Birthday present for my sister Karen! She will be immortalized as an NPC in Halcyon Plume with a unique side quest in the game. She plays the role of a one of many witches in Sociel, with a rather unique personality and goal that will be revealed in the game.

Though she is much prettier in real life, hopefully Ive captured some of her unique charm and beauty.

Happy birthday Paya!

She’s a year old today! March 23 2016 was the first time I drew her as her own character so I’m making that her official birthday! It has been so cool developing her character and personality and over all style, and it’s been just unbelievable how much attention and love she has gotten in response.

Like look at some of this fan art! Shoutout to all the artists:

@angrymonster s more kung fu panda style! tiny asskicker!

@phr-1 i love the geometricallity of this!

@firewolf127 holy shit her own comic appearance!

@ani-dragmire  such a strong stance!

@thejasmineillustrator has done SOOOO much art for me all of her art looks like it’s going to fly right off the paper!

@sheyconyamo look at this disney princess! so fierce and yet so damn cute!

of course my own yak @cmart009 showers me in art, but this one really hits close to home!

and then there’s this one from @asylumcomix, the very first piece of fan art I ever received…I remember when I saw them on my dash and nearly cried, I was home alone at the time as was upset that I couldn’t immediately share it with someone! Such a sassy pose I just adore them to this day!

Thank you thank you all so much for these, and thank you for sharing in Paya’s story with me, can’t wait to draw her more!


Et ouaip, le tout premier Chaton a été dessiné le 23 mars 2016 ! :’D Comme ça paraît loin, haha !

Ça me fait rire de voir l’évolution de son design depuis, je me demande jusqu’où vont grandir ses oreilles (des fois je dois me calmer quand je les dessine XD )

Ça fait plaisir de voir des Chatons venir suivre ce blog petit à petit, merci fort à vous pour votre intérêt !!! Je vous recouvre de confetti réconfortants pour les jours nuls, et vous souhaite de bien prendre soin de vous et de ceux que vous aimez °U°/


Today, the 23rd of March, is the 17th birthday of Pink Floyd’s live album “Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81″.

Its tracks were selected from the August 1980 and June 1981 performances of The Wall Live Tour at Earls Court in London, the latter being Pink Floyd’s very last performance in their four-man line-up until the 2005 Live 8 concert. It includes, in addition to the 26 songs of the Wall album, two more pieces - “What Shall We Do Now?” after “Empty Spaces”, and “The Last Few Bricks”, an instrumental between “Another Brick in the Wall Part 3″ and “Goodbye Cruel World”, consisting of themes from a few songs performed earlier from the album.

The album reached the 15th position on the UK album charts and 19th on the Billboard 200, and sold about 600,000 copies worldwide. 

My own Kanken & a busy weekend

I somehow managed to survive another week of studying and taking an exam. Now there is only one left to go. 
Normally, my weekends tend to be pretty calm in comparison to the rest of the week, but since it was my mom’s birthday on Sunday, we had do prepare a bunch of stuff for it. We baked two cakes and some muffins, cleaned and tidied up the kitchen and the living room and overall just tried to get done as many things as possible. Meanwhile, I was trying to study as well and not lose my mind over it.
But one event really made my week. I now own a real Kånken backpack!! I have been thinking about getting one for over a year now and when I saw that someones was selling theirs on Instagram, I took a chance and bought it. After some issues with my bank (I’m still mad at them, nothing seems to work out the way it should be), it arrived on Friday.
Although it has a few signs of usage, I think I can fix it and make it look better.

~Please ask for my permission if you want to use my photos (and give credit)!~

я не помню писал ли об этом или нет, я эту традицию знаю давно.

Откуда пошла традиция задувать свечи?
В XVIII веке в Германии существовал обычай зажигать свечи на каждый детский день рождения. В этот день на видное место ставился торт со свечами. Их было всегда на одну больше, чем количество лет, которое исполнялось ребенку, так как одна дополнительная свеча символизировала будущее. Свечи оставались зажженными в течение дня и их заменяли, если они гасли. Вечером ребенок задувал свечи и загадывал желание. По поверьям, поднимающийся дым должен был донести желание прямо к Богу. 

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у меня ведь есть своя аудитория (хотелось бы так думать) и я обращаюсь к ней. всегда волнительно, потому что вдруг это не будет воспринято всерьез. хочется выразить обеспокоенность по поводу активности или она просто не соответствует моим представлениям (и тогда это полностью моя проблема), это конечно ,в большем случае, моя вина, я ,может , делаю посты не такие уж и интересные , как раньше или как у других, и вы просто заскучали .
но мне жаль терять читателей, мне нравилось и нравиться делиться с вами.
выражаю отдельную благодарность неизменным читателям и новичкам, которые врываются в эти ряды, я замечаю вас, вы рождаете «спрос» на мое «предложение» , рад что вы есть и в какой-то мере жду, что вам понравиться. 
хорошего всем дня  ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡


It is a beautiful day.

The sun is high in the vast blue sky with marshmallow-like clouds gently sweeping across. The park you are at is filled with flowers and you decide it would be a waste to leave them here without being admired. You gently pluck out the prettiest from the variety spread out in front of you and fashion a flower crown with them, careful not to crush the petal with skilful and delicate tugs and pulls. You give it a spin when you are done and feel satisfied with your work. You race over to where a tall man with soft brown locks is resting under a tree.

He looks up at you when you arrive and gives you a gentle smile. He notices the flower crown in your hands and his grin grows. You quickly place it onto his head, letting out peaks of laughter when his eyes are accidentally covered by them and he is flustered for a bit. Only a bit though. He also chuckles along with you, before looking back up at you oddly.

You tilt your head, unsure as to why he has fallen silent. You watch as he takes the flower crown off of his head and stands up. Now you are looking up at him. His smile has returned, but it is more gentle compared to the joyful grin that is normally on his face.

Slowly, he raises the crown, cupped softly within this grasp, and places it on your head. His arms then fall back to his sides. You tilt your head again, but the flowers on your head threaten to slip off so you straighten up again.

Why did he give it back to you?

Teruo chuckles again, seemingly amused by your confusion.
“You deserve it.”
You blink. Deserve what?
“You have no idea what magic you cast every day, do you.”
He reaches out and grabs both of your hands gently, like he did with the crown on your head, and hold them gently in front of you.
“You bring life to so many and you don’t even realise it. You are beautiful and deserving of so much, and yet you still give.” He gives you another soft smile.

“Happy Birthday, Βασίλισσα.”


Happy birthday, @miuria!!!!! I hope I portrayed Teruo well~ I wish you well and feel free to give me a hug - I’ve been told I’m good at them!!