Happy Birthday Remus Lupin

Remus: *wakes up to the sound of whispering* 

James: He’s going to love it. 

Peter: He’s not going to love it. Remember the last time?

James: Nonsense, last time was a huge success. 

Peter: He told us no last time. 

Sirius: His mouth may have said no… but his eyes were screaming yes! 

James: This time he’s going to say yes. I have a feeling… in my gut. 

Sirius: That’s indigestion. But yes… he’s going to say yes. 

Peter: *sighs* Face it guys… he doesn’t want to be our friend. 

Sirius: Pfft, that’s ridiculous. Everyone wants to be my friend.  

Peter: Not him. Just leave the poor guy alone. You guys have been at this for months. 

James: Oh ye of little faith. 

Sirius: It’s his birthday! No one wants to spend their birthday alone! 

James: Yeah, they’d much rather spend it ransacking the kitchen for chocolate cake and butterbeer.

Sirius: *loudly* Lots… and lots of chocolate cake. 

James: *louder* As much as we can carry! 


James: *whispers* You think he heard us? 

Remus: *throws aside his curtains and sighs* … You guys are idiots… *grins* Let’s get some cake.