birthday boooooy

Loss of Sensation, a Franky birthday fic.

Yeee this is actually the first time I’ve been prepared for Franky’s birthday and wrote something for him. My first Franky-centric fic.

Title: Loss of Sensation
Rated: K
Length: 1,090 words
AO3 //

The ship was quiet save for the creaking of wood as it rocked gently in the waves, and the slight squeak of metal grating against metal as he twisted a screw the last couple of inches into his arm. When he was done, he set the screwdriver aside and wiggled the fingers of his arm, testing his joints for any signs of disrepair. His fingers hissed a little as the hydraulics worked inside of them, but their movements were smooth and fluid, no problems there. Franky worked his joints one by one, rolling and twisting his wrist, swinging his elbow, and winding his shoulder, until he was sure that his arm was in one hundred percent super condition again.

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