birthday bash


This past weekend, Future surprised the Birthday Bash crowd in Atlanta by bringing Drake out as a special guest.

After wrapping up the ‘Jungle Tour’ a couple of weeks ago, Future and Drake have already reunited. Future treated the crowd by bringing Drake out to perform a few songs for the hyped up audience. These songs included “Legend”, “My Way” ,”Know Yourself”, and “Energy”. After Drake was finished, Future rejoined him where he performed “Fuck Up Some Commas”.

Despite some technical difficulties during “My Way”, Drake continued on and performed his verse acapella! Check out the footage below. FBG x OVO.


Birthday bash //closed\\

Alexis sighed as she walked in the door, a case of beer hanging from her fingertips. She had just come home for the summer and her birthday was tomorrow. Having spent most of the day unpacking and settling back in she thought this would be a good way to unwind. She set the case on the coffee table and flopped onto the couch. “Jake I got beer if you want some!” She called out to her brother, who had also gotten home from college for the summer. She opened one and contemplated getting a pizza as well.

She propped her feet up and leaned back against the couch. Today’s outfit was some shorts that might have been a little too short and a tank that hugged her curves nicely. Her hair was piled on her head because she had been moving boxes and putting things away and it was tough work. Hence the beer and maybe the pizza. She hummed softly and pressed the cold beer against her cheek to cool off just a little.

Birthday Bash || Apron

in the confusion of the last couple months Ryan didn’t have the chance to properly plan for April’s birthday. It killed him that they hadn’t done anything special even with his capture being so fresh in their minds. 

Ryan held her hand as they made their way down to the dock. He did his best to keep her surprise somewhat of a secret, but getting her down to the marina was probably a big tip off of what was to come. “I had some trouble thinking about what we could do without leaving the city, but I hope you are surprised.” He led her down the dock to the boat that he rented out for the day and held his hand out with a wide grin.