birthday boy!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday to one of my best bois, KEITHHHHHH!!

I hope he gets more screen time next season and for him to be happy qvq;; this bab has gone through so much, he deserves a rest tbh.

[ Do not repost my art ]

L: That’s it! You’re all grounded. [To Near] No toys for you. [To Mello] No chocolate for you. [To Matt] No computers for you.

L: [To Beyond] …Oh my God, is there anything you love?

Beyond: Revenge.

L: No vengeance for you.

Beyond: I was going to say, “I’ll get you for that,” but I guess that’s off the table.


Happy Birthday to the Best Boy in the Universe
❤️ The Bae of Marmora and of Our Hearts ❤️


Lance, strumming a guitar badly yet dramatically to Keith: I LOVE YOU BITCHHHHH

Strum I ain’t never gon stop loving you bITCHHH

Keith, holding a knife: get out of my room it’s 2am

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS RED PALADIN❤️❤️ I really have an attachment to this show and all the characters. I love Keith so so much and the beautiful man who voices him ;). Keith is such an amazing character and I really hope there is more of him in s5. He has a bad ass emo side and my favourite soft side. Thanks for being so awesome Keith, happy birthday red Paladin/ BOM warrior ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️