly started rubbing at my swollen clit while his fingers still moved in and out of me. His eyes looked down to see my body spasming against his finger as his thumb swiped from side to side against me. My orgasm was at the brink and I frantically looked around at room to make sure no one was watching as I let go for Justin. My orgasm took me as I bit down on Justin’s neck preventing, my loud moans from meeting the air. A squirt if my arousal slipped from me and soaked Justin’s hand, my dress, and the floor alike as my orgasm shook me.

“I didn’t know you are squirter. You just keep getting so much fucking hotter than you already were,” Justin complimented as he pulled his fingers out and a smaller stream fell from between my legs.

“Fuck me, God I just need you to fuck me right here,” I whimpered as I unlocked my leg from around Justin’s waist and I started working to get his dick out.

“Right here?” he asked, his eyes wide at my desperation. I nodded quickly and made him shudder once I pulled his underwear covered bulge from out of his pants.

“Please, Justin,” I begged while grasping my hand around his throbbing dick, making him moan out.

“This is so hot,” he muttered as he quickly pulled a condom from his back pocket. Just as he teared it open and was about to put it on, some random guy leaned on the wall beside us and was way to close for our liking.

“Restroom, restroom, restroom,” I called in his ear while trying my best to help him get back into his pants. Not bothering to buckling it all the way, he covered his crotch with one and hand and dragged me along with his other hand as we trailed the perimeter until we found a bathroom. Without hesitation, he pulled me into the men’s bathroom and quickly directed me into a stall, all while I heard cheers from the men who saw me walk in.

He quickly closed and locked the stall door before pulling down his pants and briefs. I moaned at the sight of his veiny cock that slapped his stomach at its release from confines. He was so much bigger than I thought he would be. I thought his ego was so big because his penis was so small but, he proved me wrong. My mouth watered so bad, I began to lean down just to get a taste of it. “Other time, I just need to get in you,” He pulled me back up the rolled the condom on himself.

I nodded before turning around to bend over and pull my drenched panties off. Not even waiting for them to be half way down my thighs, Justin gave no warning as he slammed his whole self into me. I screamed at the sudden fullness I felt as Justin began to rock in into me. He used short, little thrusts until I grew accustomed to the feeling of his thick cock splitting me open. My hands braced myself against the two conjoined walls of the stall as Justin’s thrusts became heavier and harder. I couldn’t help the little pants of air that escaped me every time he pounded into me.

Justin’s large hands found his way to my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. He held onto them as a way to still me. Eventually, he used his grip to pull me back on his cock at the same time that he pushed into me. The sounds of sex were the only things I could take note of in this backroom. The sound of my wetness, our moans, and the pounding had me at a loss of words as I took everything Justin gave to me.

I hummed in surprise when Justin hooked my leg over his arm and positioned me so that my foot was supported on the little toilet paper stand attached to the wall. I moaned louder as the angle worked for the both of us, even better than before. Justin loving the sound of my pleasure on my lips, used my moans as encouragement to hammer himself into me. With every other second he thrusted in and out of me and hit perfectly against my walls.

“Justin, Justin, Justin,” I whimpered at his name while his sharp teeth bit down on my shoulder. His hand moved down to my pelvis so that, I could continue to pushed back against him at his whim.

“God I’m gonna- are you close? You about to cum?” Justin’s asked, voice strained from our actions. I quickly nodded and bounced my ass back against him while he sped up even faster. I couldn’t help clenched around Justin’s dick that pulsed inside of me continuously. The toilet paper rack, no longer able to support my weight throughout our erratic movements, unattached from the wall and fell to the ground with a loud shatter. I could only focus on it for half a second before I was cumming again.

My cum shot out of me in multiple squirts as my legs shook. I tried my best to support myself with my grip on the wall while all my arousal left my body. My earth shattering orgasm was prolonged by Justin pushing himself back into me and releasing himself while twisting and pinching at my covered nipples. Justin pulled out allowing one last stream of my juices trail out of me and down my inner thighs. Justin apparently couldn’t help but lean down and lick up the cum that was dripping down body.

“So um-” I spoke first after regaining my breathe while justin cleaned me up.

“I always knew you wanted me,” he kissed at my thigh once more before pulling my dress back over me ass. I cringed at the wetness that was pressed against my bottom due to my squirting.

“Anyways,” I tried to change the subject while best trying to dry myself up.

“Kiss me,” He pulled my shaky body against his firm one.

“Don’t touch me,” I reverted back into my old sober and hostile ways.

“Let me take you out sometime,” He offered while buckling his pants. and fixing his disheveled appearance.


“I’ll give you my shirt if you agree to go out with me,” He started to pull off his flannel.

“Why would I want your shirt?” I scoffed.

“Because your cum is all over your ass,” He laughed.

“Fine,” I snatched the shirt from his hand and tied it around my waist. After I checked that the coast was clear, I left the stall to fix myself back up in the mirror.

“Tomorrow. 7:30. I’ll pick you up at your hotel. Dress nice,” He hummed from behind me.

“Fine, but no one is going to know about the date or the fact that we just fucked,” I made my terms.

“Fine but, I’m pretty sure our friends will be able to tell considering you can’t walk straight,” Justin laughed as I walked towards the exit.

“Don’t come back to the table for at least 5 minutes,” I instructed so that we wouldn’t rejoin our friends at the exact same time and draw suspicion. Justin rolled his eyes but nodded all in the same. I readjusted my outfit.

“Hey, where have you been?” Kendall asked happily once I appeared back at the booth. Kylie and Khalil were nowhere to be seen but the rest of the group was there. Kendall who never drank much was as close to sober as anyone else was, making it harder to be nonchalant.

“Oh, just dancing,” I shrugged.

“Have you seen Justin?” Hailey leaned her head off the table with a hopeful smile.

“No, thank god. I haven’t seen him all night,” I took a seat the booth.

“But you’re wearing his shirt,” Kendall pointed out.

“Because I did see him once and I was cold so he gave it to me,” I lied.

“Then why is it around your waist?” Kendall raised her eyebrow at me.

“Because once I warmed up, I got hot again,” I took a sip at who’s ever drink was in front of me.

“Hm,” Kendall didn’t seem all too convinced. Soon enough, Justin joined us at the table a table

“Justin! Where have you been all my life life life life?” Hailey drunkenly sang Rihanna’s song.

“Yeah, where have you been,” Kendall piped up before looking at me then back at Justin again.

“Just dancing,” He shrugged and sat down next to Za.

“Aye, You spilled something on your pants,” Za noted a splattered wet stain on Justin’s jeans. My face heated up, immediately know what the stain was.

“No, I  didn’t. Y/N did though,” Justin laughed knowing that no one else would get it.

“She said she hasn’t seen you all night,” Kendall brought up.  

“Well, I’ve seen a lot of her,” He licked his lips and I kicked him from under the table. Everyone looked between Justin and I for a moment in silence.

“You owe me $200! I knew they were going to fuck tonight!” Za exclaimed at Kendall who pulled out her wallet and tossed two hundred dollar bills at him.

“Headass, you never can keep your mouth shut,” I kicked Justin again who erupted into laughter.

“Well I know how to keep your mouth shut and also how to have you moaning my name too,” He cleverly used word play.

“Za, get your friend before I kill him,” I huffed.

“Choke me out with your thighs after our date tomorrow night,” He exposed our plans making the table go into hysteria. Justin smiled at the chaos he caused in our friends. I could do nothing but roll my eyes; I really hate Justin Bieber.

Birthday Cake Shots

What you need:
½ ounce cake vodka
½ ounce whipped vodka
1 ounce of half and half
1 teaspoon of dry cake mix

Mix all ingredients together in a shaker and strain it in a glass. Top with whipped cream and sprinkles! I usually rim mine with a bit of frosting and sugar sprinkles for extra flavor :) 

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First Update of 2017

Hiiiii everyone!!!! I hope you are all having a great week, month!!!!! We have an amazing list of stories that I’ve been reading or that I will be reading in the upcoming weeks!!!!! 

-Fresh Eyes by @americanowrites

-Winter Sound by @giantbandgeeks THE END

-Pure Feeling by @aceofstyles

-Journeyman by @littlebird006

-The Golden Hour by @standingfacingwest ONE SHOTS 

- Come and Fade me by @paynethecreator

-Not a Bad Thing by @booksncoffee

-Spit Fire by @showingthroughtome

-The Double Plaid by @wokeuptired

-Under My Skin by @booksncoffee NEW

-Such Great Heights by @mackabees

-Vitae & Mortem by @looselucy

-You Can Never Stop Running by @whimsicalstylesfics

-Goffin & King by @fromherlips

-Evening the Score by @wdmsusie

-The Faux Affair by @looselucy

-With Healing Powers by @harry-styleswho

-Silver Girl by @stilesharrystyles

-Breath by @wildestdreamsfics ONE SHOT 

-Lock Yourself Out by @team-styles

-Vo’ke by @beggingforfics

-One Day by @wildestdreamsfics THE END

-The 12 Pubs of Christmas by @rlwrites

-Peaceful Wars by @harrystyluhs

-Birthday Cake Shot by @stilesharrystyles

-Lighthead by @sicknostalgia

-You the Ocean and Me by @wokeuptired

-With the New Crowd by @likeamisfit

-Slow Burn by @allywrites

-Lie by @allison0446

-Stardust & Silk by @ineffably-styles

-Like a Heartbeat by @mackabees

-Splitters by constellations (1dff) Lissie

-The Game by @wild3flow3r

-Clicking with You by @inchildhoodwedream

Welllll this is all I have for 2017 so far!!!!!

Have a great day!!! and let me know if you have any recs!!!!

Stay golden 

Isabel xx

The Littlest Winchester - Birthday Girl

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 698

Request:  Can you do The Littlest Winchester where’s its the reader’s birthday? You can go crazy from there lol


           “Daddy!” In the early morning hours, Dean is woken by the sound of the quiet yet urgent voice of a four-year-old. “Daddy! Wake up!”

           “What?” He mumbles without stirring.

           “Guess what day it is!” She exclaims, still mostly quiet.


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birthday cake shot

based on @beggingforfics antics and because it’s harry’s brithday. so why not write about someone else’s birthday on his birthday? does that make sense…probably not, but we’re going to do it anyway. also a very happiest of birthday’s to the main squeeze himself Harry Styles, I tweeted you, but will you see it? No, probably not even a little bit. Am I bitter? No. I’ve never been tweeted by you boys, so I’m used to the disappointment. But I love you anyway my now 23 year old frog son, you’re beautiful on the inside and out and you’ll never see this message so it’s irrelevant but hey. I’m gonna do it anyway. 

Rhea met him on her birthday, when she was trying to justify her friend’s not answering their phones and why she was sitting on a raggedy old bar stool by herself, and drinking by herself with a stupid god damn sash on her front and a fucking tiara on her head. Both items were given to her by the same person who said they would meet for drinks that night. 

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Icing On The Cake

TITLE: Icing On The Cake


AUTHOR: chris-venom


Imagine working with the Avengers and Loki also lives in the tower. But he is still seen as a villain and no one trusts him. 
One day happens to be your birthday and no one remembers. No one except Loki, who surprises you by baking you a small cake. He wishes you happy birthday, kisses your cheek and then leaves you standing with the cake in the middle of the hallway, your mouth hanging open in surprise.

RATING: Everyone

NOTES/WARNINGS: Heyyo its chris again! I saw this adorable imagine and HAD to write a fic! I hope you like it!

 I can’t complain too much. I know I’m not that important of a team member, but it still stings a bit. Sure, I don’t beat up Hydra agents, I can’t fly, I’m a terrible shot and I can’t gain 500 pounds in muscle when I get mad, but The Avenger’s job would be pretty difficult without me there, always watching the monitors when they’re on missions to warn them of any incoming attacks behind them.

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Strawberry Birthday Cake Shot

Click on the link in my bio to visit our youtube channel as see the full video of us making this drink! #cocktails #drinks #strawberry #summer #party

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We drove two hours north of Austin and arrived at what appears to outsiders as a crappy motel in the middle of nowhere. However, this Days Inn located in Hillsboro was where the majority of Wes Anderson’s directional debut Bottle Rocket was filmed and holds a special place in the hearts of many. Alamo Drafthouse and Reservoir Geeks were hosting the fifth annual Lovely Soiree which was created as a fundraiser for the hotel and included pool lounging, themed hotel rooms, tamales and a screening of Bottle Rocket once the sun went down.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendliest people and immediately felt welcomed. We spent most of the day in the pool sipping the only shitty beer we could find at the local 7-11 and making friends. Everyone I spoke with was beyond cool and it soon became apparent that most of the attendees were also from Austin which was not the least bit surprising.

After sundown, we posted up in front of the biggest blow-up movie screen I have ever seen and fell in love with Bottle Rocket all over again. The real party started once the screening was over. There were a number of designated hotel rooms surrounding the pool area that were transformed into different Wes Anderson films. We walked in and out of each room and shot the shit with strangers. We acquired snacks, delicious beverages and themed party favors. Shout out to the Tenenbaums who put together the most well thought-out, creative room and provided fun activities and birthday cake jello shots in honor of Margot’s birthday. I also can’t forget about our man Steve Zissou in the Life Aquatic room who was very generous with his Campari.

I am so happy to have stumbled upon such a fun, unique event. It was so awesome being a part of the shenanigans and I am already looking forward to attending next year.

Written by Nicole, photos by Rob. Fujifilm X100T.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAURIE aka @disastergirl !!!! I hope it is absolutely fantastic because you are incredible and the sweetest and deserve all the best!!!

to celebrate, here’s a little bit of a modern AU based on 11:11 by Arkells. I just loved the imagery of the song and couldn’t get the idea of CS with it out of my head. (couldn’t get the song out, either…but it’s cute!)

Hope you have a beautiful day, just like you!!!!

It maybe wasn’t the classiest place, but there was a reason Killian kept coming back to that bar: it wasn’t a dump, it had good music, and, on the nights he felt like company, he was more apt to find someone to his liking there than he would at a higher-end joint.

Tonight, though, he was content to people watch. It was also good for that.

On rock nights, there were any number of metalheads raging, and they often put his modest amount of eyeliner to shame.

On electronic nights, he swore he saw colors he didn’t know existed—and some of the more strung-out patrons probably did, too.

Even on nights like tonight, with a nondescript Northern European-looking deejay spinning remixes, he could see all manner of people out for a night on the town: some meeting friends, some making friends.

In particular, one set of girls had caught his eye. They were near the stage, attention often diverting to the deejay, who kept winking at them. One was brunette and covered in red; the other was blonde and wearing a crown and a black dress. The brunette had clearly dragged her friend out, but they seemed to be having fun, laughing and dancing. He nursed his rum and tried to look elsewhere, to catch something else of interest in the crowd, but his eyes kept going back to her.

Eventually, the brunette dragged the blonde off the floor and to the other side of the U-shaped bar, taking seats across from him as they placed their drink order. The blonde caught her breath while the brunette pulled out her phone. He couldn’t help but hear the lass’s shout.

“Ahh, it’s 11:11! Emma, you have to make a wish!”

“Ruby, no.”

“But it’s your birthday!”

That exact phrase had been pulled on Emma no more than three times tonight. Apparently, because it’s your birthday was reason enough to get dolled up, wear a silly plastic tiara, and get dragged to the club where Ruby’s boyfriend was currently deejaying. It’s not that she wasn’t having fun, but she would have been equally content to stay in with some pizza and pastries and drink wine until they sobbed over The Notebook.

“Ugh, fine. I wish I’d stayed home tonight!”

“That’s not how it works and you know it,” she admonished as their shots arrived. “Here,” she said as she forced one of the glasses into Emma’s hand before lifting hers in a toast. “To birthday wishes!”

Emma tipped her head back and downed the shot—birthday cake-flavored, of course—and kept her eyes shut as she swallowed. She’d never tell Ruby, but she did make a wish.

I wish that I wasn’t alone anymore.

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