Yes ~ there we are ! ~ 6 months after Lichtan’s birthday it is to celebrate LAWLESS’ EXISTENCE !! \(*o*)/
~*°.’*°~ ( ᐛ )ᕗ ❤  ~*°.’*°~

so have some handsome-Hyde here ~ >v<) !
yep, the 6.-Servamp-anniversary-Hyde from earlier with those fancy flowers he threw at Lichtan,
hot hot hot as always, ne ~ ? 
looks like he’s ready to marry SOMEONE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yiiiiiisss ~
I wooooonder who receives handsome-Hyde’s flowers ? ~…. <3

his waifu ~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

after having eaten all the cheese-cake Lawless wished for it is to play ‘Hyde and seek’ >W>)!
ik, great game.
But someone’s going to be very happy to hunt Hyde ~~~
======= ᕕ( ò^ó)ᕗ!!  ~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
                      ( )                  ( )
                     / /                    / >

hope u like it :> !

I heard it was someone’s Birthday coming up so…

I made you this!

I wanted to thank you for being such a good friend. I am so glad that I met you and I always enjoy drawing with you. You are have been so kind and generous; one of the nicest people I’ve met. 

I wish you a happy birthday and I wuv you~

((AHHHHH this is so precious ;w; thank you so much Jun. <3 I love the shading and all out background of the image…Just EVERYTHING is so gorgeous <3
Love you Jun and thanks again for the wonderful gift. I’m glad to have met you and you’re one of my bestest friends here <3….people go watch @xjunjox..She’s an amazing artist and individual <3))

~ ( // VALENTINE’S DAY \(*3*)/ !!!! \ ) ~

same day as Misono’s birthdaaay >w>)/ !
but yeah… couldn’t draw anything for him until now ._. truly sorry…

at least have Kuro for valentine’s day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!
where are you, KuroFangirls, I wanna hear you screaaammm ( 9òwó)9!!
ok jokes, but still.. Servamps ‘n Co look so handsome in those costumes >w>)~ <3

enjoy your day with people you adore >w>) <3 !!
I’m gonna watch fifty shades of Jumin Han with my friends later… :’D ! what a day ~

alytigger  asked:

LAURA ITS MY BIRTHDAY! I'm 20 today, but it feels kinda fake??? Is this how all of my birthdays will feel from now on??? I don't like it...

((OOC: Dude, let me tell you, one of the biggest shames about growing up is that birthdays lose a bit of their magic. That just means, though, that you need to get yourself more hyped! Because do you know what??


Here’s another thing, on the day you were born, this was the phase the moon was in:

ISN’T THAT INCREDIBLY FUCKING COOL?? That’s the moon you became a human being under!




In my mind, I am sharing this cake with you while I force a birthday hat on your head and throw confetti everywhere.

Happy birthday, you glorious creature!!

Chocobros Celebrating your Birthday

happy birthday anon!


  • wants to throw you this big expensive birthday party but he’s a bad planner and worries it won’t go as planned and stresses over it
  • he’s bad at keeping secrets so you discover his plans early on and tell him you’re okay with a cozy party with just him and some close friends
  • even though you told him not to get you anything because you’re not a kid anymore, he brings you a present: that expensive thing you always wanted!
  • the party ends early and after cleaning up for a bit, he pulls you over to the couch to sit, relax, and just cuddle for a bit
  • “Happy birthday!” he kisses your hair and hides his blushing face on your shoulder 


  • Asked when your birthday was and made a big :O gasping face when you told him it was a few days away
  • he surprises you with a hastily-put-together but big party with confetti and balloon animals, and a big honking cake with a replica sword to cut it with
  • there are people here you didn’t know would attend, but it looks like Prompt’s charm was hard to resist!
  • you play your favorite music and eat well, prompto pulls you to the dance floor and you dance the night away (the dance floor is the living room with the couches pushed aside lmao)
  • the party is only over when the sun rises, by then you’re all danced out, full in the belly, and collapsed on the floor in a pile of sleeping friends
  • Prompt brushes your hair back and beams at you, he’s slightly bleary eyed but full of adoration. “Haaappy Birthdaaay!” 


  • will not show any hints that he’s aware of your birthday
  • it’s fine, you think, you’re not young anymore, you don’t need to make a big deal of it
  • when you get home that day, however, the house smells like your favorite candle, baked goods, and there’s your favorite song playing quietly
  • You find Ignis in the kitchen setting up a table for two, there’s candles and flowers but also a bunch of festive strings and napkins
  • “Happy Birthday, darling.” he hugs you and helps you into the dining table where he serves your favorite dish and an excellent dessert
  • a few of your friends drop by later, it’s a chill and intimate birthday, the day ends with you loved and content


  • not very big on remembering birthdays, but yours is an exception
  • his amusement park plan gets derailed because of maintenance, so he takes you to the park and you have yourselves a nice picnic
  • it’s fine by you, just being with him is good enough, but he urges you to take the calls from your friends and somehow it turns into a big festive picnic
  • everybody brings snacks and drinks, board games, a karaoke machine and cake
  • watching him get to know your friends and impress them fills your heart with love and gratitude, the day is supposed to be about you but he’s all you can think about
  • “Happy Birthday, babe.” He whispers in your ear while he carries you up the stairs to your place, your feet had gone sore from running around and sleeping on his chest didn’t seem like a bad idea