birthday boi'

Silver Lining

Gokudera hates baseball.

He hates everything about it. From the needlessly complex rules to the overenthusiastic fans to the greasy food that’s all he can find to eat at the games; he hates every single aspect of baseball as a sport and as a hobby. He remembers ditching school once for an entire week, when his PE class was meant to be learning about the sport; and otherwise, he thinks he’s done a noteworthy job of keeping every aspect of the game out of his life.

Which makes his current presence at a live baseball game all the more remarkable.

“I hate this,” Gokudera mumbles to himself as he makes his way clear of the steadily-filling bleachers and around to the back of the stadium, where he can sneak a cigarette under the pretense of buying some of the aforementioned food. “Stupid baseball game. Stupid girls. Stupid everything.” He has his head down, is frowning attention at the pocket of his coat as he tries to dig down to the bottom where his lighter inevitably ends up. “Stupid best friend, I could be at home doing something fun and instead–” and it’s then that he rounds the corner of the bleachers, and runs hard into someone jogging in the other direction.

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Who’s that I see? The birthday boy to be?
Let’s invite him over, hurry up before he’s bolder.
Oh Bon-Bon, let’s make this fun!
You can’t deter me this time, no I’m done!
I won’t go back to my stage, it’s my new trend,
Well let’s say hi to the new friend!

- Can’t Hide

I’ve heard the expression ‘don’t lose your head’, but this is a bit literal.. 



happy birthday sunshine boy☀️ i hope you can spend it celebrating it like never before. a race win is the goal. a podium is the minimum. no matter what i know you will give it your all. you well deserve all the success that comes along for you, with your talent. most important, i hope you’ll smile and that you will have a wonderful 21st birthday alex. 💙💙💙

idk why i feel like sharing this gem that is my 2 year old cousin cause lord hes a gift

so i celebrated my birthday this year on easter since i was at home, and i had cupcakes instead of a cake

i told my 2 year old cousin that he could help me blow out my candle and then have a cupcake AND AS SOON AS WE FINISH SINGIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS LIL BOI COMES IN CLUTCH AND BLOWS OUT MY CANDLE FOR ME LIKE I HAVE NEVER SEEN A CHILD MOVE SO FAST

then goes “I get a cupcake. I want this one.”

honest to god it was the most accurate depiction of my attitude towards food ive ever seen in my life i d ied