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08.25.95. a very special day for a special someone~ Dowoon: the person who always promises to work harder every single day, shows that it’s perfectly fine to be an awkward turtle, inspires everyone to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams, spreads smiles across the world by being the epitome of cuteness, and continuously drumming away into our hearts; you are the downbeat to my offbeat. May all your wishes come true today, and may this birthday be the best day you’ve had so far. Happy birthday, Yoon Dowoon! ♡ ♡ ♡

I had been playing around with Live2D yesterday and did some animation swapping. Since I love The Wink, I tried my hand at making a few gifs of my favorite ladies last night. I wasn’t going to share them, but since it’s your birthday I thought you might enjoy it :)

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(soleil has white hair because i’m laslow/keaton trash)

Birthday present Sebastian Stan x Reader

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Featuring: none

Word count: 2573 words

Warnings: some swearing

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Dating an actor wasn’t easy. There were periods of time when you wouldn’t see him for weeks, and even months. Except for those time when he managed to sneak you into the set while he was filming, but that was an exception. Most times, you stayed at your apartment in New York, waiting for him to come back to you after those longs months of filming.

But there was one day that he would never miss, no matter where he was, no matter the distance. Sebastian would never miss your birthday. He knew you loved that day and how important it was for you that he was there. Of course, this year wouldn’t be different. 

Actually, that’s not completely true. This one was different and for the first time you weren’t that excited about your especial day. Why? You were turning 30. Your worst nightmare, leaving your 20s behind you. Sebastian had been teasing you about it for weeks now and you had nothing to say. He was 33 so you couldn’t even tell him that he was closer to forty than to thirty. 

“It’s not that bad, babe”, he said over the phone. By how his voice sounded, you knew he was trying his best in order not to laugh. 

“But 30 fucking years old, Seb”, you whined looking up at the ceiling. “I won’t be a teenager anymore”, you pouted making him laugh. 

“You stopped being a teenager 10 years ago, doll. Don’t you think it’s time to get over it?” He replied.

“Never.” You snapped making him laugh all over again. His laugh was like music to your ears and the fact that he was laughing thanks to you was even better. “You will be here, right?”

Sebastian was now in Atlanta, filming the next Captain America movie. He had asked you to go with him but you had to work and you couldn’t leave it, it didn’t matter how much you wanted it. He had been away for two months already and you had only managed to see him twice, your birthday would be the third and you just couldn’t wait any longer to see him. 

“Of course I will, babe”, he said through the phone. “You know I’d never miss your day and the chance to see you turning 30”, he teased you making you laugh this time. 

“You’re a dork”, you sighed biting your lip. “What time is the flight?” You asked playing with your hair.

“8 p.m.” He sighed. You heard some screaming over the phone but it sounded far away. “I gotta go, babe. Winter Soldier’s turn. I’ll text you when I’m at the airport ok?”  He said.

“Alright, good luck Barnes”, you smiled a little. “I love you”

“I love you too baby. Can’t wait to see you”, he said before hanging up. 

You put the phone on the table and got up from the couch where you had been for the last 45 minutes. You didn’t want to but you started cleaning up the house. Unluckily for you, your boyfriend was a bit of a cleaning obsessive and you knew he would kill you if he saw how the apartment was. There were shoes and clothes everyone, laundry to fold and dishes to wash but you were too lazy to do it, so you waited until the last moment. 

So indeed you spent the rest of the day cleaning up, stopping just to eat some lunch. By the time you were done it was 7.30 p.m., so you checked your phone and you saw you had some texts from Sebastian. 

S: Already at the airport, it was a living hell arriving here. Damn traffic.

S: oh and you’re ignoring me! That’s painful and low babe, I thought you loved me.

You laughed as you saw both texts and shook your head. He was so dramatic. You texted him back saying you had been busy cleaning the apartment up but you were finally done. As soon as you put your phone down it started to buzz and Seb’s contact photo was on the screen. With a smile you picked it up.

“Cleaning huh?” Was the first thing he said when you took the call.

“Yeah, it was about time so you don’t turn into my mother as soon as you walk through the door”, you laughed looking around you did a pretty good job actually. 

“Gosh (Y/N), why don’t you just clean from time to time?” You rolled your eyes and decided to ignore the comment.

“How was the day?” You asked walking to the room since you intended to take a shower. He let out a short laugh when he noticed how you changed topics. 

“Fine actually, we didn’t mess it up much so…we progressed” he said. “But we are going to have to add one more month to the filming”, he said cautiously. “I’ve been told today.”

Your heart dropped the moment he said that. He was about to be away for 5 months and now were 6? That wasn’t fair. It was his job and you understood the situation but still… You didn’t like it.

“Why?” You whispered taking a seat at the end of the bed.

“Mackie twisted his ankle and he has to rest for a month”, he explained. “So all those scenes with him will have to be filmed…later.”

“I see…” You whispered looking down at your feet. “And do you have many scenes with him?” You asked.

“Yeah…some”, he said.

“I see…” You said again not knowing what to say. He didn’t like it either, you knew it, but you had to accept it. 

“I’m sorry”, he sighed. With a nod you got up. Now you really needed that shower. 

“I’m going to take a shower, alright?” You said. 

“(Y/N), wait”, he started talking but you interrupted him.

“I’m not mad Seba, I just didn’t expect it and I need some time to process it.” You said. You heard him sighing deeply on the other side of the room.

“Alright. I’ll tell you when I land ok?” He said.

“Ok, bye”, you whispered.

You hung up before he could reply and you threw the phone on the bed, it bounced a couple of times and finally it ended up falling to the floor. You couldn’t care less. By the time you walked out of the shower, almost an hour later, you were still upset about it but what could you do? 

“Happy fucking birthday to me”, you mumbled taking some underwear from the dresser and getting dressed. 

Since you had been at home the whole day you had been thinking about going out for a while now that you were done cleaning, but you just wasn’t in the mood anymore. So you put on your favourite Seb’s hoodie and walked back to the living room, taking the phone with you, and crashed on the couch, turning on the TV.

Suddenly you woke up thanks to the buzzing of your phone underneath you. When did you even fall asleep? Confused, you looked around for your phone until you found it just under your ass. It was Seb. 

“Hello?” You said picking it up, still half asleep. The first thing you heard was his marvellous laugh which made you smile a little. “Please, tell me you’ve just landed and you’re going to cuddle up with me for the rest of the night”, you said. 

“Actually, I’m just a few blocks away from the apartment”, he said. That made you open your eyes and sit up.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me? I’m a mess! I didn’t even dry my hair Seba!” You said getting up.

“Well, I texted you when I landed but I guess you were asleep”, he laughed on the phone. 

“You’re an idiot, go and have a walk around the block while I get ready”, you said walking to the bedroom but you stopped when you heard the door opening.

And there he was. With a bag over his shoulder and his phone against his ear, smiling widely at the image of you standing in the middle of the living room. The moment you saw him you forgot about everything, you forgot about your looks, about you turning 30 and about his filming. You just hung up, threw the phone on the sofa and ran to him. He dropped the bag and opened his arm for the moment you jumped and wrapped yourself around him. Laughing, he held you and looked at you.

“You look beautiful like this”, he said smiling. 

“Shut up”, you blushed.

He smiled a bit more and kissed you slowly at first but more passionate as the kiss kept going. He closed the door with his foot as he carried you to the couch where he laid you down, with him over you. 

“You’re here”, you whispered when you both pulled away. He smiled and rubbed your cheek softly, looking at every inch of your face.

“I’m here”, he whispered back and smiled at you. 

“God, I missed you so much”, you mumbled hugging him and hiding your face in his neck. 

“I missed you too. Everyday. Every night”, he said sitting up with you on his lap. “How do you do it to look even more beautiful every time I come back?” His question made you roll your eyes but you laughed anyway. 

“So flirty”, you smiled running a hand through his hair. “I like your Bucky Barnes look”, you commented pulling at his long hair softly.

“You know what I like?” He whispered, his eyes darkening with lust. Biting your lip you shook your head innocently. “You. On the bed. Under me. Screaming my name”, he said closer to your lips. 

“Sounds good”, you whispered biting your lip which made him groan.

“It does, doesn’t it?” He whispered before crashing his lips against yours and taking you to the bedroom. 

Next morning when you woke up was the first time in a long time that you felt complete. You knew Sebastian was with you again. Even if it was just for the weekend. He was completely yours during that time. You rolled over the bed expecting to see him there, completely asleep, with his lips parted and looking adorable as always. But you found his part of the bed empty. There was just a wooden tray with food and a note. At the beginning you didn’t like that he wasn’t there but you smiled warmly at the breakfast. Sitting up carefully you took the note. 

Morning babe, I think I will be back by the time you wake up. But if not and you’re reading this, then I already apologise but I promise it’s worth it and I will be there in no time. Happy 30th birthday, love. I love you. Seb xx”

Even when you were a bit upset that he wasn’t there you couldn’t help but smile. Probably he just went out to do some running or something like that. So you took the tray and put it on your lap. There was orange juice, waffles and some fruits as well, along with a red rose. You took the rose and smelled it with a huge smile. He definitely was the best boyfriend someone would wish for. 

When you finished your breakfast, Seb was still out. You thought about calling him but decided against it. He would be home soon. With a sigh you get out of the bed still naked from last night, took a shirt from his bag, and walked to the bathroom. While you were in there you heard the door which made you smile. 

“Babe?” He called your petname. 

“I’m in the bathroom!” You screamed as you washed your hands. You found him in the living room, sitting on the couch. 

“Hey there”, you said.

He looked back at you and got up smiling. He stood in front of you and took your face in his hands to kiss you slowly.

“Happy birthday, beautiful”, he whispered. “How does the age feel?” He teased.

“Shut up”, you laughed and hugged him. “Thanks for the breakfast, by the way. It was delicious” you said looking up at him. 

“You’re welcome”, he said pecking your lips. “I have something for you”

“Seb! You didn’t have to. You know I told you I had enough if you came”, you said as he walked to the couch. 

“I know but me coming here was a fact, not a present”, he smiled at you. “I had to leave early in the morning to pick everything up but I think you will like it”, he said taking a box from the floor. He stood in front of you smiling bigger than ever before. “Open up”, he said.

Narrowing his eyes at him and knowing about the multiples times he pranked you with things inside boxed you opened the box a bit, trying to get a sneak peek. Before you could see everything the box moved and a little paw came out from where you had opened it. With a frown you looked up at your boyfriend who nodded at you.

“C’mon”, he smiled. 

Taking a deep breath you opened the box and gasped as you saw a tiny cat inside of it. It couldn’t be older than a couple of months old, the eyes were grey and the hair was dark with grey but the stomach was white. It was beautiful!

“I know you always wanted a cat so…” He shrugged as you picked it up slowly. “Since I can’t be here as much as I would like it, at least I know you won’t be alone”, he said. 

“Seb, it’s…” You mumbled looking down at the kitty in your arms. “It’s perfect”, you said looking at him.

“You like it?” He smiled widely at you and you nodded. “Well…there’s something else”, he said showing you the box again. “I…talked to your boss and explained the situation we have going on and well…” he started talking as you took the piece of paper from the bottom of the box.

“A ticket to Atlanta?” You asked looking at the plane ticket.

“You can work from there, send your work from there and…you get to be with me”, he said nervously.

Biting your lip you put the kitty down on the floor so it could start exploring around the apartment. He was looking at you nervous, like he was scared of you saying no but how could you? This was exactly what you wanted. Be with him, no matter where, and he made it possible for you. For you two actually. 

“I love you so much, Sebastian”, you said looking into his eyes.

“Is that a yes?” He smiled wrapping his arms around you.

“Arya can come?” You asked. He raised an eyebrow confused. “The kitty.”

“Are you seriously naming the cat after a Game of Thrones character?” He chuckled as he pulled you closer.

“Hey! Don’t mess with her!” You said. 

“Of course she can come”, he said smiling down at you.

You smiled even more and wrapped your arms around him, pulling him down to your lips so you could kiss him just like you wanted to do. He definitely was the man of your life, the love of your life, and the best man you had even known. And this was the best birthday you would ever have.