birthday buddy no.1

So this year (October 4, actually) marks sixty years since the first manmade object entered space - And that’d be our little buddy, Sputnik 1! Happy Birthday, friend!

…Okay, so Sputnik actually burned up in the atmosphere upon reentry a few months later but it lives on in our hearts, THEREFORE Happy Birthday is appropriate, god damn it. Anyway, come get one of these stickers from me at AX if you see me there.

(Is my Russian handwriting legible?)

Is he ready?- Imagine for princessribbon1996

“I don’t know if I’m ready guys” Mark says to bob and wade over the phone as Mark sits in the parking lot of the hospital. His wife had just given birth to his beautiful baby boy and he was about to see him for the first time. But of course Mark was terrified to become a father, he did not think he was ready. Mark sighed as he said goodbye and hung up on Bob and Wade before heading into the hospital. He walked up to the front desk of patient inquiry, his hands shaking anxiously, asking the woman where he could find his wife.

“Excuse me, my wife, uh Mrs Fishbach was admitted here, she’s just had our kid…where could I find her?” he asked sheepishly. The lady smiled brightly congratulating Mark before explaining the directions to the maternity ward.


Today had to be the one of the best days of your life, you had finally given birth to your beautiful baby boy Steven. The whole process was exhausting but in the end you had an amazing outcome and Mark was on his way to see you and his new boy. As you lay in your bed you smiled down at your son in your arms. Then you heard the softest knock, you looked up to see Mark standing there anxiously in the doorway. You smiled at him as he carefully and quietly walked over to you, he stood next to you with a huge smile on his face, looking down at his son in your arms.

“He’s…beautiful” Mark says in awe as he gently takes hold of his new born son’s hand, you smiled up at your husband, tears of joy welling up in his eyes.

“Do you want to hold him?” you asked him, holding Steven out to him, he stepped back nervously, making you frown. He sighed looking down before avoiding eye contact, you could tell something was dwelling in his mind.

“What if I drop him?” he asks worryingly, you smiled reassuringly, before gesturing Mark to come back.

“Sweetie, you’re not going to drop him” you told him as you gently placed your son in his arms. His arms went stiff not moving a muscle as his beautiful son wriggled calmly in his arms, a small smile appearing on Steven’s face.  

“Hey there buddy” Mark smiled, relaxing as he held his son in his arms, a new person has been brought into this world and it was his job now to protect them. You giggle softy as Mark goofed around with Steven. For the first time you heard you son giggle quietly, grabbing hold of Mark’s hair and gently tugging at it.

“I think I’m ready for him” Mark said as he carefully handed Steven back to you, you held him tenderly in your arms, smiling.

1 year later

“Happy birthday buddy” Mark says as he sits Steven in his high chair, birthday cake on the table. Today was Steven’s first birthday and you could really see of the span of 1 year Mark has really become the father he thought he couldn’t be.

You knew Mark was ready to be the perfect father for Steven as he was the perfect husband for you.