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Funfetti Cake Batter Martini 

Birthday Cake

Author: Milkshake-fairy

(AO3 )

Rating: Explicit

Summary: He want that cake cake cake cake~

(Happy Birthday Sasuke!) 

“Instead of just running at the tree over and over again, try to actually clear your minds and focus. Think through what you’re doing and understand where your chakra is.” Sasuke crosses his arms and and observes his three genin students trying to walk all the way up various trees, attempting to focus their chakras at the bottom of their feet. It was a common exercise in chakra control, one that he himself had done so many years ago with team 7 and Kakashi. 

“Sensei! I think I’ve got it! Lo—.” 

Sasuke watches Shin, the only boy in his three member class, lose control of his chakra and start falling down head first from the top of a particularly high branch. Before he can move to catch the young boy, there’s a flash of movement and suddenly his boyfriend is standing at the base of the tree, a startled Shin in his arms. 

“Don’t worry I sucked at this at first too,” Naruto chuckles, setting the boy down before looking over at Sasuke and grinning. “Your sensei sucked as well! Didn’t you, Sasuke?” 

“What are you doing here?” The rest of his students had already stopped training, following behind Sasuke as he walked over to Naruto.

“I’m free the rest of the day so I thought I’d spend it with the birthday boy.” Naruto smiles and steps forward to stand beside him, slinging an arm around his shoulder. 

“Introduce us!” Naruto gestures towards the kids, who are all staring at the blond, eyes wide with wonder. There weren’t many people in Konoha, especially among the younger shinobi, that didn’t admire Naruto Uzumaki, the rising legend and the future Hokage. 

Sasuke sighs. “These are my students, Shin, Momo, and Chiharu.” He brings his hand up to rest it on Naruto’s waist. “And this is Naruto Uzumaki. I’m sure you don’t need me to introduce him.”

“I’m Sasuke sensei’s boyfriend!” Naruto beams and smushes his cheek to Sasuke’s for a moment. All three children’s eyes grow wider, ears red. They all knew the relationship between their sensei and the future Hokage, but actually watching the two together, arguably two of the most powerful ninjas in history being so intimate, was still surprising. Not to mention, Uchiha sensei wasn’t usually a particularly affectionate man. 

“Shut up, usuratonkachi. I have to teach class until the evening so go home and rest.”

“Or I could be your co-sensei today. Is that alright?” He turns to the children, who all nod enthusiastically. 

“Yeah!” Naruto claps his hands together. “Team Uzumaki-Uchiha lets go!” He cheers, shooting out his fist. 

Sasuke sighs as his students excitedly raise their own fists to meet with Naruto’s before raising his hand to join the teams’. It would be lie to say he wasn’t happy to have the blond beside him.

“It’s team Uchiha-Uzumaki, dobe.” 

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