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If you are still doing prompts, could you please write something where it is Jily's first time (Lily virgin, James not)? Or an embarrassing morning after story where James snuck into Lily's house, and her parents/Petunia are like why do you have a naked boy in your bed Lily? Thanks

an unforgettable birthday (for the birthday girl, @bantasticbeasts ily bonnie)

  • it all starts with a bottle of cream soda (lily’s favourite drink, which she liked to bring up in almost every single conversation with anyone who was ever willing to listen) on lily’s birthday
  • the scene starts with james, who has been staring at his table for over two hours, tapping his quill in an obnoxious manner that eventually drives sirius crazy
  • “can you please stop that?” is the first thing sirius asks, glaring over at james who only sighs back in a dramatic response
  • after another fifty taps sirius throws a cushion, hitting james square in the face and making his glasses slide over his ears
  • a body wrestle later (which ends in sirius yelling mercy! as his face gets shoved into a frilly pillow) james is finally explaining his dilemma to sirius. the two hover over steaming mugs of tea, james swirling his spoon so dejectedly that sirius wants to immediately call jeremy kyle and book him onto the show
  • “let me get this straight… it’s lily birthday and you don’t know what to give her? That’s the reason why you’ve been so annoying?”
  • “What do girls even like?” James complains. “I mean, she likes cream soda. should i just buy her a bunch?”
  • “you are kidding right?”
  • “what did you get mary for her birthday?”
  • the question both amuses and surprises sirius. the boy shuffles a few of euphemia potter’s magazines in faux interest, his fingers dancing on the bright covers. it’s only when james gives him a nudge, followed by a ‘…well?’ that sirius finally relents
  • well… i mean. i got her a watch. which she loved and a photo of us… but um the main present… wasn’t exactly a present you could um… yknow.” 
  • james just stares at him, blank
  • “i err… i gave her the best gift anyone can have.” he tries again. james still just looks confused.
  • “i wrapped myself in wrapping paper and gave myself to her.” 
  • You did?”
  • “jeez james, i mean, god how are you even headboy?… i mean in a metaphorical way.”
  • that’s how james ends up putting on a muggle suit (it’s technically fleamont’s, but sirius manages to shrink it to fit james’ smaller frame), buying seven bottles of cream soda (to which the cashier gets extremely annoyed that james cannot differentiate a 50p from a 20p, he only ever uses muggle money whenever lily’s with him) and walking to lily’s house as soon as the sun sets. 
  • he knows her house off by heart, which window is hers and which floorboard on the stairs creaks. he grabs a stone and throws it gently at her window, waiting to see if she’s there. 
  • she opens her curtains with a look of confusion, but when she notices who it is she’s smiling, completely elated.
  • “you could use the front door, you know.” 
  • “but…”
  • “my parents and tuney aren’t here.”
  • lily disappears back into her room and james has to breathe calmly in and out as he waits by the front door. 
  • let’s just say: the cream soda remains in the bags, completely forgotten as dusk becomes night 
  • its james who wakes up first and god, she’s such a sight to behold with her red hair flowing onto her bare shoulders and caressing his nose. he can’t help but smile and when she stirs up slowly he’s embracing her, kissing her all over and serenading her with birthday songs
  • that is, until there’s a knock at her door, followed by said door opening with a very loud bang!
  • “HAPPY BIRTHday…” 
  • it’s like the entire neighbourhood has come over. there’s dorcas, mary and marlene, their faces going from YAY to oh in 0.5 seconds, there’s Mrs Murn (resident old, cat lady) who holds a birthday cake in her arms and luckily doesn’t drop it in surprise and Mr and Mrs Evans at the front, wearing ‘birthday girl’ pink sparkly party hats.
  • james falls off the bed in shock, showing the entire crowd his rather pleasant looking backside before lily throws her entire duvet over him. he’s swearing and apologising profusely as he struggles with the duvet, finally wrapping it over him fully so only his face is on show.
  • mary’s the only one who doesn’t seem entirely gobsmacked. she grins. “how about we, err, bring the party downstairs and have a nice cup of tea first before the birthday girl can blow out her candles and open her presents?” 
  • james and lily are frozen as the people leave (james avoids mr evan’s eyes and lily in, horror and humiliation, notices how Mrs Murn’s gaze lingers on James for a few heavy seconds)
  • it’s only when mary gives them both a wink and says ‘i don’t think any present can top this’ and ‘be presentable and come down before mr evans has a heart attack!’ before shutting the door that it finally sinks in
  • they’re both laughing and crying at the same time, their faces completely heated and on fire that it takes them about fifteen minutes to actually get dressed 
  • mr evans is surprisingly okay about the whole ordeal and gives james a rather big slice of birthday cake before patting his shoulder and giving him the ‘if-you-hurt-my-daughter-i-will-skin-you-alive’ glare, followed by the ‘im-glad-we-had-this-chat’ smile
  • after this james never takes sirius’ advice ever again

the gang before the events in the book occured

- when Pony was younger, Darry was his idol and would follow him everywhere

- when he was a kid, Two-bit’s younger sister would always sneak into his room to look for any sweets he might have

- Darry and Two-bit use to like telling Ponyboy scaring stories when he was in grade school to scare him

- Mrs. Curtis would always make the boys their favorite cake for their birthdays

- Mr. and Mrs. Curtis hardly ever let Darry, Soda, and Pony have amy sweets when they were younger, so getting cake on their birthday was a pretty big deal

- Mr. Curtis would always tease Steve when he had a bad haircut

- he also pretended to not know Steve’s name and would be like “Hey, Dean, what’s new?” “It’s Steve!” “You hungry, Pete?”

- ^^ Stevve cried at least twice

- for a while, Soda was the annoying kid brother

- when Johnny was like 8, he had purposely knocked down Pony’s chocolate milk at school and made him cry,,,, that’s how they met

- when he was five, Dallas used to have a crush on the little girl next door and would always pick a flower for her

- Steve and Soda always went around trying to kiss girls when they were in grade school

- ^^ their parents were often called into the school because of this

- sometimes Johnny would show up at Buck’s to look for Dallas when he needed a place to crash and someone was already on the Curtis couch

- Angela hated every girl Tim or Curly got w bc she thought they were all no good

- Ponyboy would BEG his parents to take him to the park to play w Curly

- Sodapop a l w a y s wanted Mrs. Curtis’s attention

- Ponyboy loved going to Darry’s football game and would beg his parents to let him go when he was sick

- Dallas was the only one from the gang that would play w Pony when they were kids

- Johnny was always annoyed of Pony bc all he did was cry

- Steve liked to color a lot

- Two-bit and Steve once convinced Soda to sneak out and he didn’t come back until 4:30 am,,, 30 mins before Mr. Curits got up to get ready for work

- Darry got so many girls in highschool

- Two-bit and Darry, in highschool, liked to crash so many socs parties

- Ponyboy had a girlfriend in gradeschool and it was the cutest thing ever

- Soda and Pony constantly fought and hated each other

- Dallas once got Pony to sneak out w him, Johnny and Two-bit and went to a party

- ^^ Pony left early bc Soda went out looking for him

- Johnny always liked to tell Mrs. Curtis about his day when he was a kid

- Angela liked Pony in grade school and was the only girl that would talk to him

- Darry didn’t like Curly bc he was a little shit who would always pick fights w him

- Tim and Dallas used to make Curly cry by telling him he’s ugly

- Soda once broke his mom’s favorite vase and Pony snitched on him

- Two-bit loved Pony when he was a kid bc he had no filter and would say things that he shouldn’t

- Two-bit would always invite the boys to his house w out asking his mom first and would make a BIG mess

- Steve and Soda had a crush on Two-bit’s babysitter (she was like 16)

- Pony, Steve, and Curly took everything Darry said by heart

- Dallas liked to play hide-n-seek a lot

- all the boys would pick flowers for Mrs. Curtis

- Curly use to eat everything in sight

- Dallas, Pony, Soda and Steve were always the most excited about Halloween

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Jem and Will and Tessa, 19

  • AU: Bakery AU

Working in a bake shop was not what Will had imagined when he had imagined his twenties. Wasn’t he supposed to have a nice car and a well paying job with a path right to the top of some firm all laid out for him? Somehow, life hadn’t gotten the memo and instead of that, he had bitchy customers who ordered things that Starbucks served but they didn’t even carry the ingredients for.

“What do you mean you don’t have vanilla syrup? What is this place?”

“A bakery ma'am, we sell 19 different kinds of baguette if you wanted some bread but unfortunately we only  carry three choices for coffee.”

After she had huffed off in a rage about his terrible service and his obscene lack of low-calorie flavoured coffee syrups, one of the bakers stuck his head out from the kitchen and laughed. Will turned to roll his eyes and Jem laughed and wiped a bit of something off his face with the back of his hand. Stupid adorable baker boy. His shift would be done in another hour and Will would get to spend the rest of the day selling the things he had made.

“She’s going to write a terrible yelp review.”

“Good, she can scare off all the other soccer moms,” Will said.

“Soccer moms order birthday cakes by the truck full, they make up half our business.”

“Listen Mr. Practical,” Will started and then the bell rang and he turned back to the door. The woman standing just inside was tall and pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way and it took him a moment to realize why she looked familiar. When he did, he said, “New girl!”

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A/N: This is a collab with the beautiful and wonderfully talented @mystic-biscuit for Dyl’s birthday. I know it’s a little late but it’s his birthday weekend. Also, happy birthday to @thelittlestkitsune . Make sure you go and wish her a happy birthday.

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Niel, C.A.P | Twitter
“[#니엘] 엔젤~ 생일 축하해줘서 고마워요!! 방밍슈님이 케잌사들고 저희집에 와줬네요 pc방가자고!!! 난 내일 뮤지컬 연습있어서 못갑니다~~”

“[#Niel] Angels~ Thank You for the Birthday wishes!! Mr. Bang Mingshyoo bought me a Cake and came to my house wanting to go to an Internet Cafe!!! Tomorrow I have Musical practice so I can’t go~~ “

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how did u get to be well known on tumblr?

It was a tradeoff deal when Yahoo bought the site in 2013. They boosted my online presence and in turn I popped out of a cake for the CEO’s birthday and sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President”. I was a different person back then. Petty. Yearning for power. Wanting a name for myself and willing to earn it through illicit means. I admit to the errors of my past but I don’t regret my actions. They offered me “meladoodle” levels of fame if I took my shirt off and went “woo. woo.” but even I had my boundaries.

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