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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

Johnathan told me this weekend is all about me. He wants me to enjoy myself and relax. J is treating me to a spa day today which I am really excited for. Massage, manicure and pedicure. Tomorrow J said him and the boys have a special surprise her me. He said it might involve my birthday (screams). Decided I’m taking my Barbie Bentley today 💕💕💕

Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all the mommies and soon to be mommies. Bless you all.

SN: Lol I wear glasses but I normally put my contacts in but not today.

Mild Dragon Age Inquisition Trespasser spoilers below the cut

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Birthday Wishes | Jungkook

Originally posted by moonjint

Word Count: 2,945

Genre: cute Jungkook as a dad fluff! (so if you aren’t about reading about Jungkook as a dad, please be warned)

A/N: i really liked writing this idk it was cute

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Jinyoung Friendship Profile

Day4 Jinyoung
Sorry for the late post T-T but here it is, are you guys liking it?
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~Ahgase Omma

The approach
He’s had his eye on you for a while, just something about you caught his intrigue, and he just had to get to know you, but he doesn’t want to rush things. he’s some what systematic about it, he won’t just approach you randomly, but rather he would look for the right moment where everyone is busy enough to not notice your first interaction.

Acquaintance to friendship
after the first meeting it would take a while for you two to become very close, there wouldn’t be a specific moment where it changes, its just a natural change over time. this does mean it would take months for you two to get to this stage.

Hanging out
With members

Rarely, and if you do it’ll probably be a quick hello and then you and jinyoung would go hide out somewhere and talk about everything under the sun. he doesn’t mind you being around the boys but the boys being around you, makes him uneasy at first, but once he sees you getting comfortable with them this soon goes. 

Nearly all the time, its quiet he an hear your voice, you can have a conversation about the deepest of subject then end up talk ing about how jackson argues in English in his sleep.

Celebrating birthdays
He would try his best to give you an interesting birthday, but it still be exactly what you needed. a day at the spa with all your favourite pastries. going hiking stupidly early and camping out to see the first snow. it would be different every year, but still focused on you.

Trust timeline
Quite sometime. he wouldn’t start sharing with you about a lot of things for a long while. when he feels like theres none else to turn to, then he would slowly start to come to you, and depending on how every interaction goes results in how much more he can trust you.

1-10 to mess someone up for you
(at the height of friendship)

6. he not about to go into a fist fight with anyone, he’s a talker, he’s going to debate and reason with this person, and if all fails thence gives them the most out of the blue warning, and a mad jinyoung is someone you do not mess with. ‘Good men don’t need rules. you don’t want to find out why he has so many’

rare. a fight that results in a big fall out, is rare, there will be disagreements and he would try and talk through them as much as possible. however he does have a short fuse, and when it comes to things he is passionate about he can become surprisingly snappy. we all know joking savage jinyoung, theres a really savage jinyoung there too.

Making up after a fight
If he feels like he was in the wrong then he doesn’t hesitate to say so. the only time where it might take a while is when you both think your right, but this still doesn’t last days. maybe a few hours to a day, but then you both realise that its just time wasted not talking to each other.

He doesn’t do it intentionally. if it happens then its mostly just due to him be reserved. for the majority of your friendship, where you two stand with each other is very clear. he doesn’t like sending mixed signals, it doesnt want to make thing complicated when they don’t have to be.

Developing a crush
50/50 he doesn’t go into this friendship with the goal of dating you, for the most part he would deny feelings and keep things simple. but when things start to become obvious to him and to others to he then starts to take his feelings more seriously. 

Your boyfriend issues
Subtle but possible. if he ever has an issue with someone your dating he would let you know at the right time. he would give you advise but then he would expect you to do something about it if you didn’t see it too. he wants the best for you, and he would remind you and always question you about then person your dating to make sure he is up to standard.

His girlfriend issues
If his girlfriend had issues with you, then like always he would try to explain and reason with her, but only so far. he knows the trust and would at least expect his girlfriend to trust him on that, but if she couldn’t get past this then things wouldn’t look so good. he wouldn’t specify the break up to be based on you, but it would trigger him to start seeing things he didn’t notice before.