birthday 2k14


“If this eye cannot see a thing, then it does not exist. That is the assumption under which I have always fought. What is this "heart”? If I tear open that chest of yours, will I see it there? If I smash open that skull of yours, will I see it there?“

12/01 - Happy Birthday Ulquiorra!

An adorable moment between Princess Marie of Denmark and her nephew, Prince Vincent, at Queen Margrethe II’s birthday on 16 April 2014.


♥♥♥ On March 3rd, 1997, the beautiful, hilarious, talented, and amazing Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao was born. Today she turns seventeen. Happy Birthday hun, I hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you so much for inspiring and entertaining all of us over the past two years. ♥♥♥

Something Nice

He’d asked Haymitch to “bring something nice” because it was her  birthday.  Peeta should have known that meant Haymitch would bring  Capitol-grade liquor.  He was determined to celebrate Katniss’s birthday this year, even if it just meant the three of them sharing a  meal full of Katniss’s favorite things served on real dishes.  Last year, when  Peeta’d planned on taking her for a picnic out at the lake because  Spring had come early and May 8th had been a beautiful day, he’d all too quickly realized that it was going to be one of her bad days, and instead of enjoying the weather and the lake, she’d  spent the day in bed, while he’d spent it quietly baking in their  kitchen instead of the bakery—just to keep an eye on her.
So  this year was different.  And perhaps slightly less ambitious.  Which is okay, because May 8th this year is rainy and unseasonably cold.  But  that just means that the lamb stew tastes especially good, and that  steam coming from the fresh cheese buns makes them look even more  appetizing. Then, after they’ve finished, and Haymitch is still sitting  at the table with them, Katniss reaches for the booze and pours them all a drink.  Peeta’s surprised, and also slightly worried when she does,  but he accepts it and sips on the bitter liquid all the same.  And he  smiles softly when Katniss raises her glass just barely off the table,  holding it like she’s giving a toast.  She tells them that they should  do this more often, and that she loves them both.  And even Haymitch  laughs when she narrows her eyes at him before turning her gaze to  Peeta.

“But I love him more.”

but I LOVE YOU MORE WHOEVER YOU ARE TBH. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

:’))))))!!!!! :’)!!!!! 

the world turns and you are a pinnacle, a beautiful and complicated bunch of star stuff that i am so deeply glad to have known anything about in my life time. i hope that you always retain that spark and i hope that this year treats you the best it possibly can. you have done so much and i know with the utmost certainty that you will do so much more, so much more than i can even imagine. i hope that you will always be safe, and that you will always be loved and i also hope that you never lose that fire, that push and that mix of so many beautiful things that makes you exactly who you are. i wish you the happiest of birthdays handsome ♡