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EXO reaction coming home to find you in lingerie waiting for them

Xiumin- “oh, what have I done to deserve an angel like you?”

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Luhan- “Come lay by me and show me your little costume baobei, kitten”

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Kris- “Come here and let daddy have a closer look”

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Suho- “My baby looks so good in that. Too bad it’s going to be tear into pieces in a few seconds”

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Lay- “Baby, be prepare for tonight. You have no idea what you got yourself into”

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Baekhyun- “why don’t you undress me too baby?”

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Chen- “Who is this beauty, waiting obediently for daddy?”

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Chanyeol- “Come here and sit on my lap baby girl. Let me take a closer look at my precious girl”

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D.O- “What’s the occasion baby? Why do you have your beautiful costume out? Not that I don’t like it”

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Tao- “Didn’t know it was my birthday baobei. Looking delicious for me to resist”

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Kai- “Follow daddy to the bedroom baby girl”

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Sehun- “thank god i bought the big mirror. I want to see your beautiful self white I fill you with my love, baby girl”

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EXO Reaction when it’s your birthday but you are sad because your friends and fam can’t come visit you

HAppy late birthday Poland anon! Xo, Admin A~

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*Prepares a day full of activities and surprises, so even if you aren’t with your family you feel loved and with friends* “So I rented the cinema… we can watch all the movies you want jagi….”


*Takes you to his favorite places and spends the whole day and night with you* “You know… when I miss my home I just lay down and stare at the starry night. The starts, the moon remind me that we live under the same sky… so even if it’s for a little bit I feel at home”


*Prepares a little birthday surprise party for you* “I know it’s not all your friends but… you are very special to us. Happy birthday jagi!”


*Like two days before your birthday* “Prepare your things baobei, we are flying home for your birthday! This is my birthday present for you”


“Can you trust me? I might not be them but… I’ll try to make your birthday a day you’ll never forget. Please don’t be sad, I’m here for you”


*Has a lot of surprises for you but there’s one in particular that he wants you to see* “Hey babe~ I recorded this video thinking you might want to see your friends and family from back home today so… I asked them to send me a video with everything they wanted to tell you in this special day. I hope you enjoy it. I love you”


*Prepares a surprise party… with all your family and friends from home* “I know you thought they wouldn’t be able to come but I didn’t want you to be sad because of it… so I made some arrangements. Happy Birthday babe!”


*He always treats you like a princess but in this day he makes you feel even more special, and loved and appreciated* “Please don’t be sad, you are not alone. You have me, I can be your home”


“Say jagi… I might not be able to bring you family and friends here but.. I want to know what you want to do in your birthday. Let me be your fairy-godmother for one day, yes?” *Will make all your wishes come true*


“Are you read jagi? What do you mean for what? Your birthday, I prepared a day full of surprises for you. Just you and me though, I’ll make this day memorable, I promise” *Gives his all, just for you*


“So I thought we could stay home today. I asked Kyungsoo to help me make your favorite food and I brought your favorite movies and all the sweets you love. I also wrote a song for you and brought so many presents form me and the boys and your friends and family than sent them from home… I just want you to feel at home for one day… I hope you like everything I have prepared” 


*Goes through all your photo albums, calls your parents and friends and prepares your birthday as close as they would* “They might not be here, but they helped me do this all for you. From the bottom of our hearts, happy birthday Jagi!”

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A Special Day (M)

Genre: smut/romantic AF fluff

Summary: It’s your birthday and Jackson gives you a lovey dovey, amazing time.

Word Count: 3635

Written by: Admin Smutty Woozfairy

Warnings: This is hella fluffy, so here is your warning.

A/N: First I want to apologize to @hannah-martinezzzz for taking so long with this request. I didn’t expect my summer to be as hellish as it was. Secondly, the request was a smut, yes, but it just didn’t want to happen that way. If you want another, more smutty, story, Hannah, please feel free to message me. I hope you like it anyway~~.

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Birthday Cake - Lay

Group: EXO
Member: Lay
Type: fluffy smut 
Warning: sexual content, slight daddykink

requested by the lovely birthday girl @welcome-to-my-exciting-life

Happy birthday! and sorry for posting it later today, i had to sleep on it haha


A bright light almost blinded you when you opened your eyes to wake up. It was very sunny outside and the UV rays that shone through your window threw an agreeable warmth on your face. You rolled over to kiss your boyfriend goodmorning, but a pout appeared on your face when you noticed his presence was replaced with a little note laying on his pillow. You unfolded it and tried to read what it said, your eyes still sleepy and having to get used to the daylight.

‘My dearest, most beautiful and adorable sweetheart,

Today is your 22nd birthday! I wish i could’ve been there when you woke up, kiss your nose and take you into my arms to whisper ‘happy birthday, baobei’ in your ear, but i had practice really early today and you were sleeping so soundly i couldn’t bare to wake you, not even to kiss you and wish you a happy birthday. BUT don’t think i’d leave it at that! I left a little surprise for you downstairs and i’ll make sure to bother you with texts every second i can when you’re at work. Happy birthday my sweet baobei, i love you so much!

Your always loving boyfriend,

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EXO Reactions: How they would surprise you for your birthday


 He pretends like he forgets your birthday only to surprise you with a day filled with doing all of your favorite things.


He takes you to see your favorite artist in concert and makes sure to blog the whole experience for later.   *you are D.O*


He surprises you with a secret love song he’s spent months writing you, where he expresses his whole love leaving you speechless.


He was planning a surprise birthday party. He invited all your family and even paid for all their plane tickets and hotel rooms. He would take you shopping and keep you out of the house while your family decorated and set up all the food. When you get home you are so surprised and you start to cry because what he did was really sweet. You run and hug him.

“Thank you Lay.”

“It’s no problem baobei. Happy birthday.”


His surprise would be taking you on a special trip to all the places you’ve always wanted to go to. *you are luhan*


 He takes you out on and adventure through China, carrying you on his back while you gasp at the views.


Takes you on a romantic date with beautiful scenery that you both enjoy. *you are suho*


After a nice homemade dinner (in which D.O helps him) he takes you out for part 2 of your surprise which is, he rented a boat and is taking you to a beautiful island for your birthday.


Surprises you with a great birthday with everyone you love and at the end has fireworks for you.  *you are D.O as you watch the fireworks*


 He’d wake you up early with a delicious breakfast *chef soo* and then proceed with the festivities he’s prepared.


 Surprises you by throwing you the sickest birthday party and then gets excited when you get excited. *you are tao*


He’s taken note of everything you said you loved and surprises you with it all on your birthday.

yeaven  asked:

Hello~! I really like your blog (≧∇≦)!Can you do a scenario where Minghao forgot your birthday o/~?Thank U nwn~

Absolutely! I hope that you enjoy it. It starts off a little slow but it picks up.

Member: The8/Minghao

Genre: fluffish/ minimal angst practically non existant

“Y/N!” your boyfriend, Minghao, called out over the phone once you picked up.

“Well good morning to you too,” You said with a giggle, your boyfriend was always so energetic, “What can I do for you?”

You were secretly expecting and hoping that Minghao was calling to wish you a happy birthday, but you weren’t getting your hopes up. You and Minghao had known each other for many years before you started dating, thanks to being introduced by Seungcheol, and if there was one thing that you had learnt from that it was that he was awful at remembering events. You could never be upset with him though because once he figured out that it was your birthday he always felt guilty and did something to make up for it. You were hoping though that now that the two of you were dating that he might actually remember.

“I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come over to the dorm. We got the day off today!” He exclaimed and you could practically see the grin on his face.

You could feel the excitement bubbling up within you as you thought of the possibilities. Had he really remembered? What if it was a surprise party?  

“Y/N?” He called out, regaining your attention, you had been zoned out for longer than you had originally thought.

“I’d love to come over!” You practically shouted, causing your face to flush red with embarrassment.

“Someone’s excited,” He teased, “I’ll pick you up in an hour,” and with that he hung up.

Within the hour that Minghao had given you, you had decided that you would get dressed up incase it was a surprise party. You found a nice, classy outfit and had your hair styled to perfection. You had finished just in time as he rung your doorbell, and your excitement grew by the second. Upon opening the door Minghao looked slightly shocked to see that you had dressed up to go to his dorm but he thought that you looked cute and smiled anyways.

When you two had arrived at his dorm you could barely contain your excitement anymore. You had a skip in your step and any attempt at looking calm was thrown out the window. Minghao figured that it was because the two of you hadn’t seen each other in a couple of weeks and found it rather endearing. After entering the door you were greeted by the remaining twelve members lounging around the dorm and playing video games. Everyone yelled a greeting of some sort at you, Seungcheol came to the door to greet you, his childhood friend, though.

“Hi Y/N,” He said with a smile, pulling you in for a hug. “Happy birthday!”

You couldn’t help feel better at that. At least Seungcheol had remembered and you knew that this would likely happen. At the mention of your birthday Minghao’s eyes widened greatly as he grabbed your arm and tugged you out of the dorm. Once you were out the door several apologies flew out of Minghao’s mouth and you couldn’t help but laugh.  

To make up for it Minghao took you to your favorite restaurant, it was small and the food wasn’t fancy but the atmosphere was just so nice. At the restaurant Minghao had turned on his gentleman mode. He lead you by sticking out his arm for you to grab with a cheesy “shall we”, he pulled out your chair for you and took your coat. Once he sat down he grabbed one of your hands and rubbed his thumb over your knuckles.  

“I really am sorry Y/N… I’m always doing this to you,” He said, looking away from embarrassment. “I really do care about you though. I just forgot.”

You couldn’t help but smile knowing that his words were sincere, leaning towards him you pressed your lips to his cheek and whispered “I know that you care, thank you.”

He beamed at you before kissing you properly, “Happy birthday baobei, I love you.”



Dearest Baobei 이동해, 李东海, ドンヘ, Lee Donghae :3

Wow, this is actually the fourth year I am writing you a letter. Time sure had passed.. XD Again I have to elaborate though that I’m not always good with words but let me try again :3

Between last year and up until now, there are a lot of things that had happened to you. Your SS5 tour with Super Junior finished previously this year, then you had starred in a short movie The Youth and casted in drama God’s Quiz 4 (return of actor hae!). With SJM you promoted SWING album. And you have promoted in D&E unit with Hyukjae and even did your first tour in Japan with him. You welcomed back your dearest Teuk hyung back in your arms :’) Then together with SJ you boys have released 7jib “MAMACITA” and commenced the SS6 plus achieved your 100th concert ♥ You’re now even preparing for your second D&E album with Hyukjae and you have upcoming SS6 tour ahead of you. Every single thing you did last year, by yourself or with the boys, was amazing and special in their own ways.

You have grown more with every activities you do; more handsome, more popular, but you are still the kind and humble Donghae that speaks softly and always considerate for the others :3 When things get rough, you always find the bright side of them and that inspires you to do harder, to achieve higher. That’s your qualities that I always admire from you.

I would like to express my biggest gratitude for you. You may not believe it, heck you may not even know it (for I’m just that tiny blue dot among the sapphire blue ocean); but really, you have done a lot of things to me. You are the ups when I’m in the down. Your smile lifts me up, and you make me want to smile with you. Your continuous achievements motivate me to do better with what I’m doing right now; I want to be a better person because of you. Thank you for everything you’ve done to me ;;

My simple wish for you is for you to always be happy with whatever you are doing, wherever you are and with whomever you be with. I trust that you will not fail in chasing your biggest dreams. With your family around you and friends that support you, you will reach that highest star. I pray for your success and will always watch you though from far. I will not stop loving you even when soon, the time for you to serve your country is coming. I will continue to support you until the time you are back.

Hope you have the sweetest birthday ever! Happy birthday♥


happy 20th birthday park jimin!

happy birthday to one of the loveliest, most inspirational person in my life. I always wish the best for you and please never ever lose your smile. I enjoy seeing you on stage/off stage so so much. I’m so proud of you, achieving so much within 2 years. I really hope you achieve more and greater things in both bts and life. I love you and i really hope you enjoy your day today. 

지민아, 생일 축하 해 ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)