birthday bowie

  • Playboy Magazine: "Do you remember the first time you got stoned?"
  • David Bowie: "On grass? I’d done a lot of pills ever since I was a kid. Thirteen or fourteen. But the first time I got stoned on grass was with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin many, many years ago, when he was still a bass player on Herman’s Hermits records. We’d been talking to Ramblin’ Jack Elliott somewhere and Jonesy said to me, “Come over and I’ll turn you on to grass.” I thought about it and said, “Sure, I’ll give it a whirl.” We went over to his flat–he had a huge room, with nothing in it except this huge vast Hammond organ, right next door to the police department.
  • I had done cocaine before but never grass. I don’t know why it should have happened in that order, probably because I knew a couple of merchant seamen who used to bring it back from the docks. I had been doing it with them. And they loathed grass. So I watched in wonder while Jonesy rolled these three fat joints. And we got stoned on all of them. I became incredibly high and it turned into an in-fucking-credible hunger. I ate two loaves of bread. Then the telephone rang. Jonesy said, “Go and answer that for me, will you?” So I went downstairs to answer the phone and kept on walking right out into the street. I never went back. I just got intensely fascinated with the cracks in the pavement."

Starmen ~ Happy birthday to the one and only Peter Capaldi. A man who I admire dearly and that never cease to amaze me. A man who I admire for his incredible talent, humanity and cleverness, always so kind and genuine with people. A man who I am so proud of. A man, an actor, an artist.

Happy birthday Peter, may you have the best day ever surrounded by love, joy and geek presents 💕

David Bowie by Francesco Scavullo, 1974